Putrid Corpse

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Location Various
Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 25 - 1266 Runes
Melted Mushroom
Toxic Mushroom

Putrid Corpse is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden RingPutrid Corpses are the reanimated dead that roam the Lands Between en masse. Usually found in large groups around graves and catacombs. There are many different variants of Putrid Corpses, often taking on characteristics of their surroundings such as being imbued with poison from toxic pools of water, or developing large blisters full of cursed blood in the Mohgwyn Palace. This allows them to deal different types of damage and afflict opponents with varying status effects.

A group of four (4) Putrid Corpse spirits can be summoned for aid by using the Putrid Corpse Ashes.


Their movements are dull and confused... True death does not come easily for them.


Elden Ring Putrid Corpse Locations

Putrid Corpses can be found all around the various regions of the Lands Between. Some notable locations are as follows:


Elden Ring Putrid Corpse Drops & Drop Rate



Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 25 - 1266
Mushroom 5.00-12.00% Is not dropped by Poison or Burning Putrid Corpses.
Toxic Mushroom 5.00-12.00% Dropped only by Toxic and Fungal Putrid Corpses.
Melted Mushroom 5.00-12.00% Dropped only by Burning and Fungal Putrid Corpses.
Bloodrose 8.00% Dropped only by Blistered Putrid Corpses.


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes

Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse

Found on the southwest beach of the Weeping Peninsula, inside Impaler's Catacombs, on the Altus Plateau, in the Sainted Hero's Grave, east of the entrance to Seethewater Cave on Mt Gelmir, in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, and in Leyndell Catacombs. They do not inflict any special damage or buildup type.

Toxic Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse 1

All of their attacks inflict Poison buildup, and they can eject Poison out of their chest cavity at the player, which remains on the ground for a little while. They can be found in the small Poison swamp northeast of the entrance to Castle Morne, in The Shaded Castle, and in the Leyndell Catacombs.

Burning Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse burning

They will run at the player and explode in a ball of Fire. Found in Caelem Ruins, Gaol Cave, just behind Fort GaelEast Windmill Pasture, and Leyndell Catacombs.

Magic Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse glintstone

They have high Magic Defense and will drain the player's FP with their bite attack. Found only in the graveyard of Raya Lucaria Academy.

Rotten Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse scarlet rot 2

All of their attacks inflict Scarlet Rot buildup, and they can eject Scarlet Rot out of their chest cavity at the player, which remains on the ground for a little while. Found only in Caelid, specifically around the Shack of the Rotting and Rotview Balcony, on the path connecting Caelem Ruins to Forsaken Ruins, southwest of theDeep Siofra Well Site of Grace and northwest of the entrance to the Abandoned Cave entrance gathered around several stone sarcophagi organized in a rectangle, and in a large group on the road that passes the Shack of the Rotting and leads to Caelem Ruins, specifically southwest of the entrance to Minor Erdtree Catacombs.

Blistered Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse blistered 2

They explode upon death, expelling a cloud of blood flies, which inflicts rapid Hemorrhage buildup. Some will charge at the player and explode, not unlike the Burning Putrid Corpses. Found only inside and on the steps leading up to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

Fungal Putrid Corpse
putrid corpse fungal 2

All of their attacks inflict Scarlet Rot buildup. Found only in Miquella's Haligtree.


Putrid Corpse Notes & Tips

  • There are a few Fungal Putrid Corpses in Miquella's Haligtree that wait behind corners to shove unwary players off the edge of the platform and to their death. This can be avoided if the player checks their corners.
  • There are occasionally somewhat taller individual Putrid Corpses that have more health and drop more Runes.


Putrid Corpse Image Gallery

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putrid corpse 3 elden ring wiki guide putrid corpse glintstone putrid corpse scarlet rot 2 putrid corpse 4 elden ring wiki guide putrid corpse blistered 2 putrid corpse 2 elden ring wiki guide putrid corpse enemies elden ring wiki guide putrid corpse fungal 2

putrid corpse 7 elden ring wiki guide er caelid putrid corpse er toxic putrid corpse er big toxic putrid corpse


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    • Anonymous

      I find it very very odd that they gave them the naming convention of “Putrid” as just a baseline and then added adjectives to that for the variants. I was under the impression “Putrid” implied scarlet rot, does it have a broader, more general implication?

      • Anonymous

        Are these guys weak to any specific damage type? I feel like whenever i fight them (especially the one's in Haligtree), they are just unreasonably tanky, no matter what my build is

        • Anonymous

          This enemies is so cool. You can even push them out of your way just by rolling into them and they follow you so slow like how zombie in twd work really cool design.

          • Anonymous

            Find it a bit annoying that even with a greatshield that's as tall and wide as I am they completely bypass it, even with barricade shield active.

            • Anonymous

              God screw these guys with their damn Resident Evil zombie lunges that they love to do if you're not approaching every corner as slowly and cautiously as possible, they are normally not that bad but good god is their lunging grab bullshit incredibly frustrating.

              • Anonymous

                Odd how most of the Mohgwyn Palace ones are passive and won't attack you even if you attack them first,i did notice that if you attack/kill one of them all of the other ones nearby will slowly follow you around, they never attack you though and just sometimes clutch their heads, there are some who will sprint at you and burst into a cloud of blood immediately upon seeing you though.

                • Anonymous

                  Has anyone ever counted the sheer number of these buggers in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum? I just went through blasting them (NG+) with the Sacred Relic Sword. Too many to count. And the pit mob inside the cave you can't see, much less count.

                  • Anonymous

                    How i remove the curse of this MAGIC PUTRID CORPSE mdfks. They drained my magic and left me a debuff 50% less Focus Points.

                    • Anonymous

                      I don't mind these enemies, I came across one yesterday I haven't seen before. usually they are very easy to kill, if a bit tanky, but this f**ker ran straight at me and exploded in my face. surprised me how much damage it did.

                      • Anonymous

                        These guys aren't too much of a struggle to get by. But I swear if at least one of these guys notice you its going to take at least 30-40 seconds for them to finally stop pursuing you. Even when you are WELL away from them. They move so slow it takes them longer to stop chasing you.

                        • Anonymous

                          Alright big theory time, these guys are Tarnished and this is the fate that the player character would have if they gave up in their duty.

                          To start, we know of 4 types of Undeath in the lands between:
                          1. Those Who Live in Death, they are reanimated by Godwyn's Deathroot
                          2. Putrid Corpses
                          3. The Tarnished, who have been abandoned by the Erdtree and are unable to return to it
                          4. Wandering Nobles, who seem to be very similar to the Tarnished, however they seem to have been cursed by either Marika, the Greater Will, or the Erdtree itself to exist outside of its grace

                          Now my theory is that as a Tarnished ages long enough, their body simply gives out due to nature and begins to decay given the complete rejection by the Erdtree not allowing a true death, essentially a paralell to Hollowing in Dark Souls but becoming a very traditional Zombie instead of beef jerky person.

                          Now, there are two other locations where we find a large concentration of these that I think are significant, the Haligtree, and Mogwyn Palace. We know for a fact that Mogh goes out of his way to recruit tarnished to join him, through Varre, and it's stated that most are unable to overcome Mogh's cursed blood, with the putrid corpses there being overtaken by it. As for the Haligtree, I've always thought it odd that there's no reference to Tarnished finding refuge in the Haligtree, with it being a sanctuary for those who have been rejected by the Erdtree, but what if historically, they were, but in the absense of Miquella as the rot overtook the tree the human denizens of the Haligtree were completely overtaken by the Scarlet Rot, leaving only the corpses behind.

                          As for the other prominent places we find them, Leyndell, Caelid, and Raya Lucaria, those aren't unusual places for Tarnished to be, with the original roundtable hold being located in Leyndell, Caelid attracting warriors from all across the lands between, including many Tarnished, and some sorcerers of Raya Lucaria becoming tarnished throughout history.

                          Now, I've saved the most direct evidence for last: There is a potential direct tie between the Tarnished and these corpses, the large horde of them on a beach wandering the remains of a shipwreck in the Weeping Peninsula. One weapon we find on the weeping peninsula is the Rusted Anchor, which is explicitly stated to be the anchor of one of the ships from the Long March of the Tarnished.

                          "A rusty anchor wielded as a weapon. Each of its four flukes is thick and sharp, enabling piercing attacks.

                          While the Tarnished left the Lands Between with their Lord, one boat alone was said to have been left behind."

                          • Anonymous

                            Interestingly, most of the putrid corpses you encounter at Mohgwyn Palace are not hostile will not attack, they'll just shamble about or sit there. Even if you provoke them, they'll just walk up to you and cover their faces. The ones that are hostile will kamikaze-rush you the second they see you.

                            • Anonymous

                              I don't think they're properly undead so that's why they're not weak to Holy, they don't exist outside of the Erdtree, they're just corpses where for whatever the reason the soul has struggled to leave. Either that or they're like the infested corpses in Dark Souls 3 and are long dead bodies being controlled by some sort of parasite.

                              • Anonymous

                                The ones in Shaded Castle seem to be the only enemy with all their absorbances equal (specifically at 1.4).
                                They're also slow, so easy to keep within AoE effects.
                                There's two just around the corner from Shaded Castle Ramparts, VERY close to the site of grace.
                                Excellent for testing damage numbers, just keep in mind enemies take more damage from behind and when they're unaware of you.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I have no clue about their defense, seemingly a zombie/undead but receive more damage from fire rather then holy....

                                  • Anonymous

                                    These guys are great if you are using the talisman which refunds MP on critical hits; Rather easy to backstab, come in groups, and their beefy HP mean that each one will take multiple backstabs before used up.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Moghwyn corpses rarely, if ever attack ny themselves especially inside the dark-a** crypt, you can just pass them or farm using a spiritual ash.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Don't be overconfident with these guys, they'll lunge at you like a wild animal at any given second and take a good chunk of your health given the opportunity at the right moment.

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