Commoner is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. The Commoner are known to be servants who are imprisoned and bound to execute domestic duties to those who within the Stormveil Castle. They wear a ragged garb and a cangue that has never been taken off, causing them to slouch. Although they appear to be slender, tall, and weak, these commoners are still able to wield a weapon and use it against intruders.


 The boards that hang from their necks depicts a sprawling tree, its roots and branches forming two holes. A self imposed shackle, that displayed their allegiance to the Erdtree.

...Only, there are no commoners remaining with their wits about them.


Elden Ring Commoner Locations

Where to Find Commoner:


Elden Ring Commoner Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 40 - 1020
Commoner's Headband (Altered) 1.50% N/A
Commoner's Garb 1.50% N/A
Commoner's Shoes 1.50% N/A
Weathered Straight Sword 2.00% N/A
Glass Shard 5.00% N/A
Yellow Ember 1.50% Only drops from Frenzied Villagers
Human Bone Shard 10.0% Only drops from Necromancers
Grave Violet 5.00% Only drops from Necromancers


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes

commoner 3

Commoners are found in most regions of the Lands Between. They can throw Fire Pots and Ruin Fragments.

Frenzied Villager
frenzied villager 3

Frenzied Villagers are found in the Ailing Village, the Frenzied Flame VillageFrenzy-Flaming Tower, and the Yelough Anix Ruins. Some Frenzied Villagers carry a Torchpole or a Spear, but they do not drop them.

commoner necromancer 6

Necromancers are only found in the Black Knife Catacombs, and they continuously resurrect the Skeletons in their vicinity. Necromancers carry what looks like a Torchpole lit with what seems to be ghostflame (though it inflicts no buildup) instead of the normal fire of the Torchpole. They do not drop this Torchpole.

Naked Commoner
commoner naked

Naked Commoners can only be found within Volcano Manor. Some wield Torchpoles and Spears, but do not drop them. They can throw Poison Pots, Fire Pots, Oil Pots, and Ruin Fragments.

Death Cultist
commoner death cultist 3

Death Cultist Commoners can cast Fia's Mist. They are found at the base of the Minor Erdtree found in the Capital Outskirts, along with an Omen that can also cast Fia's Mist. They are near the Twiggy Cracked Tear and the Crimson Crystal Tear.

Commoner Notes & Tips

  • Naked Commoners in the Volcano Manor throw poison pots, fire pots, oil pots, and ruin fragments.
  • Several Commoner types carry Torchpoles and Spears, but none drop them. Both of these weapons are only dropped by the Exile Soldiers that use them.
  • A certain Commoner in the Capital Outskirts, near the craters with many giant arrows, will transform into Margit upon approach. After Margit is defeated, this Commoner will still spawn. It has an invisible sword, and drops no Runes.

 Commoner Gallery

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 commoner 11 elden ring wiki guide commoner 13 elden ring wiki guide commoner 14 elden ring wiki guide commoner 15 elden ring wiki guide commoner 16 elden ring wiki guide

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    • Anonymous

      A commoner?! What filth. A creature such as that could not hope to even be noticed in my own presence. Filthy, filthy commoners, plaguing our great Lands Between. How dare they even let a single one set foot in our great, royal capital.

      • Anonymous

        Made a new character and decided I want this for the fashion souls. Didn't know a good place to farm so just ran around stormveil to maybe find a good spot, first commoner I find drops it, 9 arcane lol

        • Anonymous

          There is one commoner that gives no runes… the one in Altus that turns into Margit. After you kill Margit, it’ll keep respawning but won’t drop anything upon death.

          • Anonymous

            I want the death cultist veil so badly !! WHY fromsoft! WHY MUST YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS? the drippiest headpiece... is not available to me :(

            • Anonymous

              The naked poison pot throwing ones in Volcano Manor can be absolute bastards if you're not careful, that poison mist damage ramps up very quickly.

              • Anonymous

                I found a commoner holding a chest in his arms? Killed him, and he dropped a Golden Rune 10. Altus Plateau west of the site of grace along the cliff wall. Wasn't sure if this guy spawned every time or not but thought I'd mention it since I hadn't seen it brought up elsewhere

                • Anonymous

                  The ones with the swords can in some instances backstab the player so make sure not to face your back to them (this behavior is particularly noticeable in Leyndell and the Leyndell sewers).

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone else think they look similar to the albinaurics? They're not considering they can walk and aren't frog shaped, but just an interesting thing that they look similar

                    • Anonymous

                      These should've appeared way more throughout the game, how is it that there are more nobles than commoners?

                      • Anonymous

                        I just saw a video where a guy punches one of these and then immediately sits and the commoner stops attacking him and he sits right beside him. It was the saddest thing ever.

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