Player Trade for Elden Ring, also simply known as Trading, is an online mechanic where players can exchange various items and equipment between players. There may be limitations to which items and equipment can be traded. Guidelines, various mechanics and any other information regarding trading can be found on this page. Please note that this wiki page is made solely for that purpose. Leaving a comment on the page to have people help you with trading is discouraged, because of the implied risks. Try using the Official Discord link of the Fextralife Wiki and enter the Elden Ring channel instead.


Elden Ring Player Trade Guide

Items and equipment that can be traded :

Items and equipment that cannot be traded :


Player Trade Notes and Tips

  • Players can leave a total of 8 items, when a 9th item is dropped the 1st despawns and so on.
    (A notification informs the player of the despawning but not always. Although restricted to the limitation as well this notification does not apply when dropping Weapons or Armor. The notification appears mostly when leaving Crafting Materials.)
  • Invaders and hosts are allowed to trade with each other.
  • To prevent invasion during a trade with another player, use the Duelist's Furled Finger with password instead and keep the host Taunter's Tongue deactivated.

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