Maps for Elden Ring contains information that shows a layout for each location of the game that can help players through navigating their way around a specific area. These maps are generated by the community or created by Fextralife, and may not be reproduced without permission.


Map Fragments & Markers

At first the map is not complete, but you can extend it by acquiring Map Fragments. The game map has the option to add personal Markers with an icon of your choice. Each player will be able to add up to 100 markers to the map.

map elden ring wiki guide 300px

Beacons & Orientation

Orientation is key when the game world is so open and vast, and Elden Rings offers Beacons to solve the mechanic of having to look at the map repeatedly. Using the Map, player will be able to place Beacons anywhere on the map, then the Beacons will appear on the world and they can be seen form very far having to check on the map.

beacons elden ring wiki guide 300px



Elden Ring Location Maps

The Lands Between







map stormhill elden ring wiki guide 600px


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