Cathedral of Manus Celes

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A large church atop the southern plateau of Liurnia. Ranni awaits her lord in the depths of the church, guarded by her loyal Dragon.

Cathedral of Manus Celes is a Location in Elden Ring. The Cathedral of Manus Celes is found at the Moonlight Altar plateau, high above in the southwest Liurnia of the Lakes. The Moonlight Altar is accessible only after making significant progress in Ranni's questline, up to the point where you defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Grand Cloister and gain access to the lift in the Deep Ainsel Well, which leads up to the plateau. Players can reach the Cathedral of Manus Celes by heading northeast from the Moonlight Altar site of grace.


Cathedral of Manus Celes Map

The Cathedral of Manus Celes is situated in the north of the Moonlight Altar plateau, overlooking Liurnia of the Lakes. [Elden Ring Map Link]

cathedral of manus celes location map elden ring wiki guide 300px


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Cathedral of Manus Celes Walkthrough

Regardless of whether the player fought the Glintstone Dragon Adula at the Three Sisters sub-region in the north or not, it will be present at this location. It will be found guarding the fields leading up to the Cathedral of Manus Celes and can finally be killed at this location. Adula drops 3 Dragon Hearts and the Adula's Moonblade sorcery spell upon defeat, as well as runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 120000 Runes.

Inside the Cathedral, you will find a total of 9 Starlight Shards scattered across the Cathedral proper. One more can be found outside in the north, by the large stone monument. There is a Site of Grace in the center of the Cathedral.

Look towards the south for a cave amongst the rubble.

cave cathedral for ranni

Drop down into the cave and follow the linear path to find the body of Ranni sitting on the remains of the Fingers.

ranni sitting on fingers

Approach the body and there will be a prompt for you to place the Dark Moon Ring on her finger, initiating a cutscene.

put on ring

Afterwards, Ranni, now fully freed will appear before you. She will confirm that you are now her consort, and promises that you will meet again. She awards you the Dark Moon Greatsword before disappearing.

dark moon greatsword

This will give the player the option of completing the "Age of the Stars" ending at the end of the game.


Elden Ring Cathedral of Manus Celes Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I took a stab at the Latin grammar in Manus Celes and this is my best translation attempt:
      (a/the/ ) hand (may/would/should) (hide/disguise itself/keep itself secret)

      So, Cathedral of Manus Celes can have several meanings, e.g. "Cathedral of the hand who should hide" or "Cathedral of the hand who may disguise itself".

      I'm no professional translator but that should be mostly correct. It's not "Sky Hand" like Grim_Reaper said. You're thinking of Manus Caeles meaning "Heavenly Hand" or "Hand of the Gods". I wish the lore youtubers would stop spreading that miss-translation. Though I understand the temptation to assume so; it would be such a good fit.

      • Anonymous

        1) Read comments around to fully appreciate what happens when FromSoft go (deservedly) mainstream.
        2) Enjoy (or suffer)

        • Anonymous

          I thought you had to collect all the Starlight shards to safely go down the hole, took me 20 mins to figure out there was a ledge

          • Anonymous

            NO WAY IS THAT A MANUS REFERENCE?!?!?! (they clearly stole the name from dark souls, someone must sue them!!!!11!1)

            • Anonymous

              What happens to Ranni's Two fingers if u arrive to the cathedral without advancing the questline? I never tried but in theory it should be possible right??

              • Anonymous

                You can give the ring after you become the Elden Lord. She will say that she is pleased and that she will leave and find her order among the stars.

                • Anonymous

                  The dragon can be circumvented by riding through Moonfolk ruins, once you get to the north cliff edge head east to Manus Celes.

                  • Anonymous

                    Avoided fighting adula at three sisters. Made it to celes manus and completed rannis quest and the dragon teleported there anyway. Never hit it once.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ok so something extremely strange happened when I was idling at Ranni's doing some paperwork with the game on (I have a problem) ran past her and she decided to follow me to the door practically I didn't think much of it cause her health bar didn't show up so i figured she was in that "you sure you wanna fight" phase every enemy has when they spot you a little too close. Bout 10 minutes into my work my TV blares and I got the great enemy felled sign on my screen and about 13k in runes and she's gone. Reloaded still gone, did I just bug my game?

                      • Anonymous

                        Can confirm that if you don't fight the dragon in the northern park of the lake area, the dragon does teleport appear directly in front of the cathedral at full HP. I was hoping I could just stroll right in to finish the quest but was unpleasantly surprised lol

                        • Anonymous

                          You don't need to do Ranni's quest to access this area, or Ainsel River Main. The three underground areas are connected and can reach each other by going to specific places. Nokron and Nameless eternal cities can go back and forth between them, and the same for Nameless and Nokstella. So Nokron Nameless Nokstella

                          • Anonymous

                            You don't need to do Ranni's quest to access this area, or Ainsel River Main. The three underground areas are connected and can reach each other by going to specific places. Nokron and Nameless eternal cities can go back and forth between them, and the same for Nameless and Nokstella. So Nokron Nameless Nokstella

                            • Anonymous

                              I think you can actually access this plateau without interacting with Ranni's questline. Defeating Radahn opens up Nokron, which lets you fight the gargoyles in the aqueduct there. In their boss chamber is a coffin near the waterfall, which resting in takes you to the Deeproot Basin. Once there, a bit north of the Nameless Eternal City grace is another coffin that takes you to Ainsel River Main, the same place that the waygate in Renna's Rise leads you to. From there I think you could priced through Nokstella and into the Lake of Rot and Cloister as usual, fight Aster, and take the elevator up to the lunar plateau. I'm interested if the two fingers Ranni kills are still alive if you get there without doing her quest.

                              • Anonymous

                                Hey guys, if you're having trouble with the AOE and don't want to cheese him, try using a shield and the war art "vow of the indomitable". It lets you become invincible for a short time. When you see him charging the AOE, use it right before he hits the ground and you won't take any damage while still remaining close to him. Good luck!

                                • Anonymous

                                  The article is incomplete and arguably wrong. The way to reach the plateau is to use the elevator after Voidborne Astel. Unlocking that path requires following Ranni's questline.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The places you require to do are Nokron city, deeproot Depths, Nokstella city, lake of rot and then is the final underground boss. All these places are connected if you get to Nokron you can finish it.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I have found how to get here. First you need to kill Radahn. Then you travel to Nokron city underground. Then you need to clear all the place. When you kill the last boss you will find behind it an elevator which gets you to the top of the mountain.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        You must fully complete Ranni's questline (when in nokstella talk the small doll you picked up and kill the invader later on) and kill the secret boss in Nokstella by traveling to the scarlet rot lake, you'll see another path after leading to an elevator

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Who writes these? It’s not easy to find at all. You have to go to lake of rot, kill a very powerful boss, then take the lift up, and fight a dragon to even access it

                                          • Anonymous

                                            To get here you have to go through the Ainsel River Well found to the east of Raya Lucaria Academy. It will take you underground and eventually you will find the Deep Ainsel Well that will take you back up.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              To get to the cathedral you need to advance Ranni's questline up to the point where you defeat Astel the Naturalborn. Then travel back to the Raya Lucaria library boss arena and use the Discarded Palace key to open the chest, then fast travel back to the Astel grace. The way will be open and there will be a lift that takes you up to the cathedral area.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                You can get here by slaying Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and acquiring the Dark Moon Ring from Ranni doing her questline.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Chelona's rise riddle:
                                                  reward: Ranni's dark moon (spell)
                                                  Credit: Chase the bro & his mighty chat
                                                  pass time to night and start the seeking of 3 great white beast
                                                  one of the great white beast is floating in air above the jump pad besides the arena of the black knight boss
                                                  another is stick on the cliff side of the riddle tower
                                                  the last one is at the bottom right corner of the area just sitting there besides a bunch of regular turtles

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