Second Church of Marika

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Second of the four Churches of Marika where players can gather a Sacred Tear for their flask

Second Church of Marika is a Location in Elden Ring. The Second Church of Marika is found in Altus Plateau. You can reach the Church by following the road up north from the "Altus Highway Junction" Grace. At the first right turn, turn left and you can see the tower of the church.


Second Church of Marika Map

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Second Church of Marika Walkthrough

If you get near the Church you get invaded by Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger.  Once at the church approach the main statue area to retrieve the Sacred Tear. A Sanguine Noble will attack if Bloody Finger Hunter Yura did not make it to this location during his questline. 


Elden Ring Second Church of Marika Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Sanguine noble appeared for me when i came back to the location after seeing Yuras body and beating Elonora.

      • Anonymous

        i came here before helping yura in liurnia, and no eleonara, a sanguine noble did spawn though. (the guys that throw knives and bleed pools around.)
        after i went and helped him out i came back here, he was dying on the floor, died and after that eleonara finally invaded. this wasnt the case my first playthrough as i completely missed yura but still got invaded. maybe and update changed it and now you need to do yuras questline? not sure.

        • Anonymous

          First visit here and there is no Sacred Tear, or Human Bone Shards for that matter. Eleonora invaded and she dropped Physick Tear and Poleblade. Came back a bit later and a Mohg blood pool dude spawned, dropped nothing. Came back again and no more invasions or npc spawns yet still no Crystal Tear. My flasks are +11 and I know 100% this is the place for the last Sacred Tear

          • Anonymous

            I got invaded by some... other creature, rather than Elenora. I don't know what it was, it had bloody weapons and a black robe, but it was in no way a red spirit.

            • Anonymous

              I got invaded, killed the npc, but nothing dropped. Also no sacred tear, lol.
              I just wanted to get the Eleonora's Poleblade drop, but guess my game is bugged. The invader dropped nothing and now won't respawn anymore. Oh well..

              • Anonymous

                FYI! After finishing off Eleonora I was strolling around and got mauled by a doggo. On revisit to grab my runes, a regular enemy who looked a lot like Mohg popped up out of a pool of blood? Caught me off guard but he went down without too much hastle. Just a heads up for anyone else exploring ~

                • Anonymous

                  I found a Sacred Tear here just now. I did not get invaded though, which is what I came here for. I had not talked to Yura after the Nerijus invasion near Murkwater Cave. Went back and caught up Yura's quest and was able to get the invasion. Maybe the state of the church area is tied to the Yura questline progress.

                  • Anonymous

                    There is a glitch in this location that may cause collision phyics to fail for the ground near the church, resulting in the player and nearby enemies to fall through the floor and to their death.

                    • Anonymous

                      THERE IS NO SACRED TEAR HERE.
                      I literally am using the "Sacred Tear" article to find them all that I can right now and there is 100% not one here at all.

                      • Anonymous

                        The dog's here have a glitched attack; usually most attacks consist of one lingering hit box throughout the animation, however these dogs have a separate hitbox per FRAME for their mad rushing attack, which can instantly guard break greatshields and cause bleed instantly and fill the bar up over half way again (on PC at least). The sound they make when they attack a shield is trippy, and how fast your health will melt is awesome to see. Others on PC should try it out, and those on other consoles should see if it works the same for them.

                        • Anonymous

                          The location listing on this page is incorrect. This church is located in Altus plateau. The fastest way to get there is to Head East back across the bridge of inequity from the bridge of inequity Grace, and immediately turn South and head due south along the cliff line.

                          • Anonymous

                            My questline regarding the bloody fingers got messed up due to story progression, I happened to run past by and got invaded by Eleonora, this is an alternative way to get her weapon (Eleonora's poleblade).

                            • Once you get here, there is an enemy who attacks you with a rapier dagger combo. They can throw knifes and all of their attacks cause bleed build-up. They are strong enough to one shot me but I only have about 15 points in vitality. I'm not sure how much health they have at the moment or which weapon it is. You can't summon any spirits here. You also have to be careful if you leave the church as there are two dogs who can be killed easily but can distract you from the main enemy.

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