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A ruined fort in a ruined land, Fort Gael looms above the surrounding landscape, a vicious roar can be heard within. 

Fort Gael is a Location in Elden Ring. The Fort Gael is found in Caelid, due south of Rotview balcony. It is a heavily guarded Fort, protected by knights and soldiers of Redmane, as well as magical beings. Some treasures can be found within the fort.


Fort Gael Map

Fort Gael is found in western Caelid, further to the south along the border to Limgrave. [Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Fort Gael

  •  There are no NPCs or Merchants at this location


All Items in Elden Ring's Fort Gael

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Upgrade Materials

  • No Upgrade Materials at this location


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Elden Ring Fort Gael Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Fort Gael Walkthrough

You can start off at the Fort Gael North site of grace as you begin to explore Fort Gael. [Map Link] The outskirts of the fort is heavily guarded by Redmane Knights and Radahn Soldiers. If you can move around to the left of the fort, there is a lootable corpse leaned against one of the walls. Loot the corpse to obtain Flame, Grant me Strength [Map Link], found between two Flame Chariots. If you find the chariots too difficult to obtain before dying, keep reading further.

On high ground, as you move towards the south gate of the fort, you'll notice a Redmane Knight wielding a large bow, you'll easily notice it since it's the only one shooting a purple energy arrow at you. Kill it and it may drop the Greatbow.

Move to the south gate that is locked, go around the corner, jump down to the roots below and continue around the corner, and you'll see a ladder that you can climb to formally reach and infiltrate Fort Gael. The ladder is guarded by a Soldier enemy wielding a spear. If you had trouble getting the Flame, Grant me Strength earlier, go past the ladder for now and follow the cliffs around the corner, you'll end up on a cliff above the two Flame Chariots below. One of the chariots should spot you and move out of its position, if not shoot it with a range attack or throwing consumable. Lure one of the chariots away from the corpse then ride Torrent, drop down, pick up the loot and run back around to the ladder and climb up to continue.

At the top, you'll notice that there is a Lion Guardian below and a Redmane Soldier in front. Don't go down yet, save that for last, for now, clear the high ground section of the fort. Kill the soldier in front and loot the body that's hanging on a narrow beam to find x2 Warming Stone.

Continue going northeast towards a watchtower where you'll encounter two more Redmane Soldiers and one Redmane Knight inside the watchtower. Clear the section, and on the the right side, by the distressed canopy tent, there is a chest containing x1 Starscourge Heirloom. Next to it is a ghost NPC, you can speak to it to and it will briefly mention Starsourge Radahn. Killing the Redmane Knight wielding a spear inside the watchtower may drop the Partisan weapon - you don't need to climb the ladder for now since you'll only find a waygate teleporter.

Go back to the wooden stairs and you can jump across from the right side to reach the other end. Check around the scaffolding to find another body next to a pile of sacks to find x10 Mushroom, looted off the corpse. Go back, check the southwest side and pull the lever to unlock the gate.

Now, time to get rid of the Lion Guardian. Instead of jumping straight down to the Lion, if you look down to the northeast, you'll see there's a high platform with a doorway that you can jump down onto, enter the room here to find a chest with a Katar. If you are playing a ranged build, you can stay on this platform, summon your ash spirit, and attack the Lion, while your spirit will run down and melee it. If you are pure melee, you have no choice but drop down and face it directly. Defeating this enemy rewards you with Runes and the Ash of War: Lion's Claw.  Near the gate, there is another body that you can loot to find x1 Rune Arc - this area is now clear, go back to the watchtower and use the waygate teleporter to travel to the next location, Redmane Castle.


Elden Ring Fort Gael Gallery and Notes

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      What, still here?
      Hand it over, that thing.
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      For my new ray tracing.

      • Anonymous

        its name is fort gael and it has an ash of war thats literally the artorias front flip attack.. Explain this miyazaki

        • Anonymous

          Is it correct to place Lion Guardian into the Bosses section? These creatures don't respawn after being killed, but you don't see big HP bar when fighting them and there's no ENEMY FELLED screen. Obviously isn't supposed to be a boss fight.

          • Anonymous

            This appears to be the last line of defense against Caelid spreading into Limgrave. It's not gonna go well.

            • Anonymous

              I got lions claw, but I don't remember having to drop down to any platform, I killed it with fully charged casts of frenzied burst from the highest walkway inside the fort, I don't remember it jumping away from frenzied burst the way they will when you shoot at them with a bow, or if it was jumping away it was getting hit anyway.

              • The lions claw AOW is one of my favorite skills. I use on the banished knight sword +24 and it is so strong. Its so fun to knock enemy's flat on their face!

                • Anonymous

                  Climb the ladder- go across the beam to where the dead body is hanging off and just drop poison mist. Easy

                  • Anonymous

                    Wat happens if you pull the lever when the Lion is still alive. Does it escape? I on;y noticed the lever after I killed the lion.

                    • Anonymous

                      So the teleporter in Fort GAEL sends you to another place...
                      Where an NPC who looks just like GAEL starts a festival...
                      Which takes place in a DESERT.


                      • Anonymous

                        If you stand just behind Fort Gael North site of grace (I cant find that grace on this site, its a few steps west of greenface tractor enemy), and shoot the grey t-rex dog that is far infront of you with an arrow (its far so I need to put on long shot talisman) he will howl and attack Fort Gael frontaly with his 2 dogmates. If you are to close to him he will attack you instead

                        • Anonymous

                          The Lion can jump onto the ledge, however, you can sit in that dark room and still shoot at him. Scared the heck outta me when he jumped onto my platform. May be a glitch.

                          • Anonymous

                            Teleporter goes close to Impassable Greatbridge site of grace except you are on the east side of the bridge

                            • Anonymous

                              For Sorecery users if you use Rock Sling on the balconies instead of other sorceries the Lion Guardian will jump when you summon the stones and won't doge the rocks. Compared to Lorettas Greatbow he will dodge the spells.

                              • Anonymous

                                patches maybe told someone the tales of a man who sacrificed his own sanity looking to be killed by the only person who knows he could. all with a purpose.

                                • Anonymous

                                  This fort is dedicated to a former slave and his heroic sacrifice to save a crumbling world, most badass man I’ve ever known

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