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Fort Laiedd is found on the western edge of Mt. Gelmir, left in disrepair after a siege from the Fire Monks.

Fort Laiedd is a Location in Elden Ring. Fort Laiedd is found on the western edge of Mt. Gelmir. This location can be reached by jumping into the ravine west of Wyndham Ruins and following it around the base of the mountain all the way to the northwest. Once you reach the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace, the fort is just a straight shot west from there.  


Fort Laiedd Map

Fort Laiedd is found on the western edge of Mt. Gelmir. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Fort Laiedd


All Items in Elden Ring's Fort Laiedd

Upgrade Materials

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Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • Stonesword Key can be found on a body under a burned tree near the cliffs north of Fort Laiedd on Mt. Gelmir.


Elden Ring Fort Laiedd Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Field Bosses and Bosses


Fort Laiedd Walkthrough

Fort Laiedd is found on the western end of Mt. Gelmir close to the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace. The Fort is surrounded by Fire Monks and Flame Chariots. You can avoid most of the enemies outside the fort around the wooden barricades by quickly riding towards the fort's entrance but there is a single Fire Monk near the steps that you should take out, lest it follow you inside.

Inside the fort's walls is a Fire Prelate, that will drop the Prelate's Inferno Crozier. After defeating him, head for the door in the south. Inside, you can loot the Armorer's Cookbook (7) off a corpse amongst the crates and barrels. Head up the steps to reach the roof where you can loot 3x Slumbering Egg and a Golden Rune (8) from the corpses strewn about. You will also see some dialogue pop up. The source is a ghost that can be found on a wooden platform outside the northwestern walls. You can jump over the walls and onto the platform from this section:

 talking spirit location

Once you reach the ghost, you can loot the Fire Scorpion Charm talisman next to him. Speak to him once and he will stop talking.

Exit the castle, and head south to the large lava pool, from which a Magma Wyrm will arise.

Elden Ring Fort Laiedd Gallery and Notes

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    • This location offers the earliest place you can encounter a Fire Prelate, with the next earliest location being the Mountaintop of the Giants.

      Useful if you want to farm the armor set early, as it's one of the few really good heavyweight sets that gives lots of Poise.

      The Gauntlets and Greaves specifically are amazing for giving lots of Poise without completely ruining your Elden Bling due to them being grey metal gauntlets and leggings, though you'll probably need to use a Larval Tear to adjust the thickness of your legs to compensate for how chunky the Fire Prelate Greaves are.

      • Anonymous

        What is the message that pops up after killing the magma wrym? I stupidly missed reading it .. it's not the dragon heart pop up because I saw that. There was something else about the dragon communion that i missed.

        • Anonymous

          There is another way to get here. I found this place on accident after defeating the Tibia Mariner boat guy on altus, the one in the Wyndham Ruins. After the ruins you can find the Seethewater River site of grace and from there you can go on foot thru the dark river. Halfway there u find rhe locked catacombs with a bunch of basikiks and at the end of the river u find the "Seethewater terminus" site of grace ans the fort is right there full of fire monks and stuff

          • Anonymous

            I got odd dialogue here which was something like “Eek, they’ll never find me here.” It had no voice.

            • Anonymous

              If you helped Alexander get unstuck two times, he will be taking a magma bath behind where the magma warm spawns

              • Anonymous

                This place was disappointing, like a lot of the areas. Just one mini boss at the beginning and then nothing to do after that.

                • Anonymous

                  The hammer is a guaranteed drop, because you don’t grab it off the ground. It’s granted automatically.

                  • Anonymous

                    For anyone wondering how to get there, start at Erdtree-Gazing Hill grace, above the grand lift of dectus, head north towards wyndham ruins, then go left until you find the grace called seethewater river, from there keep following the path between the rocks, you'll see it popping up in front of you at the end

                    • Anonymous

                      To get there you should start off Seethewater River Grace (near Windham Ruins) and just run forward ignoring Seethewater Cave

                      • Anonymous

                        For anyone curious it's pronounced Lie-eth (with the th like said like in "then". No laid jokes unfortunately :p

                        • Anonymous

                          to get here, start in altus plataeu near where you get off from the magma wyrm and continue up the mountain youll find a ruins with a death boat guy, just jump into the ravine down below and go straight ahead

                          • Anonymous

                            Look outside the ramparts at the top of the wall after you defeat the Prelate with the Inferno Crozier. There is a ledge you can jump on with a ghost NPC talking about not being able to find him and you will find a Fire Scorpion Charm on the ledge.

                            • Anonymous

                              for ppl trying to get to this area, there is an enemy at the bottom of the academy water wheel. patches hints to u to try it out. *let it grab u*

                              • Anonymous

                                anyone know how to find the guy who says something like "they'll never find me" when you are on top of the castle?

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