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Limgrave Tunnels are a mine harvested for Glimstone. Its zealous miners don't dare venture into its hidden chambers, for fear of the hoarder Troll within

Limgrave Tunnels is a Location in Elden Ring. The Limgrave Tunnels is found in Limgrave, on the northern area of the Agheel Lake, just south from "Agheel Lake North" grace.


Limgrave Tunnels Map for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Limgrave Tunnels

  • No NPCs in this area


Walkthrough for Limgrave Tunnels in Elden Ring

The Limgrave Tunnels can be found on the south side of the map from the Gatefront Ruins. Upon arriving at the Limgrave Tunnels, you'll see a lift that will take you down, step on the button platform and you'll find a Site of Grace there to rest or use as a checkpoint. If you noticed as you took the lift down and before it reaches the lower section, there's a narrow path on the left. Ride the lift back up and then back down, as the lift moves, be ready to dodge roll to reach the secret path on the left. Here, you'll find the remains of an enemy that has x3 Throwing Dagger and x2 Glintstone Scrap on the wall, grab the items and then head back down to continue exploring. Make sure to look down by the edge to find some platforms that you can dodgeroll and land on instead of jumping all the way to the bottom.

Near the Site of Grace, on the left side, is an Effigy of Martyr that you can interact with to activate the summon pool. Go straight and you'll see a Miner on the left, it won't notice you if you sneak behind it and pierce its back. Check the wall it was mining and interact with it to grab more Glintstone Scrap. Continue forward on the wooden platform and you'll see two more Miners, one of them is mining, while the other is just standing, so chances are you'll be seen and both of them will get aggravated. After killing both Miners, check the corner where the enemy was mining to find x1 Smithing Stone Shard on the floor and more Glintstone Scrap on the wall.

Next, go down and check under the wooden platform that you were on to find another Miner mining on the right, while another is sitting next to some wooden boxes on the left. Be mindful here since there's a path in the middle from where the sitting Miner is, a group of Rats will appear here. Try to kill the rats quickly with your ranged attacks or ready your shield and primary weapon to block and then attack since they could kill you if they get too close. There's also another Miner nearby who's at a corner of a deadend. Go towards the path where the Rats came from to find some items, it's another deadend where you'll find x5 Smouldering Butterfly that can be pillaged from a body, as well as x1 Smithing Stone Shard on the wall, next to the body - once you've grabbed the items, go back outside, and head towards the opposite path.

At the end of the the path is another lift, don't ride it yet, hug the wall on the left side of the platform and look down, you'll see there's a platform that you can drop down to. On the platform, there's x1 Glintstone Scrap on the wall, grab it and jump down the next platform that's on the right side if you're looking at where the Glintstone Scrap was. Keep dodge rolling or jump to the left side of each platform you land on and work your way to the lower section. There is another path that you might miss which is at the mid-section when you ride the lift, once you're at the bottom, ride the lift back up and you'll see that it will pass a path that you can get to, if you miss the opportunity to dodgeroll towards it, just ride the lift back down and be ready to dodgeroll towards it.

When you are at the mid section path, go straight and you'll find another Miner, kill it and inspect the wall it was mining to find Glintstone Scrap, there's also some on the right side near the wooden wagon. Go to the path on the right to find a deadend and another Miner, as well as more Glintstone Scrap on the walls, x1 Red Thorn Roundshield from the body that's resting by the wall, and another Smithing Stone Shard next to it. Go back and head to the opposite path on the left where you'll encounter more Miners. One is resting on the left side along the path, the other is roaming, while another is mining ahead. There are a lot of Glintstone Scrap here so make sure you check the walls and the ground to gather these Materials - at the end of this path is another lift that goes down.

Now, there is a platform here that can be missed if you don't observe or watch your surroundings as you ride the lift down, if you miss it, go back up and then ride it back down. You can find the remains of a miner that's on a corner platform which is on the right side if you're looking at the back of the lift. You can pillage the remains to find x1 Fringefolk's Rune. Once you've grabbed the item, drop down to the bottom by landing on the platforms. You'll find a wooden gate here where a powerful foe lies ahead, but since you're not done exploring the area, go and ride the lift back to the top and retrace your steps to the second lift you rode and head to the bottom section of it.

At the path ahead, you'll see a wooden shack where a group of Zombie Dogs and two Miners can be found as well, be ready to have your shield up since they will rush towards you if you aggro them and they're quite fast with their attacks. Check the shack and you can pillage the remains to find Ash of War: Gravitas. Check the right side of the shack to find x1 Smithing Stone Shard and more Glintstone Scrap on the wall - you've now pretty much completely explored the tunnels, all that's left is to return back to where the wooden gate is and fight the boss that's on the other side of it, the Stonedigger Troll.

During our encounter against the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring's Network Test, we used the Northern Mercenary Ashes to summon the Northern Mercenary who does most of the heavy hitting for us. This way, the Stonedigger Troll is busy attacking the NPC's phantom, while my character attacks from afar with magic. Using a normal sword against it will damage it but attacking it will just cause the sword to bounce back, similar to like hitting a wall. Make sure as well that you avoid being in close proximity since its attacks are more AoE focused where it tries to slam its club or stomp its feet on the ground. Defeating this boss drops the Dragonscale Blade weapon - from here, you can interact with the glowing stain of the boss arena to fast travel back to the tunnel's entrance.


All Items in Elden Ring's Limgrave Tunnels

Upgrade Materials


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • No Uniques or Keys



Limgrave Tunnels Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring Limgrave Tunnels Gallery and Notes

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