Miner is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. Miners are hostile creatures found in tunnels and mining caves. They will fight when approached, and are resistant to slashing attacks. Magic, however, is effective against them.


Miner Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Miners:


Miner Drops in Elden Ring



Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 92 - 1961
Pickaxe 2.00% N/A
Explosive Stone 8.00% Some of the "A" & "C" Variants.
Explosive Stone Clump 4.00% Some of the "A" & "C" Variants.
Poisoned Stone 8.00% Dropped in Sealed Tunnel only
Poisoned Stone Clump 4.00% Dropped in Sealed Tunnel only
Smithing Stone [1] 8.00% "A" Variant.
Smithing Stone [2] 4.00% "B" Variant.
Smithing Stone [3] 4.00% "B" Variant.
Smithing Stone [4] 8.00% "C" Variant.
Smithing Stone [5] 8.00% "D" Variant.
Smithing Stone [6] 4.00% Dropped in Yelough Anix Tunnel only
Smithing Stone [7] 3.00% Dropped in Yelough Anix Tunnel only
Smithing Stone [8] 1.00% Dropped in Yelough Anix Tunnel only
Gravel Stone 4.00% Dropped in Yelough Anix Tunnel only
Cracked Crystal 20.00% Dropped by Miners with white glowing rocks in their backpacks


Elden Ring Miner Notes & Tips

  • These enemies share their movesets with Demon's Souls counterpart, and are weak to magic. Melee slashing attacks have little effect against them. (Power Attacks and Jumping Attacks are not affected by this.
  • The miners carrying normal stones will throw rocks similar to Ruin Fragments if the player is farther away.
  • The miners carrying exploding stones will explode if hit with fire, hurting their allies.
  • The miners carrying exploding stones will also throw Explosive Stones instead of normal stones if the player is farther away.
  • Miners found in the Sealed Tunnel carry green stones upon their back and throw Poisoned Stones.
  • Some carry lanterns that also function as flamethrowers.
  • Strike weapons are perfect against them, even a non-upgraded Mace or Flail will do more damage than most other weapons.
  • Fire Pots, Fire / Firebone Arrows, and weapons infused with Fire Grease can make short work of Miners.
  • There are occasionally somewhat taller individual Miners that have more health and drop more Runes.
  • There is a different kind of miner that mines Glintstone, called a Glintstone Miner.



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    • Anonymous

      i once counted how many times in a row one of those hit its pickaxe in front of it. twelve times, no stopping. he just kept going and going.

      99 endurance build?

      • Anonymous

        They seem to have blonde / golden hair, and bodies of stone, like Marika herself. Are these enslaved Numen?

        • Anonymous

          btw these guy is really only have high resistant but their hp is really low. My +0 torch two shot them in my of hand.

          • Anonymous

            There's a variant in morne tunnels with a backpack full of blue rocks. He doesn't throw them or anything. He just stares at you when aggroed. I think it's a bug. Anyway, let the feast begin.

            • Anonymous

              Once again another f**king useless elden ring wiki page. A,B,C,D variants? what the f**k is that supposed to mean? how is anyone going to know which miners to farm for their smithing stones when you don't actually say which letter represents which variant of miner?

              For farming the no.5 smithing stones in sealed tunnel though, the fastest way to kill all the miners in the first area after the grace is with volcano pots. they melt and totally destroy the miners, you can target lock the first miner you see, throw the volcano pot and release the target lock then target the second one and so on. as long as they are locked on to when the pots are thrown they will get hit, allowing you to quickly target one after another. you wont have to worry about turning your back on any of them to target the next one because the are unable to get out of the AoE with the damage ticking.

              • Damage Absorptions for both types of Miners:
                80! Absorption for Standard, Slash, and Thrust
                35 for Strike
                20 for Holy
                For Tunnel Miners:
                30 Fire, Lightning
                20 Magic
                For Glintstone Miners
                40 Magic
                20 Fire, Lightning

                Resistances for both:
                252 for Poison
                154 for Rot, and Bleed
                112 for Sleep

                • So after seeing tons of wrong info all over the wiki about how bouncing weapons vs hardened enemies worked I took it upon myself to test how weapons work against these guys. I didn't test every weapon but it safe to assume that every weapon of a specific class works the same against them more or less.

                  First off there's actually three different out comes when you hit a hardened foe. (1)Your attack will bounce off the miner, which ends your combo and leaves you vernerable, the miner won't flinch either. (2)Your attack won't bounce but the miner won't flinch and will continue attacking as if you never attacked it. (3) Your attack will stagger the miner like any normal enemy.

                  Now for my tests I only used light, heavy and charged attacks both one-handed and two-handed. Dual Wielding is the same as one-handed lights which means in most cases your gonna see a bounce and Jump attacks are same as their ground counterparts except they can't bounce and instead will no-flinch.

                  (Daggers) One-handed all attacks bounce. All Two-handed Attacks will No-Flinch. You cannot flinch with a Dagger as far as i cant tell.

                  (Torches) Sames as Daggers not a flinch in sight but all the Miners outside of Calied are weak to Fire so the charged two-handed attack it probably gonna kill it anyway.

                  (Fists,Katanas,Straight Swords,Claws,Curved Swords,Thrusting Swords,Spears,Axes,Twin blades) One-handed lights and heavies bounce. Charged will stagger. Two-handed lights will No-Flinch. Heaveies and Charges will stagger.

                  (Hammers) One-handed lights bounce. Heavies and Charges will stagger. Two-handed lights will No-Flinch. Heavies and Charges will stagger.

                  (Flails) Sames as Hammers but all bounces will no-flinch instead.

                  (Great Swords, Curved Great Swords,Heavy Thrusting Swords, Great Spears,Halberds, Reapers,Great Axes) One-handed lights bounce. Everything else staggers.

                  (Greathammers/Warhammers,Colossal Weapons,Colossal Swords) Everything Staggers. Can be dual wielded for double stagger.

                  (Whips)Everything Staggers but your weapon isn't slow as molasses.Can be dual wielded for double stagger.

                  As a final note damage type doesn't matter only weapon class does. The pickaxe is a Great Hammer. It has the Great Axe move set, does Pierce damage, and can only be power stanced with Great Axes. It doesn't bounce when one-handed. The Rusty Anchor is a Great Axe. It has the Great Axe move set, does Pierce damage, and can only be power stanced white Great Axes. It bounces when one-handed. If you power stance them together the anchor bounces while the pickaxe does not.

                  • Anonymous

                    The whip is astoundingly good against these. Tried morningstar as well but much better damage with a whip on my DX build.

                    • Anonymous

                      Melee users - charged R2 attacks do not bounce. Alternatively you can circle for a backstab, but if you miss the backstab your R1 will bounce.

                      • Anonymous

                        I can conform he dropped a somber smithing stone 3 but it was painful and took a long time also **** the ant thing monster

                        • Anonymous

                          so turns out these guys have a ginormous drop table. ive gotten somber smithing stones from [3] all the way up to [5].

                          • Anonymous

                            I've gotten multiple pickaxe, also easily killed with torch and arrows do crazy damage also, idk why. Be careful when hitting the ones with baskets with fire they will explode.

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