Silver Tear is an Enemy in Elden RingSilver Tears are sentient puddles of dark silver slime that can change it's form to attack based on the circumstances. It can spit projectiles at long distances or form large spikes to pierce the player at close range. They can be found lying around Nokron, Eternal City and may sometimes even ambush the player by seemingly dropping out of the sky.

After defeating the Mimic Tear, some Silver Tears are able to transform into silver-skinned humanoids, each wielding a different weapon. In item descriptions, these Silver Tears are referred to as Mimic Tears. There are also variations of silver tears that have hardened masks, acting as shields, and some that are electrified, exploding on death.

If they fall onto the player, they cover the player as part of a grab attack and impale them in various directions with spikes, then fall off.

There are also Silver Spheres, which are related to Silver Tears in some way, and drop Larval Tears.


 The Silver Tear makes mockery of life, reborn again and again into imitation.

Perhaps, one day, it will be reborn a lord...



Elden Ring Silver Tear Locations

Where to Find Silver Tears:


Elden Ring Silver Tear Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 246 - 472
Silver Tear Husk 4.00% N/A
Gravel Stone 1.50% Drops only from Electric Silver Tears.
Golden Rune (7) 5.00% Drops only from Lesser Mimic Tears before they transform.


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes

Common Silver Tear

silver tear

Common Silver Tears attack with a spear-like pseudopod that sprouts from their back. Some can shoot these at the player like a spear.

Electric Silver Tear
silver tear electric

Electric Silver Tears explode in a burst of electricity once they are killed. They attack with a spear-like pseudopod that sprouts from their back.

Shielded Silver Tear

silver tear shield

Shielded Silver Tears posses a hardened shield formed from their selves that can block attacks. They attack with a spear-like pseudopod that sprouts from their back. Some can shoot these at the player like a spear.

Silver Tear Notes & Tips

  • Silver Tears are invulnerable while transforming.
  • Blobs are suspectible to Lightning Damage.
  • While in blob form, they are immune to all status effects. After transforming, they become vulnerable to them, most notably to Madness and Hemorrhage.
  • Damage: pierce damage 57pxPierce (blob, human ranged), lightning upgrade affinity elden ring wiki guide 60pxLightning (electric Silver Tear), standard upgrade affinity elden ring wiki guide 60pxStandard (human sword, common Tear), strike damage 57pxStrike (human, shield)
  • This page is for the slime-like enemies. Silver Spheres have their own page.
  • Silver Spheres will always drop a Larval Tear upon defeat, but only once.
  • The Shielded Silver Tears resemble Hoplites from Demon’s Souls.
  • Oddly enough, the Silver Sphere hanging from the ceiling from which many Silver Tears drop is hostile to those Silver Tears, and will kill them all if the player keeps their distance.
  • In Nokstella, killing one will release an small electric explosion that could likely kill others in its vicinity, causing a chain reaction.
  • One transforming Silver Tear in Night's Sacred Ground in Nokron turns into a Troll.



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    • Anonymous

      These guys have the WORST hit boxes when they stab. Somehow it always misses, even if the attack goes right through my face.

      • Anonymous

        Just slapping them with the cannon of haima and it just freezes the shield ones and let's you go behind and destroy them.

        • hi everyone, it seems that if you use magma againts the shielded version it brokes their Ai and they just stay frozen, what im going to test is if they get the same behavior with AoE damage or if is just with certain spells, for the moment it works with magma shot for me,so if anyone can confirm this and happens to you please reply so i can add this information to the wiki

          • Anonymous

            También aparecen en otro castillo subterráneo al que llegas si sigues las misiones de ranni, en ese lugar las lagrimas que están transformadas en esferas de hierro gigantes, tiene probabilidad de dropear lavales.

            • Anonymous

              I just realized an obvious lore about these guys.

              All life stemming from the Erdtree is made from primordial gold. These guys were made by the heretical humans of the Eternal City and are SILVER. Neat comparison I totally missed.

              Now I imagine if demi-humans were to make a lifeform it would be bronze, lol.

              • Anonymous

                I wish we got at least one boss fight against a really big ball.

                No new moves, it still only rolls. Just a big ball.

                It would have been glorious.

                • Anonymous

                  So they have extremly high Poise and Poise DMG, an insane frostbite resistance and magic resistance and a Rot Immunity. Why are those guys so tuned up ?

                  Enemies in Farum Azula or Mountain Tops of Giant arent if close to their power and way later in the game or are those guys bugged ? I cant explain otherwise why they are tankier than Elden Beast

                  • Anonymous

                    Silver tears will, if lands on top of you, do a grab attack by engulfing you and releasing spikes outwards.

                    • Anonymous

                      After weeks of intense study, i have come to the conclusion that the Zweihander silver tear has poise because yes

                      • Anonymous

                        To all the people saying larval tears can be farmed - no they can not. You can get more drops of them while summoned to another world, but they will disappear from your inventory.

                        Larval tears are not farmable.

                        • Anonymous

                          THESE CAN BE FARMED
                          But not on your world. If you’re summoned to another player’s world and kill the big ball enemies in Nokstella they will drop them since it counts as your “first kill” on them in their world. You can do this as many times as you like even with the same person. This works with other enemies with guaranteed drops as well. I helped several of my friends in the subterranean shunning grounds and now have 6 omen bairns in my storage because of it.

                          • Anonymous

                            "Silver Tears are invulnerable while flat against the floor. Approach them to make them stand upright and vulnerable."

                            That's not true I literally just sniped one with magic while it was flat on the floor.

                            • Anonymous

                              Uh, so I was scrounging around item ID's and I found one item ID (8147) led to an item called "Asimi, Silver Tear." The description says "Asimi that has infected a tarnished." It has no icon. I assume it's a removed item, but there's a listed VA on IMDB for Asimi so I dunno if they're a hidden NPC or not.

                              • Anonymous

                                Do the ball-shaped ones, that drop the Larval Tear, respawn? If so I guess these would be the only way to farm for rebirths.

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