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Effect Target loses FP and takes health damage
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Resistive Stat Focus

Madness is a Status Effect in Elden Ring. Status Effects are various buffs or ailments that apply either a beneficial or detrimental effect to the target. Status Effects can be applied on both enemies and players alike. Status Effects are triggered after a buildup meter is filled by repeated application of attacks that cause the effect. Both players and enemies can have varying resistances to a given Status Effect.


Elden Ring Madness Guide

Madness is a status effect that builds up through repeated application of the effect. Madness is inflicted via various means including Weapons, Skills and Spells. Once the Madness meter is filled, the effect is triggered and the target loses Focus Points (FP), rendering them unable to cast Spells. The target also takes health damage. 


Madness Effects in Elden Ring

Targets afflicted with Madness lose FP and take damage.

  • FP loss and damage values to be added.
  • The Madness effect can be mitigated by raising your Focus stat. Focus can be improved by adding points into Mind.


Elden Ring Madness Effect on Players

This section lists information pertaining to the Madness effect and its relation to Players


Madness Sources (Weapons)

The following weapons cause the Madness effect:

  • Weapon

Madness Sources (Skills & Spells)

The following Skills & Spells cause the Madness effect:

Madness Sources (Others)

The following are other sources of the Madness effect:

  • Other Source


Mitigating Madness

The following Equipment, Skills, Spells and Items offer resistance to the Madness effect:

  • Equipment
  • Skill
  • Spell
  • Item

Curing Madness

The following Skills, Spells and Items can be used to remove the Madness effect:

  • Skill
  • Spell
  • Item


Elden Ring Madness Effect on Enemies

This section lists information pertaining to the Madness effect and its relation to Enemies and Bosses.


Enemies that cause Madness

The following Enemies and Bosses can inflict the Madness effect on players:

  • Enemy
  • Boss


Madness Vulnerable

The following Enemies and Bosses are weak to the Madness effect. Weakness indicates a target has a much lower threshold for the effect, requiring fewer applications to fill the build up meter and trigger the effect.

  • Enemy
  • Boss

Madness Resistant

The following Enemies and Bosses are resistant to the Madness effect. Resistance indicates a target has a much higher threshold for the effect, requiring many more applications to fill the build up meter and finally trigger the effect.

  • Enemy
  • Boss

Madness Immune

The following Enemies and Bosses are immune to the Madness effect. Immunity indicates a target is impossible or near-impossible to afflict with a given effect.

  • Enemy
  • Boss



Elden Ring Madness Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


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