Necromancer Garris

Location Sage's CaveAltus Plateau

Sage's Cave:
9,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
6,750 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes (NG, Co-op Host)
2,275 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes (NG, Co-op Phantom)

Other Drops:
Family Heads

HP ≈ 3202 (Field Boss)
Strong VS
Weak to
Status Effects

Necromancer Garris is a Boss in Elden Ring. Necromancer Garris is found in Sage's Cave as one of two different bosses that can be fought within. This is an optional boss as players don't need to defeat it to advance in Elden Ring.


Necromancer Garris is a humanoid enemy armed with a flail and a staff, wearing the Sage Set, who uses death Sorceries, and who has a skeletal serpent snail at the start of battle, and can summon more throughout.


Elden Ring Necromancer Garris Boss

Necromancer Garris is a Field Boss found in Sage's Cave

  • This is an optional boss
  • A humanoid field boss who summons skeletal serpent snails.
  • Closest Site of Grace: Sage's Cave Site of Grace
  • Multiplayer is NOT allowed for this boss. (Possibly changed with 1.03)
  • You can summon spirits for this boss.


Elden Ring Necromancer Garris Location

Altus Plateau: Necromancer Garris can be found in the Sage's Cave, through a hidden fog gate behind an illusory wall, along with two treasure chests, shortly before the location of the Black Knife Assassin fog gate further along the ledge. [Elden Ring Map Link]


Necromancer Garris Combat Information

  • Health: NG (3202), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)
  • Deals Strike Damage and Magic Damage.
  • Parriable: No
  • Can be poise broken? Yes



The absorption numbers are the % of your damage that gets blocked. For example if an absorption is 60. 40% of that damage by that type will go through and 60% is absorbed. Bigger number= less damage. An absorption of 100 means no damage goes through, and a resistance of -100 mean the enemy takes 2x damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.


The resistance numbers is the buildup amount to trigger it. For example if a resistance is 100 you must deal 100 points of whatever aux buildup to trigger it. Note that these go down over time, and increase each time the effect procs.


Elden Ring Necromancer Garris Boss Guide

Necromancer Garris Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Necromancer Garris Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Necromancer Garris:

  • Use strike weapons to quickly dispatch the skeletal snails, which can roll at you at fairly high speed and make the fight more difficult.
  • The trickiest part about this encounter are the Skull Snail Summons that also have the ability to cast death magic (summon the homing skulls)


Melee Users

This fight is reasonably straightforward for melee users, who will be able to take down Garris' small health pool quickly. Focusing on slash weapons will help speed the encounter as Garris can bleed. The fight has only two major dangers. First, Garris is able to do damage very quickly with his flail, which also causes bleed buildup. Staggering mid-combo will help avoid this, but his AI acts like an NPC invader so expect Garris to roll to avoid being stunlocked and counterattack. If the player has their poise broken, Garris will move in for a counterattack and can deal significant damage this way. Second, the Skeletal Snails spawn in regularly throughout the match, apparently dropping from the ceiling, without input from Garris. These serpents will also attack with death magic, and while not individually dangerous the spam they add to the room can break a players rhythm and create an opening for Garris. Typically it is best to finish the fight quickly to avoid spam buildup. 

Magic and Ranged Users

Be aware of the arena since it is an enclose space, you may need to reposition to keep clear of getting stuck if focused on ranged weapons especially with a lot of things going on in the arena for this encounter. During this fight, remember to focus on clearing the Skeletal Snails that are summon because like Garris they can cast the death magic homing skulls which act as his main ranged attack.  Other than that, his moveset isn't so quick so you just have to keep the arena from being surrounded. If having a difficult tie with this, use a tanky summon to take the load off of other things in the arena. If possible use quicker casting spells to potentially interrupt his home skull spell cast. 


Necromancer Garris Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Flail Melee He deals a series of regular melee attacks that don't have a large range and can be followed with a dodge roll away.  These actions can be interrupted and blocked. It is recommended that you stay close to follow up with a series of your own attack. 
Homing Skulls (Death Magic) Has the ability to cast a hoard of skulls that have a slow homing feature   If you can back away from these and avoid them long enough, they eventually disappear. This action also has the opportunity to be interrupted and cancelled. 
Skeletal Snail Summon  These creature summons can roll around and even roll lunge towards you, and can cast their own homing skulls as well a do a small melee lunge. They are easy to clear or keep a distance from, but don't put off clearing them because Garris can summon more and each of them can cast a homing skull. 

Necromancer Garris Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Voice Actor: ??
  • According to the description of the Rancorcall spell, Garris was the person who unearthed and rediscovered the spell.
  • The three copper heads of his flail were made to resemble his wife and two children.
  • He wields the Prince of Death's Staff, a staff embedded with sullied amber, which was said to be a part of Godwyn, the Prince of Death. The staff was deemed heretical by the academy for being able to be augmented through faith in addition to intelligence. He also wears the Sage Set, an outfit worn by wise sages that were deemed heretical and driven from towns.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



Necromancer Garris Image Gallery

[screenshots and artwork go here]


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    • Anonymous

      I locked on to him as soon as I crossed the fog-gate and he did the exact same thing in NG+ that he did my first time in Sage's cave. He sprinted straight at me and started swinging his flail, that's it. Twice I've killed him and he hasn't summoned the skull snails either time. But if he does summon them they are as weak against holy damage as the undead, they will take massive damage from sacred blade, holy water pots or finger maiden Therolina. I don't know for sure, I have 80 FTH, but I think Therolina would be the best option if you don't have any levels put into FTH she can deal a load of holy damage and two shot revenants independent of the attributes her summoner has invested in.
      Just a heads up though, if he sprints at you and starts swinging instead of summoning snails or using the weapon art on his flail don't make the mistake of thinking Garris can't hurt or kill you that way, he can.

      • Anonymous

        So, i found out that if you instantly lock on to him, the AI just breaks, he just stays down you can kill pinwheel even easier now lmao

        • Anonymous

          Low key disappointed he's actually in the game. Was hoping he was one of those DS-style lore characters you never see.

          • Anonymous

            I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get a Death Sorcery to summon skeletal snails… Missed opportunity for a truly unique spell that would’ve helped Death Sorceries really start to shine.

            I hope we get it in a DLC.

            • Most absolutely jacked necromancer in the game. Dude hits with that flail like he means it. Half the time he doesn't even do anything with that staff, he just summons the angry skulls every now and then when he's not trying to slap the **** out of you with three solid bronze heads on chains. No idea what this dude's problem is or why he's there, but he is freaking furious that you walked in on him.

              • Anonymous

                No way this guy is not a pinwheel refrence, he summons skeleton snails that drive into you like bonewheels, spams spells and his flail has the heads that resemble his wife and child.

                • Anonymous

                  Garris got absolutely absolutely folded by bloody slash, I 2 hit staggered him as bloodhound violentely finished it with the third hit. That old man did not deserve that

                  • Anonymous

                    Boss designed to troll player. Cannot be backstabbed. His AI, even when immobile casting, will turn with total precision to keep you in front of him. Don't be fooled looking for backstabs.

                    • Anonymous

                      He is mentioned in the rancorcall sorcery:
                      "Once thought lost, this ancient death hex was rediscovered by the nercomancer Garris"

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm positive i DID get runes after beating this guy. Probably around 9k lika the other boss of the dungeon... Maybe they fixed it?

                        • Anonymous

                          God what a miserable fight. Between the homing skulls spam, the bone snails' rolling bonewheel skeleton attack, the summoned skeleton spam, and Garris' seemingly infinate stamina pool as he sprints after you forever, there's barely any openings at all to deal damage to him.

                          It also seems like the only advice anyone has on how to deal with it is to be so overlevelled that you can burst him down in a couple of seconds, so that his attacks don't factor into the fight at all....

                          • Anonymous

                            One of these hidden rooms has 4 chests in it and 4 high level skeletons that charge you as soon as the wall illusion is down. They are mad and crazy fast. It took me several tries to kill these bastages..

                            • Has anyone figured out how to get to the cave ledge/entrance in this boss' room?

                              I looked around the place and rolled everywhere but don't see a path.

                              • Anonymous

                                Am i the only one who was sorely disappointed we didn't get Ashes to summon his super cool skeleton snail??

                                • Anonymous

                                  Don't kill the assassin first because the game is stupid and will not allow you to summon anything anymore in this dungeon if you do. First do this mage.

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