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Category Physical Damage

Strike Damage is one of the Damage Types in Elden Ring. It is one of the eight main Damage Types and belongs to the Physical Damage category. Damage Types are a major part of the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat and are affected by many factors including your equipment, skills, attacks and temporary buffs.


Elden Ring Strike Damage Guide

Strike Damage is a type of Physical Damage that is often associated with blunt weapons such as Hammers and Maces. Weapons that primarily deal the other damage types can also possess attacks that deal Strike Damage within their movesets. Strike damage is often (but not always) effective against heavily armored enemies as well as creatures made of rock or have a similar sturdy composition.


Strike Damage and Players

This section lists information pertaining to Strike Damage and its relation to Players.



The following Weapons deal Strike Damage:


The following Skills, Spells and Items provide a boost to Strike Damage:


The following Skills, Spells and Items improve player resistance to Strike Damage:


Strike Damage and Enemies

This section lists information pertaining to Strike Damage and its relation to Enemies and Bosses.




The following Enemies and Bosses have a weakness to Strike Damage. Weakness indicates a target takes increased damage and/or increased Poise damage from a given Damage Type.


The following Enemies and Bosses are resistant to Strike Damage. Resistance indicates that a target takes reduced damage from a given Damage Type, but is not completely immune.


The following Enemies and Bosses are not susceptible to Strike Damage. Immunity indicates that a target is not affected by a given Damage Type.

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Elden Ring Strike Damage Notes & Tips

  • Despite being blunt Physical damage spells, Bestial Incantations and Gravity Sorceries deal Standard damage, not Strike.
  • This page previously incorrectly stated that the Aspects of the Crucible: Tail incantation deals Strike damage. User testing has proven this claim to be false, unfortunately. If any user knows of and can confirm a spell that DOES do Strike damage, please update this article. Until then, as far as we know, no existing spell does Strike damage.


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    • Anonymous

      NG+ Arcane/Bleed heavy ... What do I do?!

      I skipped this boss in my first playthrough, but went for 100% items on NG+. This damn Lake bird is tough near Apostate Derelict!

      Luckily, because I had enough faith to cast Golden Vow, I was able to use Wrath of Gold from horseback.

      After about 8 solid hits of WRATH of GOLD the bird was done!

      • Anonymous

        Since there are other exemptions listed. The warpick is a pierce hammer. Still MARKED as strike, but tested against miners and that is definitely not the case.

        • Anonymous

          Contrary to a silly opinion below, strike is probably the hard mode of ER. Good luck catching maliketh while he quicksteps around. And pvp, pure physical strike hammers/flails DO NOT overcome strength build resistances. You’ll do 500 damage with 66 str heavy mace against most builds but do 286 against another str build. And those other builds are always running away from ur tiny weapon while the str build is the one cramming thrust trades down your throat. And collosal hammers are even worse than past games since bosses don’t react and players never get hit a third time. With pvp combos gone, and health pools increased from past games, this means hammers/collosal hammers do less than half their former damage. Other weapons are fast enough to compensate but not hammers.

          • Anonymous

            Fromsoft really has a history of blatantly favoring this damage type, but this game in particular seriously takes the cake. To the point that you are basically trolling yourself trying to make a kit that doesn't have some way of dealing significant strike damage. It REALLY makes the game as a whole so much less enjoyable, and makes me feel so much more like the hammers/greathammers are intended to be the 'EZ MODE' weapon choice, and that's just toxic. Always a bad call to make an enemy with only one weakness, a FAR worse call to make it only have a weakness to a bot*ing Sub-category of a damage type. You want to make some 'hardened' what not that I can't use most physical weapons against don't bot*ing give it full status immunity and high elemental resist

            • Anonymous

              This list is crazy incomplete. Doesn't list the following...
              -Most other whips, such as Magma Candlestick
              -Jawbone Axe (tested ingame, it deal Strike instead of Standard, as listed)
              -'Meteorite' spells
              -Rock Sling spell
              -Bestial incantations from Gurranq

              • Anonymous

                Please add TORCHES to the list! The Steel-Wite Torch does strike damage, plus it sets things on fire with one hit, and has a cool Firebreather ability for cheap FP!

                • I've found strike damage with a morningstar to be useful against the rocky looking enemies in the caves, when my slash weapon isn't working well against them.

                  • Anonymous

                    Might be smart to separate this list by weapon categories. I doubt anyone came to this page looking for a staff or seal to do their strike damage with

                    • Anonymous

                      Probably the best damage type in the game. Only a small handful of enemies are resistant to it but it really shines because a lot of the really difficult enemies in the game are weak to this such as heavily armored knights.

                      • Anonymous

                        Has anyone encountered anything resistant to strike damage yet? Strike weapons seem like the safest bet for a catch-all weapon right now.

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