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A truly knightly Skill. Hold your armament to your face and pledge your resolve, powering up your next attack.

Determination is a Skill in Elden Ring. Determination is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War and applied to compatible weapons.


How to get Determination in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Determination Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Determination.
  • FP Cost: 10
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill cannot be Parried
  • Buffs damage of next landing swing by ~60%, or critical hit by ~20% and fades immediately after the blow.
  • Buff fades away after 10 seconds without successfully landing a blow.
  • Seems to cause a bug when applied on a left hand weapon by two-handing and performing a critical hit with a right hand weapon during the buff, reducing the resulting critical hit damage by 33.3%.
  • Note: As of Patch 1.09, the effectiveness of the Determination Ashe of war has decreased in PVP only (30%)



  • Patch 1.03 : No longer applies the buff to weapons held in the other hand. Preventing the damage increase to benefit weapons that cannot have this Ash of War applied, nor Sorceries or Incantations.
  • Patch 1.06 : Fixed a bug which caused the effect to disappear after using the “Parry” skill with a Dagger.


Builds with Determination 



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    • Anonymous

      Just saw the old Fextra video where this used to work with sorceries and incantations. However based on the notes above from Patch 1.03, that is not the case anymore. Is there another Ash of War that can buff spells (aside from Terra Magica, Golden Vow, etc)?

      • Anonymous

        Something to be clear about with this is and RKR is that it works properly, and in fact exceptionally, with multihit attacks. The small damage instances all get buffed and because of how defense works in this game it actually amounts to a greater than 50% increase in damage dealt especially early on (multihit stuff is generally worse early on, see multiprojectile spells. As an example, on a character with 17 STR and 18 DEX with a Quality Twinblade +3 (yes ik quality isn’t efficient until very high levels, ignore that part), Determination improves a 2H R1 from 127 to 205 (61.4% increase) and a charged 2H R2 from 264 to 426 (also about a 61.4% increase). For slight contrast it improves a 1H R1 (not multihit) by 59.8%, tho I guess it’s generally true that this thing will have better impact on final damage at lower levels because of how defense works.

        • Not sure why my post didn't show up. Oh well, take 2. So I recently picked Elden Ring up again, doing Dex Fth hybrid. I was wondering if Determination works with split damage types too? Such as Sacred or Flame Art. Or would Keen be the most beneficial affinity?

          • So, I haven't played since 1.02 or so, finally playing through for the first time. Just started NG+ and was wondering how the damage increase works, exactly... Is it total damage, or physical? See I'm running a dex fth hybrid build, and debating between Miséricorde and Erdsteel. One will have QS, the other, Determination. Plan on Dual Wielding them together, Erdsteel offhand. Does Determination boost split damage, such as Flame Art or Lightning? Or is a Keen for Physical more beneficial?

            • Anonymous

              If im dualwielding Starscourge Greatsword + Guts sword, and use determination on guts, it will still gain the 60% buff ? If not I might aswell duel wield Starscourge

              • Anonymous

                just want to note here since its not in the description but yes this works with collosal weapons as well as long as the weapon allows it

                • Anonymous

                  Anybody know if you can use Determination then use a staff in your offhand to cast a more powerful sorcery?

                  • Anonymous

                    Here's how it affects spells (testing with 40 int Meteorite staff on the enemy just outside the Gatefront grace):

                    Glintstone Pebble: 270 -> 432
                    Great Glintstone Shard: 387 -> 619
                    Night Shard: 181 -> 290

                    -So yeah, it's almost exactly 60% like others have said

                    *Also nice to note that it can affect the damage after the projectile is cast (by activating it before the projectile hits), this is especially useful with something like Rock Fling.
                    **The buff persists for about 10 seconds and hitting with a spell (as opposed to hitting with the weapon with determination) doesn't make it lose it's effects, so you could cast a pebble, cast determination before it hits, cast two or three more pebbles and everything will be boosted (making pebble even more fp efficient provided that the enemy survived al that)

                    -In my experience, it is most useful when attacking stronger enemies out of stealth to take them down quicker before they get to you

                    • Anonymous

                      So after using this for quite some time, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
                      I've been using this with Giant-Crusher (Heavy) - this combined with heavy jumping attack is something to behold.

                      So few things to note:
                      - Duration is roughly 10 seconds.
                      - It works with with critical hits ON MOST MOBS (Some criticals absorb the buff in the first part of the critical hit for some reason, and not the whole chain.)
                      - It dispells your current weapon buff - probably the only real drawback to this art.

                      tl;dr use this with a STR scaling weapon, go boink with heavy jumping attacks

                      • Anonymous

                        Ok so, this skill power up your Next attack (during 10 sec) :
                        - Attack using R1 (Ligth attack & Sneak attack) : ~ +20%
                        - Attack using R2 ( Strong attack & Jump Attack) : ~ +60%

                        • Anonymous

                          takes my damage from 228 to 366.. so a 60% increase in damage? It also survives "misses" but eventually expires, in about 11 seconds

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