Spinning Weapon

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(Ash of War: Spinning Weapon)

Defensive skill employed by Carian princesses. Lifts armament into mid-air, then makes it spin violently. Those it touches will suffer successive attacks.

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(Carian Regal Scepter)

Channel magic into glintstone to suspend the scepter in mid air and cause it to spin violently. Those it touches will suffer successive magic attacks.

Spinning Weapon is a Skill in Elden Ring. Spinning Weapon is a regular skill found in Ashes of War and can be applied to small and medium Swords, Axes, Hammers, Halberds and Staves. This is a defensive skill that causes your weapon to spin violently and hit enemies multiple times.


How to get Spinning Weapon


Elden Ring Spinning Weapon Guide, Notes & Tips





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    • Anonymous

      This needs more poise damage in pvp to be viable. It's funny how this, on a staff, staggers fully clad knights, but not tarnished in robes.

      • Anonymous

        On a frost Banished Knights Halberd, this is unexpectedly good at applying frostbite and I presume other statuses when you have enough time to use the full art.

        • Anonymous

          Just started a new playthrough today. This hits above 2k against most enemies with a +10 Carian Regal Scepter.

          • Anonymous

            Despite this being the only Skill that can be put onto a staff, you actually shouldn't be using this Skill on staves. Put it on normal weapons instead.
            Staves have terrible damage outputs compared to literally any other melee option, plus the rapid hits from Spinning Weapon make it combo well with items that raise attack power by attacking quickly, such as the Winged sword Insignia talisman.
            — Courh the Explorer

            • Anonymous

              Is there a specific type of weapon this skill favors? I know for some skills, having a lighter weapon makes it go faster, like with double slash. Does weight affect this at all, or should I should put it on the longest weapon to increase the hitbox? Trying to figure out if there'd ever be a point to putting this on something small like a dagger or smaller swords.

              • Anonymous

                Nothing is more satisfying when some smartass who ACTUALLY knows to run up to you spitting dragonbreath, rather than away, ends up walking into the blender and dying.

                • Anonymous

                  It’s called a “Defensive skill”, but there’s no notion of how. Does it block projectiles? Or is it just figuratively defensive?

                  • Anonymous

                    For cosplay purposes, I've put this on a Heavy Grave Scythe, on a character with 87 STR and Winged Sword Insignia (have to get the Rotten version yet, as well as the Shard of Alexander), buffed with Bloodflame Blade. Sure, landing the whole spin on faster enemies is tricky but if every strike connects it does up to 4k damage per spin and is guaranteed to proc bleed at least once (sometimes twice, thanks to bloodflame's lingering effect).

                    Prior to respecing into Strength, used it on the same scythe with Cold infusion and a quality build. Less raw damage (about 2500 per spin in ideal conditions) but the first spin is guaranteed to proc frostbite and the second one bleed.

                    The spin range on the scythe is also sizable, able to hit three smaller enemies at once with good positioning (or four with ideal one), and you can turn your character around during it to hit even more enemies if you're quick enough. It also interrupts a number of enemy attacks (most notably, the bloody albinaurics' Sonic Spin Dash).

                    I also tested multiple "spinny" ashes on the scythe (Sword Dance, Double Slash, Spinning Strikes etc) and this one seems to have the highest DPS still, but also is the riskiest to use because you need to get close to the enemy. Rolling into enemy's attack and immediately starting spinning helps a lot, and if the enemy is distracted by summon or coop buddy, you can actually chain these.

                    • Anonymous

                      does this scale with int? or does it only scale with int if the weapon does? also do weapons take int scaling into account with normal strikes if they scale with int? sorry im new to souls like games xD

                      • Anonymous

                        Do skills get affected by poise? Imagine not being able to be staggered while you punish an aggressive enemy.
                        I use this with my +25 bleed/cold scythe and easily get 2k damage when I hit the full skill. Pretty cheap for the damage output if you can land it, although not super ideal for PVP.

                        • Using it with the starting scepter seems to spin the scepter doing little damage.
                          Using the Carian Regal Scepter adds light blue effects which probably does more damage. I don't exactly know the differences, further tests required

                          • Anonymous

                            I really wanted to make this work in early game because for a while it was the only Ash of War I could put on my Flail to make it scale off Int. By doing so I learned not to bother pressing the skill button during combat, which I had to later unlearn when I found Ashes that were worth using. You can use this thing while rubbing right against the collision box of a giant boss and somehow whiff the entire attack. The hitbox is tiny and enemies are far too mobile for it to be worthwhile. And I don't know what the description means by "defensive" as it doesn't benefit you defensively at all, in fact locking yourself into several seconds of slow-walking is likely the least defensive action you could take in this game.

                            • Anonymous

                              Altho it's not mentioned anywhere, I was able to dissolve a lava breath attack from the Magma Wyrm boss in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice dungeon, so I would assume it works like that for attacks of that type.

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