Frenzyflame Thrust

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Imbue the spear with the flame of frenzy and leap forwards, plunging it into the ground and setting off a maddening explosion.
The skill afflicts both the enemy and the user with madness.

Frenzyflame Thrust is a Skill in Elden Ring. Frenzyflame Thrust is a Unique Skill for the Vyke's War Spear. It causes a maddening explosion that afflicts both the enemy and the wielder with Madness.



How to get Frenzyflame Thrust


Elden Ring Frenzyflame Thrust Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 22
  • Deals 25 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Hitting the enemy with the spear will cause damage with both the explosion and spear.
  • Hitting the enemy within the explosion range causes a stronger explosion and is the highest damaging hit out of the three
  • Hitting too far away will just damage the enemy with the fire caused by the hit



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    • Anonymous

      The damage from the spear itself when it comes down scales primarily with dex.
      The explosion and the AOE flames scale with faith.

      Sadly, that does mean getting max damage from the skill requires a spread of both stats.

      • Anonymous

        I did some testing and I'm sad to report that this technique's damage is NOT buffed by wearing the Raptor's Black Feathers or the Claw Talisman.

        Pity. The raptor feathers look pretty good with the Black Dumpling, a must-have piece of headgear for any Frenzy Flame build.

        • Anonymous

          what is the buildup on the flames? it cant be the same as a normal attack from the spear can it? isnt it like half?

          • Anonymous

            Does this weapon art scale with dex or faith more? If you went 80 dex, would it be better than 80 faith for the weapon art damage since it scales better in dex

            • Anonymous

              This weapon art absolutely DESTROYS enemy NPCs. Spam to win.
              The only thing to be aware of is that you will periodically be trading blows (even at zero poise, this skill is basically uninteruptable), so you may need to occasionally off to heal. Other than that, go nuts. Your enemies certainly will (madness pun).

              • Anonymous

                Is this bugged?
                When I apply Golden Vow/ Flame Grant me Strength, the flames won't do any damage anymore.
                I have less than the required 16 Str if that matters.

                • Anonymous

                  For those curious, this weapon art scales off of all the attributes the weapon (Vykes) does - strength, dex, and faith. Tested on 1.04 and noticed damage increase when individually boosting each aforementioned attribute.

                  • Anonymous

                    I've found that this weapon art seems to have hyper armor once you're in the air (but not on startup). I tested this by taking off all my character's armor and getting hit mid animation by the troll north of the stormhill shack. Sure enough my character didn't get knocked away (but still took the damage) even with 0 poise.

                    • Anonymous

                      is this enhanced by the buffs that increase fire damage? (fire scorpion charm, flame-shrouding cracked tear)

                      • Did some testing -- the Frenzied Flame Seal does not boost the damage of the initial hit/explosion or the fire trails.
                        This likely means that the Canvas Talisman also does not apply to the skill.

                        The only reason I tested it at all is from a handful of comments saying that another weapon benefited from the Canvas Talisman, as the WA was effectively just an incantation.

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