Mighty Shot

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Archery skill performed from an oblique stance. Ready the bow, then pull the bowstring to its limit to enhance the power of the shot, penetrating the enemy's guard.

Mighty Shot is a Skill in Elden Ring. Mighty Shot is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War and applied to Light bows and Longbows.


How to get Mighty Shot


Elden Ring Mighty Shot Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Mighty Shot.
  • FP Cost: 0 on activation (stance), 6 per shot.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • On activation, the user assumes a stance, preparing the bow. When inputting light or heavy attacks, the user pulls the bowstring all the way to fire the respective arrow from their slot, consuming FP (and stamina while in combat).
    • When the stance is being held, stamina regen is reduced by approximately 80%.

  • The arrows fired from this Weapon Skill have the following properties:
    • Travel longer distances before falling off, effectively increasing their range.
    • Have increased damage on impact.
    • Can partially ignore blocking from shields (and weapons).
    • Deal increased status buildup, if applicable.

  • The main appeal of this Weapon Skill is excelling at saving up arrows (specially status-inflicting ones) in exchange for FP, thanks to the increased range and damage of arrows.
    • Works specially well with the Serpent Bow (which has the skill innately and can't be changed) for poison, bleed and sleep arrows, even at low arcane levels.



Builds with Mighty Shot




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    • Anonymous

      I mentioned in another post that this seems to increase damage by 75%. After more testing, it seems to also increase status application by about 75%.
      Against the Giant outside Godfrey's arena, Bloodbone Arrows took 5 shots to apply Hemorrhage with regular shots (275) and 3 Mighty Shots to apply Hemorrhage (288)

      • Anonymous

        The damage boost on this seems to be massive. I tested it a bit on a +0 Pulley Bow with Bone Arrows, and the damage went from around 128 on a regular shot to 224 on a Might Shot, which would be 75% more damage.
        When it comes to raw damage, this lets some bows rival the damage of a Hand Ballista with a faster fire rate, higher range and vastly better ammo economy.
        The downside being that you can't hold the shot for careful timing or use explosive shots, and you need to spend FP.

        • Anonymous

          So how does mighty shot work exactly? Does it scale with anything? I've read that it effectively amplifies what an arrow does, so more damage of the respective type and status buildup is improved as well, but how does that work? How much more status buildup can I expect? Is it % based or a flat amount? Moreover, if we're using the Serpent Bow, how does the arcane scaling of the bow work with Mighty Shot when improving status buildup? I feel like there's so much info lacking about this ability.

          • Anonymous

            Elemental damage arrows (like fire arrows) are garbage by default because the 90-95 elemental damage they add gets so neutralized by Defense even against targets with a weakness (so like, fire arrows are super underwhelming vs miners), BUT Mighty Shot by amplifying all your damage helps the elemental part of your damage get to a point where it actually matters. I still need to test but I suspect that Horn Bow with Magicbone/Dwelling Arrows and Mighty Shot might be able to actually handle miners (and other pierce resistant but magic vulnerable targets like imps and skeletons) in an almost efficient way (even outside of an Int build, I mean Horn Bow has int scaling but it's EXTREMELY low. A +25 Horn Bow only increases from 75 Magic to 85 Magic as you go from 14 int to 80 int. Terra Magica could help for increasing your bow damage but if you're investing in Int then why not just use spells y'know?)

            • Anonymous

              I usually have to use manual aim to pull off a headshot, and even on stationary targets often miss.

              Dat gif tho...

              • How is this for applying status effects?
                I know it has more build up but is it worth it for anything more than an opening shot when its so much slower than standard shots?

                • Anonymous

                  Mighty Shot does not work with the Godfrey Icon.

                  However, it does work with the Warrior Jar Shard and Shard of Alexander talismans.

                  Base damage with no talismans dealt 684.
                  Damage with Ritual Sword Talisman equipped dealt 752.
                  Damage with RST and Arrow's Sting Talisman equipped dealt 827.
                  Damage with RST, Arrow's Sting, and Warrior Jar Shard equipped dealt 910.
                  Damage with RST, Arrow's Sting, and Shard of Alexander equipped dealt 948.

                  A Pulley Bow +9 and 55 Strength/Dexterity was used for this test. Others may have varying damage values depending on their build.

                  • Anonymous


                    Does the mighty shot count as "charge attack" so that it could be enhanced by the Godfrey icon talisman?

                    • Anonymous

                      Tested: Mighty shot does increase status effect (poison, bleed etc.) build up as much as damage.
                      So if you want to save arrows, use this instead of barrage.

                      • Anonymous

                        On Xbox, you fire as normal with either R1 or R2, BUT you also hold R2. This actvates the Power Shot,. There is a kind of sonic boom as the arrow is released if you are doing it right, and it eats a bit of FP.

                        I tested it on a Southern Castle Massive Archer, and my shots went from around 65 to around 105 damage. No idea how that is calculated.

                        • Anonymous

                          I figured out how to get it working on PC. Mighty Shot will you use whatever ammo is equipped in the 2nd ammo slot in your equipment screen NOT the first. That's why when you Hold Shift + RMB and then Left Click to activate he reaches into an empty quiver. He's reaching for the 2nd Ammo slot. Make sure this one is equipped with some type of arrow!

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