War Cry

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Give a war cry to rally the spirit and increase attack power. While active, strong attacks change to charging attacks. 

War Cry is a Skill in Elden Ring. War Cry is a temporary attack boost to give players an extra advantage during combat. Updated to Patch 1.07.


War Cry Buff Details in Elden Ring


How to get War Cry


Elden Ring War Cry Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: War Cry.
  • FP Cost: 16
  • The Skill's effect lasts 40 seconds.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill cannot be Parried
    • The charging attack provided by this Skill can be Parried
  • Roar Medallion will increase heavy attack damage by 15% for the duration.
  • Moveset Changes (note that in most cases, charging the attack will cause the character to run forward several steps, regardless of any other aspects of the attack as listed below)
    • Sword, Greatsword, Colossal Sword, Curved Sword, Curved Greatsword, Katana, Axe, Greataxe, Flail, Hammer, Great Hammer, Colossal Weapon, and Reaper: Initial attack is an heavy overhead smash.  Follow up attack is an upward diagonal slash
      • Some weapons attack slightly faster than others, but the difference is minimal, making bigger weapons much more effective with this AoW than smaller ones.
    • Twinblade: Jumping forward thrust.  Follow up attack is an upward slash
      • Note that this is a significant change from the default twinblade heavy attack, even when uncharged.  This can make it a useful situational tool even without the added range from charging.
    • Spear, Greatspear, and Halberd: Initial attack is a jumping forward thrust.  Follow up attack is a forward thrust
    • Fists and Claws: Initial attack is a double cross, left fist then right fist.  Follow up attack causes your character to spin in a circle and hit with both fists outstretched


Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Effect duration has been extended from 20 to 40 seconds.
  • Delay between the end of various actions (like using items or attack animations) and being able to perform the skill has been reduced.
  • Increased the power of strong attacks during the duration of the effect when using the following weapons: Straight Sword, Curved Sword, Katana, Axe, Hammer, Flail, Spear, Great Spear, Halberd, Reaper, Fist (one-handed), Claw (one-handed)


Builds with War Cry


War Cry Demonstration


Colossal Knight Written Guide



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    • Anonymous

      at low level low upgrades (3 or less) this doesn't add much more dmg than braggarts so its generally not worth it

      • Anonymous

        Has status multiplier on charged heavy attacks ranging from 1.5x-3.0x, generally 2 handing the weapon has more multiplier and bigger weapons have higher multipliers

        • Anonymous

          After testing, war cry changed my heavy attack one handed and two handed. Braggart's roar only changed the two handed heavy attack

          • Anonymous

            Very situational and definetely not versatile. For example i break almost any targets poise with spiked club in 2 charged R2, which are very fast. War cry makes them much slower. Good for some fights, worse in alot of others, also replaces greases and weapon buffs. Objectivly only good for early game, you would do much better with breaking enemy poise without it as far as i can tell

            • Anonymous

              Just to confirm:

              So, the War Cry skill gives you a buff to your stats and alters your heavy attacks for many weapon categories. But all of them start with a run towards your target.

              Do you have poise or armor frames during this running animation towards whoever's about to get pasted into a bloody mess on the ground?

              Am considering using War Cry for my build, and if the charge does give you boosted poise or armor frames I'll gladly take War Cry and use it on my Greatsword.

              • Anonymous

                I'm having an issue with the second attack on the halberd, sometimes when fully charged while stabbing the weapon just bounces as if I hit a wall The only explanation I see is it's bouncing off the ground since there were no walls or objects anywhere near me the last few times it happened.

                • 16 fp for 20 Seconds? That doesnt sound good at all. Im not sure If i want to make a.build around that. I was thinking about using roar Medaillon, highland Axe and sacrificial Axe for dualwielding...but now im not so sure anymore. I would need to kill 3 enemies per War Cry, which sounds good on paper, but what do i do in bossfights? Axes are kinda weak in general, so i wouldnt break poise, i wouldnt apply status effects or anything...i would just whittle down health...swing per swing. I could use Carian Crest to reduce FP cost to 12 which is pretty good...does Shard of Alexander work? Probably not. Bah... decisions, decisions. Life is all about decisions. I hate decisions. I hate life.

                  • Anonymous

                    >Some weapons attack slightly faster than others, but the difference is minimal, making bigger weapons much more effective with this AoW
                    than smaller ones.

                    while this is true the recovery speed for bigger weapons is still significant compared to smaller weapons. factor that in before settling for a weapon to use war cry on.

                    • Anonymous

                      Using this skill against a giant enemy or a boss that doesn't have poor poise is basically like screaming "Please smack me across the room like a wet towel long before i can even hit you with my absurdly slow attack!" Good against humanoids and bosses that have poor poise but dogshit against anything thats somewhat big, and it makes you a slow and easy target.

                      • Anonymous

                        Does that little repeating hitbox during the charging animation count as a weapon hit? Could you build status off of it?

                        • Anonymous

                          Started a new game, got the grave scythe to drop, and I really like this ash of war on it. Great early game heavy ash

                          • Only buffs the physical damage of a weapon. On weapons with elemental infusions you'll only see a 5% damage increase, as the ar is usually split 50/50.

                            • Anonymous

                              while playing around with some weapon arts I discovered that using war cry buffs both your weapons if you are powerstancing but only if the warcry is on your right hand weapon

                              • Anonymous

                                Probably the best all-around weapon art, its just so good.
                                Provides damage buff, its fun to use, has a small aoe knockback, makes your heavy attacks wayyy better.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I have an off hand weapon with this art. In my main hand great stars great hammer with blood infusion. And In second main hand slot the dagger with 140 crit with knights vow ash of war. Axe talisman and the breath/ roar boosting talisman and the critical boost talisman.

                                  Do the roar then charge heavy attack with great star doing bleed and poise breaking. Then I switch to my dagger, knights vow and hit the critical for 4K damage just with the dagger. Broken af.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Testing with +25 Heavy Iron Greatsword and 60 Strength, this buffs heavy attacks by 27% and charged heavy attacks by 35%. Wearing the Roar Medallion talisman buffs these values to 46% and 57% respectively. All other damage is increased by 10%.

                                    With this particular weapon, the heavy attack combo changes from a horizontal two-part sweep to a two-part vertical down-up that comes out with increased speed and improved hyperarmor (possibly buffed in 1.03?). The charged heavy attack becomes a small charge ending in a slash.

                                    With the Axe Talisman, charged heavy attack damage is increased by a total of 72% over baseline, while Axe Talisman + Spiked Cracked Tear results in a 97% total buff.

                                    Subjectively, this feels like a very strong skill. You get resistance to stagger while doing more stagger and poise damage yourself, all while effectively R2 spamming. Far from broken, but seems like a good option for Strength builds.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I feel like it makes you swing faster, do a little bit more damage and makes you do more poise damage. Some weapons have different attacks after you Warcry too. The Lordsworn Greatsword's heavy turns into a charge forward if you hold it after useing warcry

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