Corpse Wax Cutter

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Lost skill of ancient heroes.
Lift the sword up high to release the power of corpse wax and launch it forwards as a blade-like projectile.

Corpse Wax Cutter is a Skill in Elden Ring. Corpse Wax Cutter is a unique skill on the Gargoyle's Blackblade and grants the user the ability to launch the attached weapon as a projectile to damage foes at a further range. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Corpse Wax Cutter


Elden Ring Corpse Wax Cutter Guide


Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • FP consumption has been reduced from 20 to 16.
  • Motion speed, range and speed of the blade have been increased.
  • Damage detection to the weapon part has been added.




Elden Ring Corpse Wax Cutter Notes & Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      As of 1.09.1 this skill doesn't scale with anything. Was it always the case or is this a bug brought about by one of the patches? Really odd to make it not scale if so, now there's absolutely no reason to use the Blackblade over Blasphemous blade.

      • Anonymous

        Black Flame FP Cost = 18. Scouring Black Flame FP Cost = 21. Noble Presence FP Cost = 20. Black Flame Ritual FP Cost = 30. Corpse Wax Cutter FP Cost = 16. This only requires 2 Faith more to be able to use over Black Flame, costs less FP, travels faster, and can have its FP reduced with the Carian Filigreed Crest with no downside unlike the Incantation Scarab helm. Downside is the projectile cannot fly over objects and terrain and can sometimes snag a rock and vanish. Is pure Holy damage, so can be used in conjunction with Black Flame to take on various foes to cover for their resistances, such as Magma Wyrms and Volcano Manor Serpents being highly fire resistant and fire invulnerable respectively, and Death Birds being highly weak to Holy damage from CWC.

        • Anonymous

          Corpse Wax Cutters black flame burn effect deals 2.5% of the enemies max health. Don't believe me? Make a new character, get Black Flame, cheese the Gargoyle to get the Gargoyle Blacl Blade. Go find Greyroll and test Black Flame to Corse Wax Cutter. I used a Clawmark Seal+4 and a Gargoyle Black Blade+2 for this test, had minimum stats to use both. Black Flame - about 2200 damage Corpse Wax Cutter - about 2070 damage.

          • Anonymous

            The black flame debuff is really good. Excellent for wiping out a bosses health.

            If you're a hybrid faith build but still want a % based black flame effect, this is a good choice. Aldo compliments Takers Flame very well for Fire Immune enemies.

            • Anonymous

              This seems bugged with Shared Order. It makes the initial blast deal no damage. The HP sapping still seems to work.

              • Anonymous

                So when wielded by the gargoyles, the AoW on these weapons (the black garg does it with the axe a lot) causes the destined death debuff, draining your health for a bit. Does this AoW do the same for us?

                • Anonymous

                  This aow is terrible, its slow, lacks damage, range and it hardly even staggers enemies, even if you hit them dead on with it + if you are fighting in a slope, its bound to go over enemies or just disappear like you didnt even use it. Definately needs some kind of a buff to be worth using. Kinda shame too because it looks good, but thats about it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Weapon art is good in PvE since you can line enemies up and hit a few at once - and it hits hard
                    But its hard to land reliably in PvP as its basically just a slow moonveil

                    • Anonymous

                      The L2 takes a bit of time to cast. Its a red flame magic slash that is very fast has decent tracking and goes some distance.
                      It does good damage and has a %- dmg Burn after.
                      This thing melts bosses but youre very vulnerable when using it.
                      Ok in pvp since you can free aim to catch a panic roll and its quite fast. But it´s not hard to dodge it if you´ve seen it once.

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