Storm Wall

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Swing the shield to create a wall of storm winds in front of you, deflecting arrows and other such physical projectiles. Can also be used in the same way as a regular parry.

Storm Wall is a Skill in Elden Ring. Storm Wall is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War and can be applied to small and medium shields. This skill deflects incoming physical projectiles such as arrows but can also be used as a regular parry skill. 


How to get Storm Wall

  • By Stormhill Shack: Head north along the path until you reach a collapsed bridge. Drop down onto an outcropping to the west to find a Teardrop Scarab that drops this Ash of War. [Map Link]

Storm Wall Demonstration




Elden Ring Storm Wall Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Storm Wall.
  • FP Cost: 3
  • Storm Wall has 5 start-up frames and 5 parry frames at 30 FPS. Double the values for data at 60 FPS.
  • Storm Wall can knock projectiles out of the air.
  • See Parrying for detailed information on the mechanic and a comparison of different parry skills.

Click below for Storm Wall recovery frame data. Note that left-hand attacks are only possible after parrying with a shield if you're holding that shield in your right hand.

See Storm Wall recovery frames at 30 FPS (click to reveal)
  • Roll/Crouch: 15
  • Ash of War: 16
  • Right-hand attack: 13
  • Left-hand attack: 13
  • Block: 14
  • Quick item use: 15
  • Item use: 16
  • Walk: 17


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    • Anonymous

      It says i can add cold build up when equipping it does it work with the skill and if so what if i already had bleed

      • Anonymous

        if you are having trouble with the crippled albunric turrets in the snowfield this ash of war can reflect their arrows

        • Anonymous

          The parry skill used by actual warriors of the storm is worse than those used by mages and Erdtree priests. Hmm.

          • Anonymous

            Finally, a way to counter arrows and bolts! As someone without the ability to move left or right this is very handy! Thank you, Fromsoft, I'm sure I'll be able to defeat my bow-wielding enemies in PVP with this one, I just hope they don't use the pulley crossbow or the Barrage ash of war because it would render this almost entirely useless!

            • Anonymous

              Use this on a medium shield until you get Carian Retaliation or Golden Parry, as it has better frame data than regular parry on a 100% block shield.

              • Anonymous

                Man I was really hoping the stormy shield-slam move the banished knights do was an ash. Eh, guess this will have to do for the flavor build.

                • Anonymous

                  It has almost buckler parry data, which is sweet, but the list of things this deflects is slim and mostly situational (why waste fp on rebounding a firebomb somewhere when you could just dodge it lmao) could do with a small QOL buff for the storm-enthusiasts out there

                  • Anonymous

                    They should have made it deflect the physical spells, the ones that cannot be parried by things like carian retaliation or the edtree greatshield.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ive been trying it against Lyndell Greatbow archer, and cant seem to hit a deflect. tried like 10 times in a row. It works against greatbows right?

                      • Anonymous

                        Amazing skill becouse it also have build in parry. Put it on strong medium shield which dont have innate parry.

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