Raptor of the Mists

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Duck into a low stance, momentarily vanishing. If an enemy attack connects, avian wings will allow for a quick escape into the air.

Raptor of the Mists is a Skill in Elden Ring. Raptor of the Mists is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War, it can also be used on all melee armaments. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Raptor of the Mists in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Raptor of the Mists Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists.
  • FP Cost: 0 (stance), 6 upon activation.
    • Note: As of Patch 1.07, FP consumption has been reduced from 14 FP to 6 FP upon activation.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • When the skill button is pressed, the user crouches with a low stance, directioning their body to the front.
    • Upon receiving a hit from most attacks in this stance, the skill will activate, with the user dissapearing from the ground and re-appearing mid-air in the position they were standing before. This will consume the stated FP.
  • The skill effectively provides invulnerability frames upon activation, for a considerable window without having to reposition.
    • The skill will only nullify the damage received. Status buildup still applies as normal on hit.
    • This skill has quick startup, but slower recovery. However, the stance can be chained into itself as soon as the recovery period is over.
    • Damage immunity lasts for 18 iFrames (30 FPS)
  • See Dodging for detailed information on the mechanic and a comparison of different dodging skills.
  • This skill does not prevent grab attacks from connecting with the user. Be wary of using it carelessly against enemies with these attacks.
  • Notably works with the Chariots that are widely found in the Hero Grave dungeons, allowing a way to bypass them.
  • While in mid air, the user can input either a light attack or a heavy attack to attack as if a normal jump was performed.
    • This applies to paired weapon jumping attacks too, if available.


Elden Ring Raptor of the Mists Trivia

  • The behavior of the skill Raptor of the Mists shares a clear similarity to a Prosthetic Tool from the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
    • The name of the Prosthetic Tool is Mist Raven, and provides a similar effect, tailored to the game's combat style.



Raptor of the Mists Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      Underrated. I can dodge any attack that I've faced by either teleporting in the air, or ducking under it. Still, this AOW is not broken like BHS because you have to time it, and it still allows status buildup to happen.

      • Anonymous

        Something amazing that I never see anyone talk about is that the long recovery of this move is not only cancel-able into crouch attack or roll, but you can straight up cancel it with crouch. This is FANTASTIC in itself since it basically removes a lot of the recovery, which should sell you on doing this already. But for those who may be inclined, there is another tech on top of this:

        An "Option Select" is a term used in fighting games where any time you do one action, you always follow it with another immediately after so the actions your character performs change based on what you need, such that you always yield a positive result.
        If you use Raptor of the Mists and always buffer a crouch after, it becomes an option select since there is never any downside. If you need to, you can override the buffer with a roll or a crouch attack, if the counter comes out then you can't crouch and the buffer didn't matter, and if nothing happens then the move had fewer recovery frames. If nothing hits you and you simply let the crouch happen, this move will always be significantly harder to punish and it's an option select since there is no penalty for using it.

        TL;DR: ALWAYS buffer a crouch after using this move, there will never be a downside to doing so, you will only ever go net neutral or net positive.

        • Anonymous

          this thing needs a buff if BHS isn’t gonna get a nerf. give me infinite poise when in the air so i can atleast trade with someone who is just swinging like crazy.

          • Anonymous

            I wish you could move laterally with this skill, like in Sekiro. Would be nice to have the freedom to also move left or right, depending on the direction you hold.

            • People tend to overlook this Ash of War, and I cannot blame them. Bloodhound Step is a strong alternative that doesn't requiere as much commitement to it. However, and what most don't realize, is that they're designed for different approaches.

              Bloodhound Step is essentially a mobility skilll made for avoiding damage by providing I-frames and being spammable. It allows you to reposition to a safer spot. It's specially useful against attacks (keyword: attacks, plural) that are hard to time with dodge roll alone.
              Raptor of the Mists, in the other hand, is a skill that allows the user to nullify an incoming attack (keyword: attack, singular), without having to reposition themselves, and immediately counter with a jumping attack. It mixes defense and offense very well if you know when to capitalize, and it makes some powerful, single hit attacks a complete utter joke (like Radagon's ground slams, Maliketh's aerial dash sweep, EB's holy explosions, etc) while also getting some cheeky counter attacks yourself.

              Weapon Skills are like tools, and to get the most out of a tool, the user must use them properly to show their true potential. If you favor one tool over the other, that's fine. Just make sure to try and test them out first, so you get a good mileage out of it.

              • Anonymous

                In most scenarios this, as a defensive skill, is totally out classed by Bloodhound's Step, which, incidentally requires far less skill to use effectively.

                • Anonymous

                  You duck under attacks for a long time, about 2-3 attacks. And if one of those attacks hit, you don't take damage and you can turn it into fast jump attack with R2. Claw talisman and raptor armor works with this, though you can get knocked down before you hit the enemy if he uses dagger.

                  • Anonymous

                    I just SSS'd crucible knight with this. Turns you into Trickster Dante on any boss that can be ducked or jumped. Start up is a very low crouch, and you have iframes until you appear in the air. Cannot be used out of stagger but can be cancelled into. R1 to cancel a whiff into a rolling attack

                    • Anonymous

                      Found it. Main gate of raya lucaria scademy. Move morty-easy thru the broken bridge/estacade looking for red summon sign from YURA the bloodfinger hunter. After 2v1 right against „black phantom” u get it. Someone please edit the wiki.

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