Storm Blade

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Lost skill of Stormveil. Surround armament with shearing storm winds that can be fired forward. Can be fired in rapid succession.

Storm Blade is a Skill in Elden Ring. Storm Blade surrounds armament with winds that can be fired forward. Can be fired in rapid succession.


How to get Storm Blade


Elden Ring Storm Blade Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Storm Blade.
  • FP Cost: 10
  • This Skill not Chargeable
  • Usable on Swords (Colossal Weapons and Twinblades excepted).
  • While only dealing moderate damage, it can nevertheless be an effective early game ranged tool for melee-oriented builds
  • This Skill is unaffected by the base damage and scaling of your weapon. It has its own base damage and Strength and Dexterity scaling, which increases with upgrade level and can be modified with infusions.
  • Deals no additional damage if both the weapon and the projectile appear to connect.
  • Other notes and tips go here.



Storm Blade Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      Golden Vow/Rallying Standard makes this do 0 damage... it has been this way for multiple patches, up to and including 1.06.

      • Anonymous

        Important to note that only the initial cast costs 10FP, you can keep spamming it afterwards with much shorter windup and only 6FP cost. Very good damage to FP efficiency and it's also ranged so you can attack from a distance.

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone noticed that this skill does zero damage to some enemies like they're immune to it? No one seems to be talking about that anywhere on the internet.

          • Anonymous

            One of the top 5 range ash of wars for a melee build imo. With golden vow or scholars armament you can easily start at 900 damage and stack, 1800, 2700 etc. Perfect ash for a melee build using their skill as range. Scale great with anything. Gargoyle Greatsword is great if not the best. Maybe most underrated late game ash and you get it very soon. Only down side is it doesn't stagger so don't get greedy but took down every main boss by spamming this skill.

            • Anonymous

              Love this AoW, whats even more interesting is that it has the casting "sigil" effect that spells have where it flashes the insignia of the school of spells as you cast it. Implying that storm ashes were either intended to be their own school of magic or will be expanded on further in the future. I hope so cause I love the look and feel of the them all.

              • Anonymous

                I'm starting to think Rallying Standard causes it to do no damage. I've been having several instances where it did literally nothing but blow wind into people's face. The only constant is that this only started happening ever since I got and use the Commander's Standard.

                • Anonymous

                  Any Ideas on how the game distinguishes the damage from this Ash of War? I know its not "slash", as it does way more damage against armored enemies than my Scimitar is able to perform.

                  • Anonymous

                    Honestly one of the strongest while not being broken, Using it on my Lordsworn straight sword to get some more range on my attacks and it hits harder than a charged heavy. Pretty quick to use and has a okay-ish range. If you get the hang of that, great for roll catching and punishing mage builds since it's faster than most hard hitting sorceries.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does anyone know what scaling/damage options this applies to your weapon? I assume it lets you scale with Dex, but haven't been able to confirm.

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