Mists of Slumber

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Releases a faint purple mist that spreads across a wide frontwards area.
This mist inflicts the sleep ailment upon foes.

Mists of Slumber is a Skill in Elden Ring. Mists of Slumber is a special skill only available for an individual weapon, and cannot be applied to other weapons via Ashes of War.


How to get Mists of Slumber


Elden Ring Mists of Slumber Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • The coating the skill leaves on the Sword of St Trina increases the sword's base Sleep buildup effect of 66 by 70, thus allowing the player to apply 136 Sleep buildup per attack for 30 seconds, similar to the use of Soporific Grease.
  • Patch 1.06 fixed a bug in which the Soporific Coating would disappear upon taking damage.
  • Deals 7 stance damage.
  • FP Cost: 20
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill can be Parried



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    • Anonymous

      -This does not increase sleep build by 66+70. It's more like 66+20. Tested on several different types of enemies and did a full playthrough with the sword.
      -The skill itself causes significant sleep buildup, I would estimate it at 200 roughly. If you want to put something to sleep, just use this skill. It's incredible useful. You'd be surprised at the amount of things that can be slept in this game.
      -With so few ways to put enemies to bed this weapon is easily top ten best weapons in the game for anybody wanting to be creative. The lingering mist doesn't have any sleep effect whatsoever.
      -I like to use a crossbow with sleep bolts in the offhand to keep the build up going. Full moon crossbow is great with this. DO NOT use the Pulley. You will put the enemy to sleep then wake them up all in the same burst. Once an enemy has been slept ANY DAMAGE will wake them up and their resistance to sleep will be increased!

      Happy hoonting!

      • Anonymous

        I think I should point out that hitting with this attack directly does exactly the same damage as a charged heavy, at least if you don't have any charged heavy buffs, and it does come out somewhat faster

        • Anonymous

          I see no change in weapon stats or sleep amount when I use the ash of war. Did they change something and break it completely? On testing the vulgar militia in Caelid take 4 hit to fall asleep with or without the buff active. If it changes from 66 sleep to 70 that would make sense but not 66 to 66 + 70, 134. With 134 per hit they should fall asleep in two hits. In addition, I'm not a Int build so I don't have a lot of bonus Int damage but with or without the buff I do the same amount of damage with 4 swings 1021.

          • Anonymous

            I came across someone applying this buff to the weird albanauric arcane sword in duels and I'm thoroughly confused now

            • Anonymous

              Saw a video of someone dual wielding this. Does the sleep effect actually wear off after taking damage? Or is it just the visual of it?

              • Anonymous

                This buff disappears when you take damage for some reason. Why? It already only lasts 30 seconds. It also goes away when you roll through attacks. Very odd.

                • Anonymous

                  Also coats the weapon in a special infusion, increasing the magic damage of the weapon and the sleep rate by an unknown amount.
                  The damage increase is the base value of the weapon; this effectively doubles the magic damage dealt for the duration of the buff.

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