Barbaric Roar

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Let loose a bestial roar to rally the spirit and increase attack power. While active, strong attacks change to savage combo attacks.

Barbaric Roar is a Skill in Elden Ring. Barbaric Roar is a default skill of the Greataxe and the Club. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Barbaric Roar Buff Details in Elden Ring


How to get Barbaric Roar


Elden Ring Barbaric Roar Guide

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Barbaric Roar.
  • FP Cost: 16
  • The Skill's effect lasts 40 seconds.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Greataxe' Barbaric Roar grants roughly 10% AR also changes the Heavy attack into an advancing 3-hit combo.
  • Roar Medallion will further increase heavy attack damage by 15% during the buff.
  • Works similarly to War Cry, another Ash of War skill, however, depending on which one is used, the heavy attack animation is different.
  • Counts as a weapon buff, so it overwrites other weapon buffs like Grease.
  • Weapon Attack Patterns
    • Straight Sword, Flail, Hammer, and Axe: Two horizontal slashes and one upward diagonal slash.  Follow up is a 2 hit combo, an upward slash followed by a heavy overhead slash
    • Greatsword, Great Hammer, Greataxe, and Reaper: Two Horizontal slashes and one big downward slash.  Follow up is a single massive overhead slash. 
    • Colossal Weapons and Swords:  Identical to Greatsword et al. but the move comes out slightly slower 
    • Twinblade: A three hit horizontal slashing combo that holds the weapon close to one side of the handle, increasing its range slightly.  Follow up attack is a single massive downward thrust
    • Spear, Greatspear, and Halberd: Two overhead slashing attacks, followed by an overhead thrust.  Follow up attack is a single massive downward thrust
    • Fists and Claws: A right cross, followed by a left cross, then ended by a spinning two handed attack.  Follow up attack starts with a two handed uppercut, then brings both hands down in a big overhead.  Note that when one handed, the attack pattern remains the same, despite the lack of the second hand.


Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows:

  • Effect duration has been extended from 20 to 40 seconds.
  • Time between using the skill and performing various actions has been reduced.
  • Strong attack power when used with Claw or Fist weapons during the effect has been increased.
  • Strong attack power when used with Twinblade weapons during the effect has been reduced.



Barbaric Roar Demonstration


Colossus Guardian Written Guide


Elden Ring Barbaric Roar Notes & Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      I hate how I can't use barbaric roar and not elemental buff my weapon afterwards.

      That moveset modification is super appealing and could make up for cool interactions with some elemental buffs.

      • Anonymous

        very good on the uchikatana and nagakiba. Don't be fooled by their inherent scaling, they do very very well on a high str build.

        • Anonymous

          I put Barbaric Roar with the Roar Talisman on my Giant Crusher, It seems the Roar Talisman did not increase my damage according to my AR.

          • Anonymous

            Off hand highland axe, slap this on a big bonk weapon, roar medallion and axe talisman, and finally charged attack and poise break physick. charged attacks have never been this fun to spam

            • Anonymous

              If y'all are worried about big weapons being punishable, then just raise your poise. Reaching the 61 poise mark (or whatever the number) to tank one light attack will make being punished a little more difficult. And don't forget your second swing. With all of this, some brave yet silly souls will attack you and you'll be able to absorb the hit if you're charging the second attack. Then it's bam bam time

              • Anonymous

                My new favorite ash. Slapped this on Venomous Fang with Blood affinity, equipped the appropriate talismans; kindred, LoB, Roar Medallion, and Axe Talisman. Off-hand with highland axe, and watch health bars melt

                • Anonymous

                  How is this any different to the shriek of Milos? It looks to have the exact same swings and timing in the video clip. Does this not have the debuff on enemies resistance and damage negation the SoM has?

                  • Anonymous

                    some people in pvp will try to get in fast when they realise youre going for a 3 hit combo, so direct the first 2 backwards then hit them with the last one when they come in for the punish. i cant tell you how off guard people will be after that

                    • Anonymous

                      The uncharged R2 is not a true combo, only the first 2 hits are. I was using this AoW in PvP with the Duelist Axe and everyone was rolling out on the third hit and could possibly punish me due to the long recovery of the third swing. I don't know if the charged R2 is true, I could never land it on anyone.

                      • This ash, braggort, and war cry, all can be used infinitely, you do not need fp for it, you will still get the damage buff and the changed moveset the only thing you lose is the duration, you can get at least a single charged r2 in before it runs out, these ashes are good for those who don't wanna spend on fp

                        • Anonymous

                          Testing with Duelist Greataxe, this ash needs a buff. It adds maybe 25-30% damage to a charged R2 with the drawbacks of costing fp, only lasting 20 seconds and making your charged r2s extremely slow and punishable. Youre better off just doing 2 charged r2s

                          • Anonymous

                            Barbaric Roar will cancel active weapon incantations such as Bloodflame Blade, at least when tested on Butchering Knife

                            • Anonymous

                              I've been running a faith build and I love this on the God Skin twin blade- it becomes so fast, with long sweeping attacks.

                              Plus the roar breaks opponent's poise.

                              • Anonymous

                                Does this increase Magic damage or only physical? Like what if I use Barbaric Roar on a Magic Jawbone Axe?

                                • Anonymous

                                  The scarab that drops Barbaric Roar is located near the Ravine-Veiled Village Site of Grace in northwestern Liurnia of the Lakes.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Barbaric Roar is a roughly 10% attack increase.
                                    it also changes the Heavy attack for the Great Axe into a triple hit combo
                                    1) Horizontal from right to left
                                    2) Horizontal right to left
                                    3) vertical overhead slam

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