Thrust armament into the ground, then gather strength to unleash an earth-shaking shockwave. Follow up with a strong attack to swing the armament in a sweeping strike.

Earthshaker is a Skill in Elden Ring. Earthshaker is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War, it can be used on Greataxes, Warhammers, and Colossal Weapons.


How to get Earthshaker in Elden Ring

  • Earthshaker can be obtained killing an invisible scarab on the road after Grand Lift of Dectus (found near a statue at the first intersection, you can hear it rolling and see a little cloud of dust moving).


Elden Ring Earthshaker Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Earthshaker.
  • FP Cost: 10 on use, 5 on follow up.
  • Deals 36 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Upon activation, the user holds their armament (weapon) with both hands above their head pointing to the ground, before thrusting it directly into the ground. Then they plunge the armament, creating a medium-sized shockwave around them that staggers enemies.
    • After the shockwave, the user can input a Strong Attack to make a follow up attack that sweeps over a wide arc, which can be aimed in any direction.
    • All three instances (thrust, shockwave, and follow up) consume stamina separately.
    • The thrust and follow up attack deal the same damage type as the weapon while the shockwave deals standard damage.
  • The ground thrust has a hitbox and deals the same damage as a one handed light attack.
    • The shockwave deals approximately the same damage as a two handed light attack.
      • Sometimes it seems to deal about 30% more damage for unknown reasons.
    • The follow up attack deals approximately 10% more damage compared to a two handed light attack, and causes knockdown on some enemies.
    • All of these attacks provide above average poise/hyperarmor.
  • Follow up attack can be done slightly later than the recovery animation suggests.
    • This can prove useful as a feint, or to delay the follow up attack when the enemy is in range.
  • If used without FP:
    • Does not produce a shockwave.
    • Loses aditional poise.
    • Deals less damage (50% damage penalty).
    • Consumes more stamina (50% more).

Earthshaker Demonstration





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    • Im seeing a lot of inconsistencies with the damage of this skill. Sometimes the shockwave (2nd hit) deals about 30% more damage for some reason. Im not sure why.

      • Anonymous

        This can't be obtained after burning the Erdtree. I don't have it available to me, and I hear no scarab noises at the intersection.

        • Anonymous

          I would recommend this for Heavy-infused weapons, but Cold infusion gets the job done much better, ever on a pure Strength build.

          • Anonymous

            Compared to waves of darkness and golden land, this one works better on strength/quality builds because it's pure physical damage, poisebreaks with ease and since it's best used at point black to hit with the weapon itself, the follow-up r2 hits more consistently. The closest thing you have to godfrey's stomp for now.

            • Anonymous

              I doubt this even comes close to waves of darkness, I have that on a +25 cold crescent moon axe and works very well, hitting for a lot of damage. The follow up heavy horizontal swing on this AoW does look better than the follow up on WoD the video clip shows the swing of the weapon has forward momentum and pretty decent reach. The follow up on WoD has no forward momentum so the swing is always inside the circumference of the waves as they slam down.

              • Anonymous

                There should be a clarification that it ONLY appears at night, and is directly south of the Atlus Highway Junction grace site, on the road before the statue on the road.

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