Vacuum Slice

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Lost skill of ancient heroes. Hold the armament aloft to surround it with a shearin vacuum, then launch it forwards as a blade-like projectile. 

Vacuum Slice is a Skill in Elden Ring. Vacuum Slice is a skill that allows users to turn their wielded weapon into a projectile. Updated to Patch 1.07


How to get Vacuum Slice


Elden Ring Vacuum Slice Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Vacuum Slice.
  • FP Cost: 14
  • Deals 9 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill cannot be Parried
    • This Skill can be Parried if performed with no Focus
  • This Skill is not affected by the base damage or scaling of the weapon, but has its own base damage and Strength and Dexterity scaling, which are affected by infusions. 
  • NOTE: Prior to Patch 1.07, did not deal additional damage if both the physical slash and the projectile both connected, but Patch 1.07 added damage detection to the weapon part of the skill as well, also increased motion speed and the range of the blade and reduced FP consumption.



Vacuum Slice Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      Now that this thing got sped up and can be aimed vertically it's a cheap and super useful ranged nuke on a quality weapon.

      • Anonymous

        Does a shocking amount of poise damage, had this stagger Radagon, Niall, Godfrey, even Rykard and Godskins from quite a distance, use it if you dont know what to put on your weapon if applicable.

        • Anonymous

          does do some considerable amount of Poise damage, ive had this thing Poisebreak Niall and Radagon (assuming he doesnt parry it) from a distance before

          • Anonymous

            This weapon art fills me with an unreasonable amount of glee everytime I use it, and I don't know why

            It feels so swift and satisfying, and it looks cool too!


            • Anonymous

              This is perfectly fine and balanced. Keep it this way. Otherwise you'll get some dumb s*** like this website making a guide on how you can use Storm Blade as replacement for R1 and R2 in melee combat.

              • Anonymous

                I thought this was a ground based projectile for a long time. It actually just travels parallel to the ground. Meaning you can aim it ip and down. Think of it like a fast and vertical darkmoon slash

                • Anonymous

                  No offense but these kind of skills boring af in pve. Same as darkmoon. What a point of being melee if you gonna spam this crap from range, might as well go wizard and be ranged coward. Not for TRUE melee players.

                  • Anonymous

                    You can aim the projectile into the air now I think thats why people are missing this attack and it going into the ground you can free aim it down you have to free aim slightly upwards

                    • Anonymous

                      What exactly IS the scaling on this thing? How much does it get from Strength and Dexterity? If Cold Infusions just increase the scaling (while decreasing the base damage), would that also decrease the Base Damage of this attack? If not, wouldn't that just make Cold a strict upgrade to baseline Weapons in terms of Storm Blade damage?

                      • Anonymous

                        Vacuum Slice works just fine on flat ground but on uneven ground the wave just doesn't go through like it's supposed to.

                        Even though Blasphemous Blade has a similar projectile with its weapon art that doesn't have this issue. Showing the problem is unique to Vacuum Slice.

                        Also in my experience. There are times where Vacuum Slice will hit a target and do zero damage, sometimes staggering them with no damage too. I don't know if its damage is hindered by enemies with high poise or if it's simply bugged. Take caution when using this Ash of War.

                        • Anonymous

                          This skill is a nice way to punish spell casters and other weapon arts at a range. If you have not used this ash on a quality build, I highly recommend it.

                          • Anonymous

                            Following patch 1.07, this skill is actually quite powerful now. The distance the wave travels was increased, it can be aimed up or down (depending on where your target is), the skill comes out faster, AND FP was reduced.

                            It acts now, in my opinion, as a better/upgrade to Storm Blade.

                            • Anonymous

                              slow predictable ranged slash that deals moderate physical damage: 18 FP

                              incredibly fast ranged slash that deals insanely high magic damage: 15 FP

                              what is from smoking

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