Stamp (Upward Cut)

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Brace armament and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from most enemy attacks.
Follow up with a strong attack for an upward strike. 

Stamp (Upward Cut) is a Skill in Elden Ring. Stamp (Upward Cut) is a skill to help with your stance and positioning. Use this skill when going against larger enemies with higher chances of recoil to reduce it. 


How to get Stamp (Upward Cut)


Elden Ring Stamp (Upward Cut) Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Stamp (Upward Cut).
  • FP Cost: 5( -8)
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Usage: Press (L2/Special skill), then (R2/Heavy attack).
    • (L2/Special skill) Will cause you to brace for impact, which absorbs one hit from an enemy
    • (R2/Heavy attack) Can be performed either immediately or after absorbing one strike, and performs an Upward Cut, which knocks up smaller enemies, or deals significant damage to bosses. Even on enemies it doesn't knock up it does a lot of poise damage, even more than a fully charged R2. On enemies it does knock up you can usually safely follow up with a fully charged R2. 

Stamp (Upward Cut) Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      I use this just for pure satisfaction of seeing enemies fly upwards and smashing on the ground. It can even slightly stagger crucible knights which usually are resistant to any sort of flinches.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty great with the pumpkin helmet. The low stance makes it easy for the helmet to absorb the attack on top of the stamp damage reduction.

        • Anonymous

          Works really well with Zwei. Send an opponent flying and then charging the R2, which a long poke. Will catch them as they come back up.
          Also this AoW is literal staggercity.

          • Anonymous

            This may be the most powerful skill for colossal weapons in PvE, or maybe just one of the most powerful skills on anything that can use it. I've tested the poise damage it does extensively, and the combos that open up with that.
            For example, against a Shunning Ground Omen, you can open with a stamp, which is almost guaranteed to connect because of hyper armor, then take a step or two forward and charge an R2. The R2 will catch them on wake up and stance break them immediately. After the riposte, start charging an R2 immediately, and you'll catch them on wake up again, stunning them for a charged R2 follow up, and another break/riposte. This combo can be cycled infinitely against just about any humanoid enemy. Tested with a Golem Halberd.
            Another fun note, is the poise damage on this skill is independent from the weapon type. I ran up to a troll with a warpick, and got a stance break in two stamps. Most skills are like this.

            • Anonymous

              I just found out: if you press heavy attack too fast, you wont get the damage + poise reduction, fromsoft please fix

              • Anonymous

                This skill has been my secret weapon while using heavy weapons. The L2 invulns you for a few frames and the follow-up R2 staggers almost everything.

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