Stance is a hidden enemy-only Stat in Elden Ring. It governs how well an enemy can resist collapsing under your attacks.

See also Poise for the related player-character stat that governs when a player is staggered by incoming attacks.

Stance in Elden Ring

Stance Basics

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Every attack that hits an enemy deals a certain amount of stance damage. How much stance damage is dealt per hit is hidden from players, and isn't always closely related to the amount of HP the attack removes from the enemy. Once an enemy's total stance damage is higher than their Stance stat, they become stance-broken. This usually renders the enemy vulnerable to a critical hit, making a golden glow appear at a spot on their bodies, where you should stand to deliver the critical hit. Other enemies don't provide a critical hit opportunity and instead have a stance-break animation that will interrupt any attacks they're doing and provide you a chance to get in some free attacks.

After some time taking no damage, an enemy's Stance will begin to recover. Different enemies take varying amounts of time to start recovering, but once they do they all recover their stance damage very quickly. If you're trying to break an enemy's Stance be sure to keep the pressure on. Projectiles like Throwing Daggers can help preserve your damage if the enemy retreats.

Although parries generally have the same effect as breaking an enemy's Stance, they have a separate counter and don't actually do any stance damage. Parrying an enemy won't reset its stance damage meter, and stance-breaking an enemy won't reset its parry counter.

Stance Damage From Skills

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The following weapon Skills inflict particularly large amounts of stance damage:

Since stance damage doesn't depend on your character's stats at all, and Skills don't have any stat requirements beyond those of the weapon they're attached to, they're one of the most effective ways to stance-break enemies.

Stance Damage in Melee

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Heavier melee weapons usually inflict more stance damage, and different types of attacks with a given weapon deal different amounts of stance damage. The precise details vary from weapon to weapon (see below for a full table), but in general:

  1. Fully charged heavy attacks and guard counters deal the most stance damage.
  2. Jumping heavy attacks deal a very large amount of stance damage.
  3. Standing, uncharged heavy attacks deal a large amount of stance damage.
  4. Light attacks deal the least stance damage.

Two-handed versions of any of these attacks deal more stance damage.

Stance Damage From Magic

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Any spell that deals damage also inflicts stance damage, and some are particularly effective at it:

Stance Modifiers

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  • Enemies who haven't noticed you take 20% more stance damage.
  • Certain enemies have weak points that take extra stance damage. For example, Golems' ankles take double the amount of stance damage than other parts of its body do.
  • Bosses take 40% less stance damage if you summon another player or an NPC. (Spirit Ashes don't impose a Stance penalty.)
  • Stonebarb Cracked Tear: +30% stance damage.

Stance Damage by Weapon Type

Note: These are averages. A detailed list of poise damage for each weapon and attack can be found .

Weapon Type Standing Light Jumping Light Standing Heavy Jumping Heavy Charged Heavy Power Attack Jumping Power Attack Guard Counter
Colossal Swords and Colossal Weapons (Non-hammer)* 15 15 15 24 40 18 29 36
Colossal Weapons (Hammers)** and Great Hammers 13 13 13 26 39 15 32 39
Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, Greataxes, and Great Spears 11 11 11 22 33 13 27 33
Halberds and Reapers 9 9 10 20 30 12 15 30
Flails  and Maces 6 >9 12 24 36 8 29 36
Heavy Thrusting Swords 6 9 11 22 33 7 27 33
Straight Swords, Curved Swords, Axes, Spears, Twinblades, and Katanas 5 8 10 20 30 6 15 30
Thrusting Swords 4 6 8 16 16 5 12 24
Whips 4 6 8 16 16 5 12 30
Fists, Daggers, and Claws 3 5 6 12 18 6* 9 18
Small Shields 5 8 10 20 30 - - 30
Medium Shields 6 9 11 22 33 - - 33
Greatshields 12 12 12 24 36 - - 36

*Duelist Greataxe, Rotten Greataxe, Golem's Halberd, Dragon Greatclaw, Ghiza's Wheel, and Axe of Godfrey

**Giant-Crusher, Prelate's Inferno Crozier, Great Club, Troll's Hammer, Watchdog's Staff, Staff of the Avatar, Rotten Staff, Envoy's Greathorn, and Fallingstar Beast Jaw

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    • Anonymous

      From my experience fist weapons like the ball fist and spiked fists are insane at stance breaking. Their charged up attacks do as much or almost as much stance break damage as a colossal weapon, except they come out very fast. I don't know if the numbers here are counting per fist, but also claws have way less stance break damage than fists.

      • Anonymous

        Damn I though thrusting swords were on the same tier as straight swords, axes, katanas and twinblades but they actually do half the stance damage on a charged heavy, on the same tier as whips. I guess is to balance the speed of the R1 but still...

        • Anonymous

          Say if I’m attacking a godrick knight if I hit him even with a heavy attack with a dagger he won’t be stun locked and can still attack even though I’m hitting him. Now I take a solider and light attack with a dagger it will stun lock him preventing him from attacking. Why is this if I hit the knight even with a light attack of a great sword he is stun locked and can’t attack back until I’m done attacking? Very confused it’s as if I may as well use a great sword or higher to always stun lock him so he can never attack back. Why would I want a weapon that can’t stun a weak godrick knight I mean I can easily kill him with the dagger but I don’t think weak mobs like him should not be stun locked by daggers he’s not a huge mob like fire giant.

          • Anonymous

            The game does a pretty poor job at explaining this mechanic, and I think that's why a lot of people find certain enemies unfair.

            • Spectral lance on a lance provides 55 stance/poise damage at range before Deenh's 20%, two handed 10% bonus, unaware 20% bonus, and 30% physick.

              So basically the spectral lance skill has low damage because it can deal 100 stance/poise damage easily.

              • Anonymous

                "Note: These are averages. A detailed list of poise damage for each weapon and attack can be found"

                Ok, but where can this list be found?

                • Anonymous

                  Why isn't Wing of Astel's Nebula skill listed as dealing lots of stance damage? Each explosion does a lot (I don't know how much), and if you hit a big enemy with some or all of them, it can almost instantly break their stance in my experience.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hammers, Great Hammers and Colossal hammers got a buff in 1.07 and a nerf in 1.08 revolving about stance. Please update those values.

                    • Anonymous

                      So what exactly is the difference between stance and poise? is it poise that takes damage and the stance being broken is when poise takes enough damage, or are they two completely different stats / mechanics?

                      • Anonymous

                        These stance damage values are wrong colossal weapons (hammer) (at least the giant crusher and prelate's ) breaks stance faster than any colossal sword I tried, using only standing light attacks, even though it says the value us higher on colossal swords

                        • Anonymous

                          If these values are correct then this is utter nonsense and completely unbalanced. Colossal Swords/Weapons Standing Light, Jumping Light and Standing Heavy are all the same while all other weapon types get increased values? How does that make any sense? Also a jumping heavy of a Colossal Sword is only 4 more stance damage than a straight sword??? Why do Colossal Weapons/Hammers do less stance damage than colossal sword? Shouldn't it be the opposite/the same? Why do Straight Swords etc get 4x the stance damage from a Standing Light to a Jumping Heavy? That is an absolutely insane increase. From 5 to 20?? While a Colossal goes from 15 to 24?! HUH? So a 400% increase VS a 60% increase. Yeah, totally fair and makes sense.

                          • Anonymous

                            The 'stone of gurranq' incantation should be on that list of spells. Also, some mention of certain enemies where From Soft have moved the goal posts to ramp up difficulty in the laziest and cheapest way possible. Crucible knight duo boss fight at Auriza hero's grave don't so much as flinch when hit by the weapon art on a +10 blasphemous blade. The sword slamming down hit AND taker's flames and the c**t poised right through it and took 3 / 4 of my HP with one f**king hit.

                            • Anonymous

                              I think stats might have a role for stance breaking. I don't know which stats but I tried it on Golems at Mountaintops using +19 Heavy bastardsword. Without Godrick's rune, it took 2 full charge attack and 1 light attack to stagger. With great rune, it took 2 full charge attack. Currently lvl 110.

                              Stats (Godrick's Rune activated)
                              vigor 45
                              mind 16
                              end 30
                              str 54
                              dex 19
                              int 23
                              faith 35
                              arc 12

                              • Anonymous

                                I hope this is not a stupid question, but I read on the 1.07 patch notes that poise damage when using 2 handed normal attacks was increased. Does this have any effect on stance?

                                • Anonymous

                                  It seems to me that the warpick doesnt count as Mace (anymore). Because it needs substantially more Guard Counters to break Radagons stance, than the other maces I own.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Once you fully realize how the posture system works and how you can use throwing daggers to bait out aggression from bosses and keep the posture damage high, the game becomes so much quicker and more enjoyable, since you can start seeing how the boss chooses what attack they will do at which time and how much you can punishe them DURING their combos.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      A Reddit user created an impressive spreadsheet for detailed stance damage per weapon

                                      Wing of Astel really shines here

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Does "Power Attack" mean 2x (since you swing with 2 weapons of the same class)?

                                        Because it makes no sense that Halberds' Jumping Power Attack deal half as much as Maces for example.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Stance damage may be my favourite new system in Elden Ring, but how it works is just super unsatisfying.
                                          It feels like they wanted R1/R2 stance damage to be an average, but it makes it so that even weapons that should feel weighty end up feeling less powerful than expected.
                                          There's already little reason to use maces/flails and their powerstance is awful, extremely so in ways I cannot describe and on top of that they don't even stance break while losing out on DPS.
                                          So in the end the only way to interact with stance in a dedicated build for it, in a very Elden Ring fashion is to just exploit the hell out of it with goofy jumping attack spam with random arts of war.
                                          Or you can just spam moonveil and get free staggers for days, since an elequent and intellectual spellblade tool is exactly what I'd go for when I want to knock my opponent out.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The amount of stance damage that lion's claw does depends on the type of weapon it is infused upon. E.g lion's claw on a colossal does more stance damage than on a great weapon which in turns does more stance damage than on a straight sword.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Two questions:
                                              1. In the case of multi-hits (powerstance columns, as well as "two-handed" weapons that hit multiple times like claws, fists, Radahn's swords, etc) is the listed number per hit, or is it the total assuming everything hits?
                                              2. Where do sprinting heavy attacks fall on this table?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Based on the phrasing used in tutorial messages and descriptions, stance is not a stat so much as it is a state. Breaking an enemy's poise (the actual stat) will break their stance, but so will parrying or guard breaking them. The internal values for enemy poise are one-tenth of what they are for poise damage, but so is the the player's compared to what's displayed in menus. It's just multiplied by 10 to be represented to the player without decimal values. Basically, the information on this page should be moved to Poise with the values multiplied by 10 to match. Dividing the two concepts like this just causes more confusion, especially when it runs contrary to how the game itself describes it.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This is just describing Poise. This page is useless and incomplete and should just redirect to the Poise page.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Parrying adds to stance damage greatly. The reason some bosses take multiple parries to be broken is because they're tied to the same mechanic. They don't actually take multiple parries to be broken, just that a single parry is not enough to fill the whole bar like with most normal enemies. So for example, a combination of jump attacks, charged R2s and a single parry can be enough to break Malenia's stance, as opposed to just doing 3 parries in a row.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      what i've seen:

                                                      weapon class>attack type>weight

                                                      each weapon class seems to have a base line stance damage number

                                                      obviously jump/charge attacks have higher stance damage

                                                      weapon weight seems to have a modifier to the class, anyone using a Beastman's Cleaver will likely talk about how easily it breaks stance over the other Curved Greatswords. on the other hand Lucerne can drop a golem in two charged hits and a light with minimal weight for it's class (7.0)

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        How do you guys know, how much stance damage weapons deal. All your tables display it, yet I can't find a single indicator in the actual game. Like, kinda mega ultra stupid, because weapons in the same weapon class deal different amounts of stance damage

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