Combat for Elden Ring contains information regarding basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game along with its associated actions that you can execute. Since the combat may possibly be similar to the Dark Souls series, you'll find the information you need to know the basics like blocking, rolling, spells, etc; to the more advanced techniques like parrying, iframes, and poise.


Elden Ring Combat

Stealth in Elden Ring

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Stealth mechanics seem that will be present and may be useful in combination with backstab attacks, also the game may feature a night and day mechanic that may affect the stealth mechanic as well. Stealth as many are aware of, will allow the player to crouch, sneak, and hide behind tall grass to be less detected by the enemy. Stealth will play an integral mechanic in combat since you can use it to your advantage to sneak behind an enemy to instantly kill them or at least deal a large amount of damage from using a stealth attack.

Stealth not only focuses on hiding or using it as way to gain the upper hand towards your enemies, but you can also use this tactic to reposition yourself in various sections of a dungeon or to assess the situation that lies ahead so that you can properly act. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki, they wanted to create these opportunities for players to see what lies ahead of them and below them and around them and to assess how they're going to confront that, or not as the case may be. So stealth, while again it's a simple implementation, it allows for a lot more of these possibilities.

It's also believed that the new jump mechanic will give the players a consistent jump, that may not require to run a short distance previously. Miyazaki stated that the game will put more focus on RPG aspects, but responsive melee-based combat will be present.  Mounted Combat is a confirmed feature of the game. A wide variety of unique and horrifying bosses is also expected. It is also believed that combat will be conditioned by the environment and maybe also the weather condictions of the location where the combat is taking part.

Sneak attacks not only deal critical damage, they also seem to have a better chance to inflict an Effect from your weapons.

Elden Ring Freedom in Character Build

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In the trailer that was revealed in E3 2021, we see a lot of unique Skills, magical abilities, and even having a horse leaping up a cliffisde, as well as attacking while riding your Mount. These are Skills that you pick up through the player's progression and exploration. There are some cases that a player can acquire a skill through purchasing it from merchants or learning them from an NPC, but during an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki that was featured, he stresses out that in general, skils are hidden throughout the game's world, and it is the player's responsibiility to discover these through exploration.

Elden Ring will have complete freedom when it comes to building up your character, you are basically free to combine your Skills with different weapons and equipment, and you'll learn magic as well. Skills are freely interchangeable between a large variety of weapons as per Hidetaka Miyazaki, and that there are around 100 Skills. With having less restrictions, players will have even more variations of Builds that is even richer than previous Souls games.

Day & Night Cycle in Elden Ring

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Real-time changes are featured in Elden Ring in the form of the Day and Night cycle, as well as Dynamic Weather. These features also heavily affect gameplay, combat, and the world you are exploring. For example, in cases that you are romaing at night, both players and enemies will change in terms of aggression due to a decrease in visibility, and some special enemies that only appear at night will come out.

Covenants in Elden Ring

Covenants or Factions are a confirmed feature of Elden RingElden Ring Covenants are player-chosen allegiances or pledges undertaken to specific deities or groups of NPCs. Based on previous titles, Players can expect their covenant to affect their gameplay by changing their Online interactions, or by creating new situations were users can collect special items or defeat certain enemies to rank up and obtain special rewards. Rewards are usually MagicWeapons and Armor pieces.

Magic Moves in Elden Ring

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You can perform special moves using Focus Points (FP), each class has their own special moves. These moves can be defensive or offensive. Example of offensive moves: Some classes can throw magical bolts or launch ranged aerial blows even using melee weapons to quickly attack an enemy, as for defensive moves, for example some classes can teleport a few steps away. You can use these abilities in combination with normal combat moves to create new combos. Keep in mind that these abilities consume FP, so always keep FP on check. You can also carry consumables that can replenish your FP.

Jumping in Elden Ring

Jumping has finally been added to Souls games. The Jumping feature has all it's corresponding complexity. You can jump for platforming, and discover new places, with certain risks of falling. Although, fall damage is still present, it has been greatly reduced, so you may not die by falling, but you may fall in an undesired area full of enemies, or you simply won't like the idea of coming up again if the way to reach to that point was long.

Jumping Attacks have also been added, which is great for melee combat, by jumping you advance a great amount distance towards your Enemy while at the same time you will be able to perform an Attack. Jumping Attacks are great for staggering enemies, but as any other movement skill, jumping will consume Stamina.

New Mechanics in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring will have a large scale in terms of the world and exploration, and to go hand-in-hand with this, some new mechanics are introduced such as jumping, yes players can jump now, as well as riding on horseback (Mounts). Hidetaka Miyazaki strongly suggests that you thoroughly search and explore every section of the world to find Skills that are hidden.

There are a number of choices as well that players can approach their way of combat, some may be brave and choose to go on head-to-head, while others would rather have allies such as being able to summon the spirits of deceased enemies.

Summoning Spirits in Elden Ring

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One of the combat aspects of Elden Ring is being able to summon Spirits that can help you in battle. These spirits are usually the fallen souls of the enmies that you defeat, and summoning them will have them assist you in combat. These are your offline summons, and it is quite different to have your friends or other playres summoned to your session which is available in Online co-op play. What's interesting with multiplayer is that you can even set a password on your calling marks, so that this way you can just have your friends join your session, if you're more comfortable with that rather than having a random drop in.

Accorting to Miyazaki, "|These spirit summons, we feel like – as well as there being a large variety to them – they're a nice collectable hidden element within the game world to discover and to equip as you go. They offer a lot of different strategic options, but also the player might find that they just like a certain enemy tagging along with them, a certain summon pleases them aesthetically. So there's a lot of strategic and a lot of personal touch to these summons. And we hope that players will also enjoy discovering their own progression elements as well."

Game Difficulty in Elden Ring

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There will only be ONE difficulty in Elden Ring. The decision of FromSoftware leaning towards this feature can benefit both new and veteran players of this genre. Elden Ring features a large scale when it comes to its world and exploration, so it does make sense that it really is up to you on how you want to tackle the game, it is highly encouraged that players carefully assess the situation that lies ahead and to find different ways to deal with it. This also provides a good camaraderie within the community since everyone can share their experiences and hopefully help one another.

Stance in Elden Ring

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Similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, during Combat you should be careful not to lose your Stance in order to avoid getting staggered. You will also want the break you Enemy's Stance in order to make them stagger, giving you a chance to perform a critical attack. During combat, you can block your Enemy's attack by holding the block button, however if you block each attack only when it's necessary, the game will consider that you performed a perfect Block. Perfect Blocks will save your Stance, and waste the Enemy's Stance, but if you block earlier or keep blocking longer than necessary, you will lose some Stance while your Enemy saves it.

Performing successful parries will also help lowering or breaking your Enemies' Stance greatly, but failing an attempt of parrying will cost you a lot of Stance. Heavy Strikes, Sneak Attacks and attacking from above can also heavily lower or break the opponent's Stance.

About Fall Damage in Elden Ring

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During the gameplay preview launched on November 4th 2021, we can effectively see non cinematic gameplay, but we cannot see any player HUD. There are a lot of takes in where the player falls from a high altitude but when they fall they seem to grunt a little bit, and it SEEMS to suffer little to no damage for the fall. This impression is also given when the player falls from high up while riding a Mount, but the player and the mount don't seem to suffer damage, or very very little damage maybe. This is also part of the Speculation, given the fact that we cannot see any Hit Points bar without a player HUD.   

Leveling Up in Elden Ring

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Throughout the game you will encounter all kinds of Creatures, Enemies and Bosses who will engage into battle with you. It's mandatory to defeat some of them in order to comlpete the Main story of Elden Ring, while other enemies are optional and can be simply avoided. However mandatory or not, Enemies may drop useful items from simple to powerful items for your build. But the main reward for defeating any creatures, are Runes, which are similar to the gathered Souls in the Dark Souls Games. Once you gather a good amount of Runes, you can use them as currency or spend them to level up your character and increase some of your attributes of your choice for your character. Level Up is available on any Site of Grace.


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