Elden Ring General Information covers aspects of the game such as DLC, Patch Notes, Controls and other useful information that would help any player familiarize the basics of the game.



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    • Anonymous

      Wow. Went back to Fallout 4 for a bit. Going back to full frame rate and responsive controls made me dizzy for a while.

      • Anonymous

        Who wrote the script for the 100 Hour Review video? From or Bandai? The sentence structure even reminds me of Japinglish.

        • Anonymous

          I am Stuck in volcano manor, can't get 7 and don't know if I could get help to get it, can't leave so I am stuck, HELP

          • Anonymous

            Elden ring è davvero bello, Io aspettavo un gioco così da quando ho finito sekiro. lo consiglio a chi ha già giocato i souls perché è difficile per chi non ha mai giocato.

            • Anonymous

              Wow it's been a while since I joined the discord server, eversince I played my first ps4 game bloodborne, and couple years later, sekiro.

              Now I'm just disappointed with one of the people in elden ring channel.

              Just I ask nicely and rather said didn't know. It accuse me using bug and glitch..

              Well maybe I joined again later. But for today it's just that it's not worth my time asking in this server.

              Thanks for the support and bye.

              • Anonymous

                So I just beat more go the omen king and I'm stuck in his boss arena. How the hell do I get out? I've tried killing myself but the fog wall is still there. I can't leave I can't leave

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