Stats in Elden Ring determine the overall combat and effectiveness of the player. On this page, you'll find information on the various attributes that are associated with the player's character like Vigor, Endurance, Luck, and many more, as well as basic stats information that will help both new and veteran players to further understand and familiarize the Stats mechanic of the game.


Elden Ring Stats






The Character Progression of Elden Ring

So if we’re guessing that the game will follow a similar class structure, obviously with some new ones given that they will surely add magic types or experiment with new starting offerings, we are also assuming the character progression system of Elden Ring will be somewhat similar.

An official interview cited: “No main fixed protagonist, players create the characteristics and personality of their character.” This likely means that character creation will have a similar spin to the previous Souls iterations, but also introduces the possibility of a “personality” trait or character alignment. This may be a throwback to the “Character Tendency” of Demon’s Souls, or manifest in different ways via Factions or Covenant allegiances, which we will explore in a separate article.

For now, let’s list out the stats we will surely be seeing make a return:

Soul Level – This is a given. We will be leveling up and our Attributes and parameters will increase as we go. I fully believe we’ll also see softcaps and hardcaps on stats, much like on other games.

Vitality – Dark Souls 2 got a bit confusing there for a second with “Vigor” and “Vitality”, but overall we will be seeing a stat that focuses on giving you more HP and being tankier in general. Whether they add a separate one for physical defense is anyone’s guess, but Bloodborne went in a more simple direction by condensing stats, and I think that was a wise choice

Endurance – All the games have had this stat as it is integral to the stamina-based combat of the game, so we will certainly see some variant of this. Of that you can be sure.

Strength, Dexterity (Skill), and Intelligence/Faith (Arcane) – All games, including Bloodborne, have weapons and magic that revolve around the trinity of “Slow and Strong”, “Fast and Skillful” and “Magical”. They may add some new variants similar to the way Bloodborne did with Bloodtinge, or sub-divide magic and faith into further “dark magic” and “dark miracles”, but the concept continues to follow the “Warrior / Wizard / Rogue” basics of D&D, and we expect no different from Elden Ring.

Luck – All the games have some variant of a luck stat, which has become a joke among the community (until you watch someone first try Nameless King with Anri’s Straight Sword and you wonder how much you’ve been missing out on). We fully expect this stat to return, and for Elden Ring to provide some specific weapons that work extremely well with it.

Other stats that will be making some sort of return are likely to be Attunement or something to increase your MP, as well as some form of a Poise mechanic. And of course you can expect to see Status Effects such as Curse, Bleed and Poison return – but it’s also likely we will get some newcomers like burning, lightning, etc.

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