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Category Physical Damage

Pierce Damage is one of the Damage Types in Elden Ring. It is one of the eight main Damage Types and belongs to the Physical Damage category. Damage Types are a major part of the calculation that determines how much damage is dealt in Combat and are affected by many factors including your equipment, skills and temporary buffs.

Counterattack damage is exclusive to Pierce Damage.

Elden Ring Pierce Damage Guide

Pierce Damage is a type of Physical Damage that is often associated with thrusting weapons such as Spears and Lances. Weapons that primarily deal the other damage types can also possess attacks that deal Pierce Damage within their movesets. Pierce Damage is effective against Scaly creatures such as Dragons as well as armored enemies.


Pierce Damage and Players

This section lists information pertaining to Pierce Damage and its relation to Players.



The following Weapons deal Pierce Damage as part of their movesets:


The following Skills, Spells and Items provide a boost to Pierce Damage:


The following Skills, Spells and Items improve player resistance to Pierce Damage:


Pierce Damage and Enemies in Elden Ring

This section lists information pertaining to Pierce Damage and its relation to Enemies and Bosses.


Enemies that deal Pierce Damage

The following Enemies, NPC, Invaders, Bosses and Environmental hazards deal Pierce Damage as part of their movesets:



The following EnemiesNPCInvaders and Bosses have a weakness to Pierce Damage. Weakness indicates a target takes increased damage from a given Damage Type.


The following EnemiesNPCInvaders and Bosses are immune to Pierce Damage. Immunity indicates that a target is not affected by a given Damage Type.

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Elden Ring Pierce Damage Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Highest pierce damage AR (w/out buffs): 99 str, 99 dex, Quality Rusted Anchor

      Alternatively: 99 str, 99 dex, Quality Trolls Golden Sword (r2 only)

      • Anonymous

        I dont really see why counter-damage is a mechanic. Not that i have any real life experience, but getting stabbed while doing something wouldn't hurt more than if i weren't doing anything. And if you become weaker while doing something in elden ring, why doesn't that logic apply to all damage types?

        • Anonymous

          STR pierce damage-only is pretty scary in PvE. (weird thing to brag about but ok dude) Dual Pickaxes, Zwei + Claymore R2's, Fallingstar Beast Jaw... multiplying already good damage by 45% w/ spear talisman. And the windows are so generous you often don't even have to trade. Literally the only enemies in the game you won't deal good damage to factoring in counter-hits are miners and Borealis the frost dragon.

          • Anonymous

            Ironically still good in pve against enemies resistant to it simply because those enemies have counter thrust frames too.

            • Anonymous

              You get such an inherent advantage in PvP by using thrust weapons its not even funny. Should be nerfed across the board.

              • Anonymous

                most overtuned damage type, right up there with lightning. figures that they're both tied pretty heavily to dex.

                • Anonymous

                  Are whips pierce? I’m thinking of using the urumi specifically and I’m wondering if the spear talisman might be worth picking up.

                  • Anonymous

                    "Is Pierce Damage good against anything?"

                    Yes. It's good against players. Every time you enter an animation, you take 30% more pierce damage (Check the negation stat when you're naked. It'll be -30.00). Hitting someone during this this status is known as a 'counter hit' (as opposed to the unrelated 'guard counter') and the Spear Talisman boosts that damage by another 12-13%. This is a stupendous damage increase (more than lord of blood's exhultation) & makes trading with pierce damage weapons impossible unless you're running something even more overtuned (bleed, extremely defensive bow/whip builds).

                    Combined with the fact that pierce damage weapons also usually have the best movesets (only long thrusting attacks can reliably land hits on a player with half-decent reaction speed), the rest of the weapon pool is largely dead. The exception being when they have a useful weapon art, of course, but that essentially means they only have one move to make in every fight.

                    Halberds, Spears, Rapiers, & Crouch-poking UGSs. Melee move-set diversity is in a real sad place right now.

                    • Anonymous

                      Pierce seems to the the black sheep here; as I haven't noticed it to have any usefulness against scaly or armoured enemies like in the last games. It used to be in Demons's Souls that the scaly miner enemies were only vulnerable to Thrust/Pierce, but this time around there seem to be no enemies especially weak to it. It's not especially BAD against armoured enemies, but it's not particularly GOOD against them either, and rather than being "good against enemies with scales" that's what Strike exists to do this time around. Real shame that pokey weapons have no real advantage aside from speed this time around.

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