Fallen Hawks Soldier is an Enemy in Elden Ring
Fallen Hawks Soldiers are gaunt humanoids with bloodied hands and feet. They wield a variety of weapons that include Bows equipped with Spiritflame Arrows, Greatshields, Swords and Torches.

The Fallen Hawks were a band of soldiers who were once ordered to explore the Eternal City, and now prowl the underground rivers. When the band's last embers were used up in their long search, they began to burn the bones of their fellows, acquiring the cold ghostflame, which allowed them to cause magic damage and afflict foes with frost. However, it also meant sealing their fate as dwellers of the underground for all eternity.


 When the band's last embers were used up in their long search, they began to burn the bones of their fellows, acquiring the cold ghostflame, but sealing their fate as dwellers of the underground for all eternity.

Elden Ring Fallen Hawks Soldier Locations

Where to Find Fallen Hawks Soldiers:


Elden Ring Fallen Hawk Soldier Drops and Drop Rates


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 246
Iron Spear 2.00% Dropped only by those who wield them. This variant also uses an Inverted Hawk Heater Shield, but does not drop it.
Inverted Hawk Towershield 1.00% Dropped only by those who wield them. This variant also wears a helmet, but does not drop it.
5x Spiritflame Arrow 5.00% All Variants.
Dewkissed Herba 8.00% All Variants.


Fallen Hawks Soldier Notes & Tips

  • Despite some variants using them, none of them drop their Short Sword, Inverted Hawk Heater Shield, Longbow, or Ghostflame Torch. Interestingly, even variants that do not use a bow and arrows can drop Spiritflame Arrows.
  • Lore bits on the Fallen Hawks can be found on the descriptions for Greatshield Soldier Ashes, Archer Ashes, Ghostflame Torch, and Spiritflame Arrow.
  • The Fallen Hawks' crest can also be found on the Inverted Hawk Heater Shield, which says in its description that "the inverted hawk is the emblem of a company of slaves ordered to explore the Eternal City."
  • The collected lore on the Fallen Hawks combined with the incongruous design of their armaments when compared with other denizens of the Eternal City suggests that they were once a company of human slaves from the period after the City's fall, searching the city for something on behalf of their masters. It's possible their current form is due to the symbolic or blasphemous act mentioned in the Ghostflame Torch description, when the Fallen Hawks "began to burn the bones of their fellows, acquiring the cold ghostflame, but sealing their fate as dwellers of the underground for all eternity".
  • The identity of their masters is not known. Some in the Siofra Aqueduct fight alongside a Lesser Crucible Knight, which may imply a relationship between them. If so, this would mean that the Fallen Hawks were slaves during Godfrey's reign belonging either to him, the knight Siluria, or the rest of the Crucible Knights.

Fallen Hawk Soldier Image Gallery

 fallen hawk soldier 1 elden ring wiki guide fallen hawk soldier 2 elden ring wiki guide fallen hawk soldier 3 elden ring wiki guide 
fallen hawk soldier 4 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      These guys also have a very rare chance to drop Golden Centipedes. I managed to pull one while trying to get the Inverted Hawk Towershield.

      • Anonymous

        Legend has it that every time you mention Berserk in relation to a Fromsoft title, a soyboy gets his wings :)

        • Anonymous

          the name of their AI starts with buddy, and so do the weird tall guys in the zamor ruins, given their connection to godfrey by being so close to those crucible knights, and thus the war against the giants, that the tall zamor guys fought in.
          could they be related at all?

          • Anonymous

            An obvious reference to Berserk but the inverted hawk means at least two things: They were doomed as a fallen band like a fallen hawk that has been hunted and that they were meant to dive deep into the earth for exploration which is ironic for a bird that is meant to fly.

            They used the bones of their deceased for their fires, are underequipped with basic spears, shields and bows so they are the very definition of soldiers of forlorn hope. Their masters knew that they were nothing more than just fodder, doomed to fail and a tragic group who still went down there only to never return.

            • Anonymous

              My read is that they a from stormveil. They were the stormlords army before their defeat and enslavement by Godfrey.

              • Anonymous

                They must have been sent to search for the Fingerslayer Blade. They did not want the god-killing creation of Nokron to resurface, even after the entire civilization was damned.

                • Anonymous

                  "The Fallen HAWKS were a BAND of soldiers..."

                  BERSERK REFERENCE LET'S GOO~

                  Oh... They're cursed and look like they're in constant agony...

                  • *Small Spoiler Alert!* For some reason, when I try to travel back to the Nokron City Grace today (I wanted to farm the Iron Spear), I'm getting a silent crash to desktop. If someone else needs an alternative place to find these ugly grunts, there are several near the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs grace as well, when you head down to the Aqueducts where you head past the two Crucible Knights toward D's brother and the Valiant Gargoyles. In particular, there are 2 Spearmen and 1 Greatshield solider in in the room to the left of the "waterfall". There are 2 Spearmen, 2 Archers, and a Sword & Torch dude behind that "waterfall." And 1 Sword & Torch, 1 Greatshield, and 1 Archer in the room across the main hallway from the way you come in, on the way to the Scarab.

                    • Anonymous

                      "Lore bits on the Fallen Hawks can be found on the descriptions for Greatshield Soldier Ashes, Archer Ashes and Spiritflame Arrow."
                      The actual reason why they become like that can be found in Ghostflame Torch item description.
                      They use their owm companion bone as torch and it curse them forever as underground dweller

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