Guillemot is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Guillemots are not hostile and will flee on approach.


Guillemot Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Guillemot:


Elden Ring Guillemot Drops and Drop Rates


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 4 - 21
Flight Pinion 47.50% N/A
Four-Toed Fowl Foot 25.00% N/A


Elden Ring Guillemot Notes & Tips

  • These birds are quick to take flight (though not as much as Eagles), so rush if you want to get them.
  • They drop Four-Toed Fowl Feet far more often than Eagles (25% vs 8%), making them the better option for farming said material.
  • Other Notes & Tips go here.


Elden Ring Guillemot Image Gallery

 guillermot 1 enemy elden ring wiki guillermot 2 enemy elden ring wiki


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    • Anonymous

      "There are eight located east and northeast of the Church of Dragon Communion grace."

      I count exactly twenty of them around the Church of Dragon Communion. I am using this spot for months to farm the fowl foot. It's even a better spot than "Below the Well" in Siofra River. Because of the increased droppchance of 25% from the Guillemot.

      Maybe someone can correct that with the right numbers.

      • Anonymous

        Is it worth crafting Silver-Pickled Fowl Foots to farm Four-Toed Fowl Foots from these fellows? Would it, theoretically, pay off, or are the returns from such a high drop chance item negligible?

        • Anonymous

          Crepus’s Vial talisman actually keeps them from flying off when you use spells. Been farming them quick with lightning spear, got about 40 feet in 12 minutes of farming

          • Anonymous

            Litany of Proper Death is THE farming spell, quick, quiet, and insta-kill on all animals in a wide and deep arc. It's perfect.

            • Anonymous

              Best farming spot for Four-Toed Fowl Feet is west beach Weeping Peninsula
              There are 13 Guillemots all in one spot

              From the Forth Church of Marika site of grace jump on Torrent and head north.
              Drop down to the cliff ledge, then drop down to the beach to the left.
              Stand on the rock next to the cliff face and use a bow to pick them all off.
              Ride Torrent in a loop to collect your harvest. Rinse & repeat.
              You're welcome !

              • Anonymous

                There are actually 11 by the Church of Dragon Communion Grace site.

                Using the grace site as a central point:

                - Face southeast and kill the 3 on the cliff ahead of you
                - Follow the cliff East to find 2 more before a slight drop
                - Turn Northeast and kill the 3 on large outcrop near the shoreline
                - Turn Northwest and kill the 3 on the ledge west of the site of grace.

                All of this can be done without dismounting your horse, outside of resting to reset the area. Torrent gives you a nice elevated position to fire arrows from.

                • Anonymous

                  said: Gill-eh-mot (gill like the fish, eh like bleh, and mot like... robot?) Wave of Gold does kill them, confirmed

                  • Anonymous

                    begging everyone here to google what a guillemot and you will see they are not penguins. same family as auks, murres, and puffins

                    • Farming at the Impassable Greatbridge is really effective when using the flame of frenzy incantation, just lock onto the middle one and it should hit all of them as long as you dont get too close to the rock

                      • Anonymous

                        I always feel so bad for what i have to do to these poor things whenever i run out of silver fowl feet, why do i have to kill innocent birbs for a useful farming item?

                        • Anonymous

                          If you're looking to do some effective animal cruelty, Fire's Deadly Sin works BEAUTIFULLY on these fellows.

                          • Anonymous

                            Theres a beach next to the witchbane ruins with like a bunch of undead guys on it. If you head right on that beach theres like 15 of these guys on it, take a bow and a silver pickled fowl foot and its an easy way to farm flight pinions and bird feet.

                            You feel like a monster though.

                            • Anonymous

                              If there was a thing as a "Steal" ability to allow us to pilfer items without killing, this will be the reason for it. But my Arrows need range and Miyazaki doesn't want us to be happy. I'm sorry little guys!

                              • Anonymous

                                I seem to get a much higher drop rate on four toed fowl foot with these than the eagles. Can anyone confirm?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Where in the game is that flavor text/lore from? Where is the name of the creature from? Is this extracted data from the files or something, or is it stated as such in-game like this somewhere?

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