Demi-Human is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. Demi-Humans are impure and agile creatures that emerge from caves and threaten the unprepared. They often roam in hordes under a leader's command. Demi-Humans are small in stature, but with a violent, brutish disposition. Though they seem somewhat intelligent, when night falls, their blood boils, and they become feral. Their appearance is wide-ranging, but they commonly look like armored primates that wield melee weapons and wooden shields.

 The spirits of Demi-Humans can be summoned for aid in battle by using the Demi-Human Ashes Spirit Ashes.

See Boc the Seamster for a friendly Demi-Human seamster who can alter garments.

 Demi-Humans are small in stature, but they have a violent, brutish disposition. Though they seem somewhat intelligent, when night falls, their blood boils and they become feral.


Demi-Human Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Demi-Humans:

Demi-Humans can be found scattered around the Demi-Human Forest Ruins, where you'll also find a large Demi-Human Queen that drops Demi-Human Queen's Staff and Crystal Burst. [Map Link]

You can also find Demi-Humans at:


Demi-Human Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 42 - 561
Falchion 2.00% Dropped only by those that wield it.
Club 2.00% Dropped only by those that wield it.
Spiked Club 2.00% Dropped only by those that wield it.
Great Knife 2.13% Dropped only by those that wield it.
Bloodstained Dagger 4.00% Dropped only by those that wield it.
Rickety Shield 2.00% Dropped only by those that wield it.
String 5.00% N/A 
Glass Shard 4.00% N/A 
Ruin Fragment 4.00% N/A 
Rainbow Stone 4.00% N/A 
Glowstone 4.00%  N/A
Volcanic Stone 4.00% Dropped only by Demi-Humans in Volcano Cave.


Elden Ring Demi-Human Notes & Tips

  • These enemies are easy to deal with when alone, but will quickly overwhelm you with numbers.
  • They gain a buff at night time, signified by their glowing red eyes.
  • They can throw Fire Pots, though in Mt Gelmir they throw Volcano Pots instead.
  • Killing their leader, usually their Queen, can cause most of them to cower.


 Demi-Human Image Gallery

demi human 1 elden ring wiki guide demi human 2 elden ring wiki guide demi human 3 elden ring wiki guide

 demi human 4 elden ring wiki guide demi human 5 elden ring wiki guide er demihuman

 er demihuman 2 er demihuman 3


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    • Anonymous

      These guys look like goblins.. Finally a game where I can become Gobolin Slayer!
      Seriously though how come From hasn't made a classic fantasy game with goblins, orcs and elves?

      • Anonymous

        I just discovered that Demi-humans and Runebears will start to attack each other if they get close, at least the ones at Mistwood did.

        • Anonymous

          These guys are the least threatening thing in any souls game but theyre trying their best and thats good enough

          • Anonymous

            That drop table feels like complete bs. Even though their drop rate is supposedly "the same", I've been farming for half a day and got over 10 Rickety Shields and 0 (zero, zilch, nothing, nada) Falchions.

            • Anonymous

              Honestly, once you get level 15 these guys are too easy. I two-hand a bloodhounds fang. I can one shot even the big ones with spikey clubs, and thier shields have about 0% physical block.

              • Anonymous

                Really strange thing happened. I killed Demi-Human Queen Gilika in the Altus Plateau, and all the other Demi-humans started cowering and not fighting back, as expected. But there was one of them further away that had glowing purple eyes and a glowing golden body, one of the thick ones with a spiked bat that gives bloodloss. He fought me while the others cowered, and I found this very strange. In ~500 hours of Elden Ring, I've never seen this, none of my friends (each with hundreds of hours) have seen this either. Has anyone else seen this before?

                • Anonymous

                  fun fact about the scream, it marks you in some way, making you easier to detect for nearby hostile mobs or something. For example, in the early encounter with a runebear north of fort haight and the mist ruins where you meet blaidd, if you go past the demihuman ambush without aggroing them, you can take the item from under the runebear without it noticing you, but if you do trigger the ambush, it will turn and chase you.

                  • Anonymous

                    The spiked club dropped for me yesterday outside volcano cave. It isn't the first time I've been there but I don't remember ever seeing a large demi-human of that type before. It is possible I killed the one outside the cave from range with frenzied burst and didn't give a second thought to its dead body. But I started to see the demi-human chiefs in weeping peninsula as well as the first queen, but I don't remember ever seeing a demi-human like the one that dropped the spiked club, looking very similar to the most common type but noticeably larger.

                    • Anonymous

                      Curiously, the scream these fellas do is extremely similar, if not identical, to the scream that some enemies do in Ender Lilies, a metroidvania clearly inspired by Hollow Knight and Dark Souls. Not sure why, but I'm quite positive it's the same, or almost

                      • Anonymous

                        When I was fighting a demi-human queen at the ruins in Weeping Peninsula to get their staff, I defeated the enemy and all the baby monkeys started curling up in a ball and crying out of fear. So sad.

                        • Anonymous

                          I know this game has been out for like 3 months, but I do love that these guys look like what I imagine the shadow monkeys from Princess Mononoke would look in light

                          • Anonymous

                            I was just about to make an arse out of myself, I started typing out that listing Caelid as having demi-humans is wrong, that I'd been everywhere in Caelid and never saw any demi-humans anywhwere, then I remembered there is a small handful of them near the swamp lookout tower where the troll that was throwing massive magic pots down at me every time I got near sellia gateway.

                            • Anonymous

                              I love these little ****ers. I love even the scream. Also, they made Rennala's second phase a joke. They brutalize her. She didn't get the chance to call the ****ing summons. I love them.

                              • Anonymous

                                I thought they were orcs when I first saw 'em, or possibly related to giant bats with all their screaming.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I found a couple of these guys mimicking trees on the wooded cliffs southwest of Forlorn Hound Evergaol. It seems to be a special magic that these guys have, either that or the one who Boc says turned him into a tree made a habit of cursing things. I wonder who that could be.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Anyone who's dived through the Pthumeru dungeons in Bloodborne will recognize the moans Demi-Humans vocalize upon killing them, as it's directly taken from the common Pthumerian mobs in that game.

                                    From software? More like Assets From My Last Software.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Even though they are easy to deal with something about these ****s annoys me and makes me take pleasure in slaughtering them

                                      • Anonymous

                                        There are at least 4 sizes - the tiny ones, larger ones with a spiky bat, chiefs (large ones that wield two knives) and queens (giant ones, mostly bosses)

                                        • Anonymous

                                          So what do you think, would you rather fight a chicken to the death every time you have to use your car; or would you want to fight a chimp once every year BUT you get to have any sword-type weapon you can reasonably wield?

                                          Based on how some of these demi-humans fight I know what I'm pickin'.

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