Chariot is a Grave Enemy in Elden Ring. The Chariots are fast moving colossal machines usually accompanied with a rider statue on top, and are found in Hero's Grave Dungeons. In multiple grave sites, the objects around the environment provide a way to destroy these Chariots, dropping great rewards. 



Elden Ring Chariot Locations

Where to Find Chariot:


Elden Ring Chariot Drops


Chariot Notes & Tips

  • Fringefolk Hero's Grave [Elden Ring Map Link]: Chariot can be destroyed by shooting the large suspended jars. For that you need to access the balcony above the first Junction with the Castle Guard Phantom.  Clear him first and at this point if you look up there will be 3 large suspended jars. You will need a ranged weapon to hit those ropes holding them up. Time it right so that the chariot is directly underneath. When the jar falls on the Chariot, it will be destroyed. You can then obtain the Erdtree Greatbow.

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  • Auriza Hero's Grave [Elden Ring Map here]:

    Just before the door leading towards the boss, there is a pit with some wooden planks, you can jump on them and a body hanging on the ledge tells you where to drop. After reaching the planks, go down them until you get to the stone pillars and proceed through the area. There are two levels, which both have loot. The bottom level is accessible by dropping onto the stone rails from the first level.

    Continue onward up the next ladder and forward, a chariot will spawn on the slope as you approach. Run up the slope to the right side into the chamber. Strike the pillar and run out of the room, so that it stays in raised. Then run down the slope to the left and escape. Proceed onwards. You'll come into another room with the pillar. Set the pillar so that the guiding light sage shoots the beam through the window in the room.

    Then jump down into the small alcove. This will summon a new chariot, leading the chariots to crash into each other, breaking and leaving you with a new Ash of War and the Tree Sentinel Set

  • Gelmir Hero's Grave [Elden Ring Map Link]: One of the chariots in this grave is missing its rider and therefore can be ridden on to take you to the next area of the grave. 



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    • Anonymous

      I saw a video where they pitted the chariot against bosses and radahn destroyed the chariot. I know the intended way we're supposed to destroy it, but does this mean with enough spells and arrows, you can destroy it by attacking it directly as well?

      • Anonymous

        60+ poise and you can avoid the fling/stagger if you use Eleanora's poleblade WA, speeds up the whole exploring thing. damage gets through tho.

        • Anonymous

          pro tip: you can use margit’s shackle for all the chariots you can destroy from the start of the heroes grave. the chariots were destroyed before I got there (feb 15 2023)

          • Anonymous

            What damage type to they deal? Or is a trap some sort of special damage type of it's own? I feel like pierce would be a safe assumption cause of all the pointy bits, but then again you're basically being hit by a truck, so maybe strike?

            • Anonymous

              I think these guys were given a SEVERE nerf because they one shotted you all the time a while ago, now they mostly 2 shot you, maybe 3 with bull goat armour and 60 vgr

              • Anonymous

                i heard crows will actually drop walnuts in their path and wait for them to run them over, so that they can eat them. pretty smart

                • Anonymous

                  I somehow didn’t get one-shot by these guys with my RL1 character in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. To be fair my defenses were high thanks to ritual shield talisman but they used to one shot my first character with 2000 hp. Were they nerfed or something?

                  • Anonymous

                    After grabbing the dragon communion seal in Stranded Graveyard I tried to die to a chariot heading up the slope by jumping into it and I somehow went straight through it. No clue if it's replicable as I've been jumping into the same chariot and dying for the past 5 minutes

                    • Anonymous

                      In Auriza, I simply ran passed the basilisks and all 3 chariots killed themselves skipping all those steps. I posted a video on my YT channel

                      • Anonymous

                        God, I hate those things. Miyazaki must have felt like the massive Iron Balls in Sen's Fortress and the Skeleton Ball in the DS3 Catacombs somehow weren't annoying enough, so he decided that his next game would instead have obstacles that are guaranteed to one-hit you.

                        I try to do every Dungeon I see so that I don't miss anything but I just can't bring myself to go through heroes graves if it means I have to play peekaboo with those bloody chariots for 20 minutes, just to have it all ruined by a little mistake.

                        It'd be a different thing if there were at least some stakes of Marika thrown into the mix, but if you die, you'll find yourself all the way back at the beginning.

                        • Anonymous

                          For those having trouble acquiring tree sentinel set. Margits shackle can be used at the entrance or anywhere in dungeon and you won't have to deal with the two chariots in Auriza Hero's grave.

                          • Anonymous

                            Apparently they don't one shot you no matter the hp, I have 60 vigor with Morgot's rune active, around 2500hp, and after one hit I'm left around 900.

                            • Anonymous

                              Not sure if this is a normal way to kill the one in Auriza, but I got halfway through the guide before dying. Hit the pililar then while thinking, "was I supposed to run from the room here? I don't remember why. Oh, it's shooting fire but also the chariot is outside" And then I died. So I restarted the dungeon, but this time I took the first pit (drop down after the very first chariot) cause I hadn't realized there was anything down there. I went through and killed the dudes and picked up stuff, and when I came out of the tunnel into the slope, right as I emerged two chariots ran into each other and died and I got all the loot. And then a 3rd chariot rolled over my head killed me.

                              • Anonymous

                                Fun fact, after @40 Vigor, with 35%-40% physical absorbtion, you can tank exactly 1 hit from them. I used a mix of Blaidds hands and feet, with Confessor head and chest, and the Dragon Greatshield Talisman to get this result.

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