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Location Siofra River, Ainsel River
Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 117 - 553 Runes
Clayman's Harpoon
Silver Firefly

Clayman is an Enemy in Elden Ring
Claymen are slow-moving humanoids found in large groups that can swarm around unprepared players. These enemies wield different types of weapons - some wield spears with glowing tips, some wield glowing daggers, and others don't wield a weapon and instead uses magic against players. They are mainly found inside ruins and in caves in underground regions.

The spirit of two (2) Claymen can be summoned for aid in battle by using the Clayman Ashes.


The warped remains of priests who searched for revelation in service of the ancient dynasty, they employ two sorceries that produce smaller and larger bubbles.


Elden Ring Clayman Locations

Where to Find Claymen:


Elden Ring Clayman Drops


Clayman Notes & Tips

  • They seem to be weak to Strike, Lightning and Holy damage.
  • Easy to backstab due to their slow speed.
  • Their are three variants: the Claymen that use a Clayman's Harpoon, the Claymen that use a knife and throw bolas (both unobtainable), and the unarmed Claymen who cast Bubble sorceries to attack the player.
  • They can roll continuously towards the player.
  • Uses Oracle Bubbles and Great Oracular Bubble.


 Clayman Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Wow, the main hero of the Neverhood surely got different since that jump to the void if you know what I mean...

      • Anonymous

        I would no hit elden ring if it let these guys drop a curved or standard greatsword with the blade texture and glow of the harpoon, god damn i can't get enough of it

        • Anonymous

          These dudes weirdly have a grab attack, but its so slow and obviously telegraphed that its hard to even get caught by it, kinda neat ig.

          • Anonymous

            Colossal weapons will stagger these guys with all attacks, so for those wielding them it is quite doable to wipe out large groups of these. Just make sure to keep track of the ones with the knifes as their attack delay is not as long as their spear wielding counterparts.

            • Anonymous

              Does anyone know if they drop the dagger that the rolling one use been trying to get it but can't get the drop

              • Damage Absorptions:
                40 Absorption for Magic
                35 Slash, Thrust
                20 Fire, Lightning, Holy
                10 Standard
                0 Strike

                Immune to Poison, Rot
                252 for Bleed
                84 Sleep

                • Anonymous

                  Clay Man Stats for Journey 1
                  Hp - 593
                  Stamina points - 64
                  Poise - 65
                  Status build up values required for effects to occur
                  Poison - 2102
                  Rot - 2102
                  Bleed - 530
                  Frost - 530
                  Sleep - 176
                  Mad - 2102

                  • Anonymous

                    The ones in the first area of Siofra are pretty good for early rune farming. If you go through on horseback you can hit multiple at once without risk - even if torrent gets stuck on a group of them you can double jump over them before they have time to hit you. All the ones in the side tunnel can be killed quickly with a few casts of glintstone arc (I had int 18 when I was doing this). It's not the fastest process, but it's easy to clear the whole area without being hit, takes about 5 mins, and nets ~5k runes

                    • Anonymous

                      Dudes use holy damage on these guys, the holy stomp is decent but the best thing if you have it is the greatsword you trade for Elden Beast’s soul, has a skill called Wave of Gold. It one-shots the whole mob, reaches basically until it hits a wall as far as I can tell. If you miss any with the Wave, make use of your jumping heavy attack as it is the only way to stagger them reliably. Cheers

                      • Anonymous

                        Absolutely despise these enemies. Pick one, make them tanky or make them horde enemies.
                        It's not even about difficulty it's just about how ruddy long it takes to actually take out a group of them. The health isn't so bad it's just the infinite poise.

                        • Anonymous

                          A greathammer will have no effect on these guys meanwhile my 200 poise character will be getting staggered by a single 1h dagger hit

                          • Anonymous

                            I discovered fairly early on that they seem extremely vulnerable to holy, as well as very resistant to magic, immune to scarlet rot (haven’t tried poison but I assume they immune to that to) resistant to regular physical damage and if not vulnerable than at least no resistance to fire. But yeah holy seems the way to go

                            • Anonymous

                              these guys are seriously annoying with their magnet "harpoons" that drag you for some reason because you were in the hitbox when they pull back. does their lore say anything about that "power" or is it just to be ****ing annoying?

                              • Anonymous

                                God damn they are annoying, the fact they dont stagger punished me a couple of times in large groups. They are a hassle and not worth much either, better to just ignore and run past them.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Anyone know if the sword claypeople can drop it as a weapon? I got the spear but swords are cool too y'know?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    These things can hit hard, but they are slow as hell. The important thing is to take your time. They telegraph their attacks many seconds in advance.

                                    The thing about them is that if you're using a light weapon, these things don't stagger. At all. Overwhelming aggression will only get you hit. Take your time.

                                    I've also found that the Catch Flame incantation does pretty decent damage to them.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      What are these guys weak to?? They are a nightmare to try and kill in their large groups because of how many hits they take to kill.

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