Ainsel River is a Location in Elden Ring. The Ainsel River region features a sprawling cave system with large open caverns housing ruins and waterfalls. You can access the southern part of the region by taking the lift down at Ainsel River Well. The northern part, Ainsel River Main, is accessed by a waygate at the top of Renna's Rise after giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade or by taking a coffin in Deeproot Depths (see it on the Elden Ring Map here). This river can also be accessed by a coffin from The Nameless Eternal City Grace Site, from Great Waterfall Basin coffin ride after defeating the two Gargoyles at Siofra Aqueduct.


Two great rivers flow beneath the Lands between, the Siofra and the Ainsel. This vast region is said to be the grave of civilizations that flourished before the Erdtree.


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Ainsel River Well Depths

From the Study Hall Entrance Site of Grace, summon your mount and continue heading north following the road. Once you reach the area, you'll encounter a Golem guarding the elevator, you can skip past the golem and enter the elevator, the door will automatically open once you go near it. Step on the mechanism to activate the elevator, it will bring you down the Ainsel River.

Once you reach the bottom of the well, touch the site of grace. Head down, you'll see a group of Giant Ants clinging to a wall, ignore them for now and turn right, you'll see an item on the ground, pick it up and you'll get a Golden Rune [3]. Head straight from your position and at the edge of the waterfall, there's a corpse, pillage the remains to get Magic Grease x3.

Head back to the cave where you saw the Ants clinging to the wall. Bait them one by one to target you to pick them off or aggro them and use an AoE spell/incantation or AoW to quickly finish them off. Flame of the Redmanes AoW can kill them in one hit. Enter the cave and pillage the corpse and you'll get Grace Mimic x8. Be careful, there is one ant waiting to the right just behind the wall ready to ambush you. As you move forward another ant will come up, kill the ant and turn left, there are two more ants there and once you get past them, there's a Smithing Stone [3] x1.

Now go back to the main path, there will be two more ants that will drop down from above. Once you get past them you'll see a Silver Firefly x2 on the left side and a Golden Rune [1] x1 by the corpse. On the left side you'll see an ant guarding a corpse holding an item, kill the ant and pillage the corpse, you'll obtain a Smithing Stone [3].

Now jump up and continue following the path. You'll come across a Queen Ant, killing her will reward you with a Rune Arc x1 and a Golden Rune [10] x1. Then 7 more ants will spawn in the area and attack you relentlessly. Eliminate the ants and backtrack to where you obtained the Silver Firefly earlier, you'll notice there's another path, turn left and continue following that path until you see the end of the tunnel. Immediately you'll spot a Ghost Glovewort [1] by the pillar, and just behind it is a corpse holding a Shattershard Arrow (Fletched) x10. On the left corner there's another corpse holding a Smithing Stone [3].

Once you've gathered the items, head up the stairs and go straight to activate the site of grace in the area. Then turn back and enter the room just beside the site of grace, step on the mechanism to activate the elevator and bring you down, once you reach the bottom you will have reached the Uhl Palace Ruins.

Uhl Palace Ruins

Once you reach the area, jump down the right side and hug the wall on your right and move forward, you'll see a corpse holding a Golden Rune [1]. There's a group of Clayman in the area. Now head up and on the left side, another corpse can be spotted, pillage the corpse to obtain a Golden Rune [3]. Hug the wall on your left to obtain a Smithing Stone [1]. More Claymen will be seen in the area, using a high level AoE spell/incantation will do the trick and one-shot these opponents. On the right side you'll spot another corpse holding a Golden Rune [2]. Just behind the wall is another Ghost Glovewort [1]. From here, you'll see two items above you but to get them, you will need to backtrack to where you encountered the Queen Ant earlier and follow that path. Once you reach the edge, jump down, you'll see a corpse, pillage the remains to obtain a Smithing Stone [4]. then jump down the platform below, another corpse lays there holding a Celestial Dew. Then you can jump down and head to the entrance.

More clayman will be present in the hallway. Once you reach the end of the hallway, you will immediately spot multiple items on the ground, but be quick to take cover as a Malformed Star will start shooting at you. The items you will obtain from the corpses on the stairs are a Furcalling Finger Remedy, Throwing Dagger x6, Magic Grease x2, and a Golden Rune [3]. Ignore the Claymen at your left for now and turn right, a group of Claymen will also be present, you can try to run past them or you can use a one-hit AoE spell/incantation or AoW to get past them. Go up the stairs and pillage the corpse there to obtain another Golden Rune [3]. There will be three Claymen by the stairs, you can just run past them. Be wary of the Malformed Star as it will keep shooting you once it sees you out of a cover. Continue running until you go under the Malformed Star and reach a ruin, enter the ruin and you will encounter a the Hermit Merchant Ainsel River. But first, pick up the Map: Ainsel River from the corpse by the pillar on your right. This merchant sells the Prisoner Set, Gravity Stone Fan, Gravity Stone Chunk, Lost Ashes of War, a Celestial Dew, Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [16], and the Perfumer's Cookbook [4].

Now turn back and head to the previous hallway, as you make your way through you'll see a corpse holding a Shield Grease. After reaching the end of the hallway, turn left, there's a path there leading to a tunnel on the left. Enter the tunnel and at the end of it, you can see a broken pillar which you can use to platform and go up to reach the Malformed Star. On the left side is a corpse holding a Smithing Stone [1] x3. Heading up, jump to the right platform to pillage the corpse holding a Smithing Stone [3]. Jump back the previous platform and make your way edge on the right and hug the wall, it may be inevitable to completely dodge the rocks that the Malformed Star's been slinging at you, so just keep rolling and find a cover before the next attack. Then make your way up, and jump down, you can use the pillars as cover for when the Malformed Star starts shooting again, immediately after shooting, attack the Malformed Star, it is recommended that you have your weapons upgraded or you can just use a powerful spell/incantation or AoW to quickly eliminate this enemy.

You can jump down the edge on the right corner, then jump down again and you'll see a corpse, pillage the remains to obtain Smithing Stone [3] x3. Jump down again and hug the wall on the right and you'll eventually encounter a site of grace. Continue following the path and you'll encounter a couple of Giant Ants in the area, you can sneak attack them to avoid direct confrontation. There are also some items on the ground like a Formic Rock, Smithing Stone [2] x3, an Immunizing Horn Charm, and Crystal Dart x5. Follow the path ahead, there's another Formic Rock on the right and on the left are two Basilisks, you can take them by surprise as they have their back turned against you. There will be two more Basilisks up front as you make your way through, there will also be more Formic Rocks present in the area. As you move forward, there's a Formic Rock on the right, just behind it is another Basilisk guarding a corpse, pillage its remains to obtain Soap x4. At the edge of the cliff you'll see a couple of Aeonian Butterflies and a corpse holding a Somber Smithing Stone [3].

Now head back to the previous area where you sneaked up on some Giant Ants, then turn left. There are three more Giant Ants in the area, you can also sneak up on each of them as they are not that close to each other and all of them have their backs turned against you. Continue moving forward then turn left on the first corner, there's a corpse holding Melted Mushroom x3. Turn around and head straight, there's a Ghost Glovewort [2]. Turn around again and head right. At the end of the tunnel, you will encounter Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, this will be a boss fight, to learn more about strategies and tactics on how to defeat this boss, visit it's page right here.

Once you've beaten the boss, you'll receive the Frozen Lightning Spear Incantation and gain 12,000 Runes, a site of grace will also appear. Now head inside the tower and open the chest to obtain the Great Ghost Glovewort.

Now fast travel to Ranni's Chamber and go down stairs. Once you're outside, summon your mount and continue heading north-east to reach Renna's Rise. Go inside and climb up the ladder and go upstairs. Use the waygate to fast travel to the Ainsel River Main.

Ainsel River Main

Once you've been transported, head straight and you'll see a tomb, pick up the item and you'll obtain Miniature Ranni. There's a lot of Silver Fireflies in the area, along the way you'll discover a site of grace. Rest at this site of grace and then choose the option to "Talk to miniature Ranni" and it will initiate a dialogue.

Get up and head straight until you reach Uhl Palace Ruins again, you will encounter another Malformed Star, use the pillars as cover when it starts shooting at you. Slay the Malformed Star and you will obtain a Somber Smithing Stone [7]. On the left area there's a corpse holding a Golden Rune [7], turn right and you will see another corpse holding a Smithing Stone [4], then up the stairs is another corpse holding a Human Bone Shard, which is being guarded by one Clayman.

Now go towards the Giant Miranda Flower, just beside it is a corpse holding a Stonesword Key. Head towards the waterfall, be wary of two clayman in the area, go to the right side corner of the waterfall, you can pick up the Clayman Ashes there.

Turn back and find the tunnel that leads down where you'll see two Formic Rocks on the right side. Enter the tunnel and in the middle, there's a corpse on the left side, you can pick up a Stimulating Boluses from that corpse. There's also two Giant Ants that will drop from above. Continue heading down and you'll see two Winged Ants, each guarding a corpse that holds items, the one on the left holds a Golden Run [10] x8, and the one on the right holds Shield Grease x2. Then a Shield Ant can be seen blocking the path ahead.

Continue heading down and you'll see a a Starcaller at the edge, you can perform a backstab to instantly kill the enemy or deal crit damage. There's a couple of Formic Rocks on the left side. Turn right and you'll see another Starcaller, kill it to get past, now hug the wall on your left and continue moving forward then jump down, move forward and jump up the platform, then walk towards the pillar and you'll see a chest in the middle, opening it will give you the Wing of Astel.

Go back and jump up the platform and hug the wall on your left, you'll see a corpse at the edge holding a Somber Smithing Stone [6]. Jump down and go back up the tunnel where you encountered Winged Ants.

Once you reach that area, turn left and go down the path, then enter the hallway on the left, from here you have already reached Nokstella, Eternal City.

Nokstella, Eternal City

Jump down twice, then you'll immediately see a site of grace in the area. There is a Magic Grease x3 in the ruins directly to the left. Now go to your right and hug the wall towards your right and cross the stream of water, you will encounter a Nox Swordstress mounted on a Giant Ant, skip past this or kill it, then proceed going forward, you'll encounter two more Nox Swordstress in the area beside a corpse holding a Smithing Stone [6]. There's also another corpse in the area holding a Drawstring Holy Grease x2.

Go over to the cliff on the right and stay on the edge, continue following the path and you'll encounter a corpse holding a Silver Tear Husk x3. Turn around and hug the wall on your right while moving forward, then turn right, you'll see a group of Serpent Snails in the area guarding a corpse that holds a Celestial Dew.

Head south-east then go up the main stairs, then turn left and enter the room where you'll see a Nox Swordstress guarding a chest that contains the Ant's Skull Plate. Then go back outside and continue heading back up stairs, there's a Night Maiden guarding a corpse holding Fan Daggers by the right handrail of the stairs. Continue heading up and you'll encounter Silver Tears in the area.

At the top of the stairs, turn left and go around the building hug the outer right wall. At the end of the path there's a corpse holding Archer Ashes. Go back to the building and enter the room, more Silver Tears will await for you in the area. Inside the room there's a chest containing Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing [2].

Go outside and continue following the path, you'll encounter another corpse holding a Golden Rune [10] by the right side of the hallway. Be wary of the Silver Tear that will drop from above. Enter the room on your left, there's a chest that contains a Somber Smithing Stone [7].

Go outside and head up the stairs and go left, you'll have to use a Stonesword Key to enter the mist. Once inside you will encounter two Nox Monks guarding a chest containing the Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets.

Head outside, on the bridge a giant Silver Sphere will try to roll at you. You can use the statue on the bridge to stop the sphere from rolling, then you can proceed to attack it until it dies. There's a corpse on the bridge holding a Golden Rune [10]. Now cross the bridge and enter the building on the right. There's a chest inside containing a Great Ghost Glovewort, a Silver Sphere will spawn upon entering the room. You can use the chest to momentarily stop the sphere from completely rolling at you, then you can proceed to attack it.

Go back outside, turn right and head up the stairs. There's a corpse on the left handrail holding a Golden Rune [10]. Once you reach the top turn right and then left, there's a corpse holding a Smithing Stone [6] by the door. Now go back outside and head to the room with an open door, Silver Tears will drop from above, and behind them is a chest containing the Somber Smithing Stone [7]. Take the exit on your right and at the end of the bridge is a Teardrop Scarab, kill it to obtain a Somber Smithing Stone [6].

Continue going up the stairs and enter the room. You will encounter two Silver Tears that will transform into humans and will start attacking you once you get close enough, there's also a Nox Swordstress inside. The chest at the end of the room contains the Moon of Nokstella.

Take the exit on the left side of the room and drop down. Enter the building you see and step on the mechanism to trigger the elevator, it will bring you down. Upon reaching the bottom, you'll see an illusory tree, pick up the Golden Seed beside it. Face north and drop to the edge, you'll see a corpse holding a Stonesword Key. You are done now and can warp to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace. Select the option "Talk to Ranni" while resting there, if you want to follow her questline.

There is a Ghost Glovewort [9] to to the left of the elevator you came down with, then go through the tunnel. There are three Basilisks here, as well as a Smithing Stone [4] and Smithing Stone [5]. Defeating the Baleful Shadow here grants you the Discarded Palace Key to be used in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Go inside, take the elevator down and touch the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. You are now done with Nokstella, see Lake of Rot for details on how to get through there.


Elden Ring Ainsel River Maps and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      You can avoid all the volleys from the Malformed Star in Uhl Palace Ruins on the way up to kill it. Stop halfway up the toppled pillar, behind the larger pillar. Run over the big square pillar and onto the rock path, then duck behind the square pillar you just ran over. Run halfway up the big rock ramp and wait for the next volley. Then run up to the star. There's no good visual cue for the spot half up the ramp, but it's also very lenient.

      • Anonymous

        I just noticed that my number of Flask of Crimson Tears is halved in this underground area from the number overground. Has this always been the case or added in a patch?

        • Anonymous

          Pretty bizarre how this zone has such low level mats (like Ghost Glovewort [1]) Yet drops the highest level Ghost Glovewort after Boss.

          • Anonymous

            Has anyone else experienced the well being blocked off similar to being invaded? If so, how do I get rid of it?

            • Anonymous

              If the Ainsel river runs under Liurnia, and the Siofra river runs under Caelid, why is the Ainsel the one that leads through infested tunnels to the lake of rot?

              • Anonymous

                holy crap how the **** should you know you need to get back to rennas tower?? i was just bummed after defeating the dragonskin that theres nowhere to go -_- whatever..... still a crazy experience of a game...

                • Anonymous

                  If you have the faith for it, Lightning Strike makes the claymen in this area a COMPLETE joke and also an EXCELLENT source of midgame rune farming. Find a big pack of them, cast lightning strike once, then just keep mashing the button until everyone is dead - the spell repeat casts RIDICULOUSLY quickly and totally melts these guys. Trying to fight them in melee sucks because they have a TON of posie.

                  • Really buggy place. Runes where nowhere to be found after death with map pointing to empty location. One of the two summons dissapeared while still being alive.

                    • Anonymous

                      I used a spell to reduce fall damage, jumped down the sluice gate, died but triggered it to come up and then respawned and went down the sluice gate elevator.

                      • Anonymous

                        You can get to the river main without doing ranni's quest. There is a coffin that takes you there from deep root depths

                        • Anonymous

                          Anyone know how to get the golden seed to the west? Looks like there's tower but I can't figure out how to access it.

                          • Anonymous

                            I found a Golden Centipede before the Ainsel River Downstream grace, underground. The centipede is found on the corner of a square pillar that has a waterfall nearby and Claymen patrolling the watery floor below.

                            • Anonymous

                              No mention of Hastur yhe king in yellow found down in yhe southern part where you fight the dragon kin yet. Im very interested in the lore commection. With the petrified bodies looking like the moghtmare of mensis it seems like a great old one. Especially with the tendrils on the back and emtionless mask or face. All the petrified bodies wroyhing in madness holding their heads. Im intrigued.

                              • Anonymous

                                There is a well north east from Eastern tableland and directly from church of vow grace sites that leads down to Ansel River Well Depths grace site. This connects to the rest of the Ansel River underground area so it can all be accessed with out completing any quests

                                • Anonymous

                                  is it just me or is the progression all messed up here? It says to come here but to get here you need to complete a quest in an area the progression doens't have you going to for 2 more areas?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Ainsel River Main can also be accessed by a coffin from The Nameless Eternal City Grace Site, from Great Waterfall Basin coffin ride after defeating the two Gargoyles at Siofra Aqueduct.

                                    You won't see Miniature Ranni down here if you have not given her the required item.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      There was a moth-like enemy hanging from the ceiling on top of the mausoleum that isn't listed on this page

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