Stillwater Cave

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A dark and murky cave beset by a poisonous miasma. Home to servants of rot, relishing in the presence of the giant poisonblooms endemic to the cave.

Stillwater Cave is a Location in Elden Ring. The Stillwater Cave is found in Liurnia of the Lakes. Players can find the cave entrance by dropping down the southern plateau from the Stormveil Castle entrance of the lake. Look for 2 Spirit Jellyfish around the jagged, craggy hills to find the cave.


Stillwater Cave Map

Stillwater Cave can be found on the southernmost tip of Liurnia of the Lakes. [Map Link]

stillwater cave location map elden ring wiki guide 300px


All NPCs and Merchants in Stillwater Cave

  • There are no NPCs or Merchants at this location.


All Items in Elden Ring's Stillwater Cave

Upgrade Materials

  • No Upgrade Materials at this location


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • No Uniques, Ashes or Keys at this location


Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses


Stillwater Cave Walkthrough

Stillwater Cave is a dark cave comprised of many pits where Miranda Sprouts and their giant counterparts bloom undisturbed. It is recommended to bring along a Torch and a handful of Neutralizing Boluses to counteract the poison build-up inflicted by its denizens. The Site of Grace is found shortly after entering the cave.

The cave itself is rather small and there is a very straight forward path you can take to get to the boss. Also be mindful not to roll or dodge when walking on poison water, as poison will get on your armor and hasten and lengthen poison build up.

  • From the Site of Grace, hug the right wall and refrain from dropping down into the pits below as they are hotbeds for the Miranda Sprouts.
  • There will be a single Giant Bat and some Cave Moss, you can try and stealth kill it.
  • There is a single Servant of Rot along the way. These are the mushroom-faced humanoids that cast poison bolts at targets from a distance. Take him out and jump the gap to reach the ledge ahead where two more servants await.
  • You can skip these if you are rushing to the boss. Read on if you want the Sage Set.
    • Enter the tunnel to the left of the two Servants of Rot you just killed (after jumping the gap). Pick up some Cave Moss and Budding Cave Moss.
    • You'll come to a room with a lootable corpse in some deep poison water. Before doing anything, look up and target lock and you'll find x2 Giant Bats above the body, dispose of them with range attacks.
    • After killing the two bats, turn right and look up once more to find more bats hanging from the ceiling, please note that one of these will be a stronger variation of bats.
    • After clearing the room, you can safely pick up the two treasures in this room, one of them being the Sage Set. Take note that the poison water in this room is deep, and your poison bar will fill slightly faster.
    • Go back out of the room by backtracking through the tunnel, back to where you killed the 2 Servants of Rot and continue.
  • Hug the edge and head southeast until you see another servant around the bend.
  • Jump down into the pit from here and run past all the Miranda Sprouts to find a tunnel in the southeast.
  • This tunnel is filled with Servants of Rot but they are all in a rested state and will take a long time to get combat ready, allowing you to simply weave around them to get to the mist gate at the end and challenge this dungeon's boss: The Cleanrot Knight.

Boss: Cleanrot Knight

The Cleanrot Knight is an imposing figure wielding a spear and a sword. After traversing through the mist gate, the boss will almost always run towards you and use his Impale attack. This is his most dangerous move and if the attack connects, he will raise you high in the air, deal tremendous amounts of damage and inflict the scarlet rot status on you. Dodge to the side when you see his spear glowing. Use your best spirit summons to distract him and take potshots at the knight from behind. Watch out for the water on the floor which will rapidly cause you to build up the poison stat. The Cleanrot Knight drops the Winged Sword Insignia upon defeat.

Stillwater Cave is a good source of Cave Moss should you require it for farming. Nearly every stretch of the cave has nodes of this material to collect from. Exploring the cave will also yield a good amount of Budding Cave Moss as well as Crystal Cave Moss crafting items. In general, the Giant Miranda Sprouts are not worth killing as they are highly resistant to magic and release a deadly poison at melee range. It's best to skip these while exploring the cave.



Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      The Cleanrot Knight got me with his spear attack, and then my greatshield soldier Ashes proceeded to beat the living snot out of him while I was busy healing.

      • Anonymous

        I beat both final bosses yesterday and this place is new to me I can't remember stumbling across it when I was playing through Liurnia. I have the rotten winged sword so I'll give this place a miss.

        • Anonymous

          NEAREST SITE OF GRACE: is Lurnia Lake Shore. From there, just head south to the farthest point of the lake.

          • Anonymous

            I realised, just now, in my third playthrough how strange this cave is - it's basically an appetiser to the whole Millicent/Malenia/Caelid situation. The boss is a Cleanrot Knight, which you generally see in the Caelid swamp, a knight belonging to Malenia. He drops the Winged Sword Insignia, related to Malenia. Later, during Millcent's questline, you can obtain the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, an upgraded version of the item dropped here. It's not Scarlet Rot on the ground, granted, but poison nonetheless. Last, you find the Sage set in this cave, which is the set that Gowry - Millicent's father - is wearing.

            Anyone else finds this strange or is this far-fetched?

            • Anonymous

              I read somewhere that if you throw poison dart/pots/arrows at these plants that they will blow up causing a poison cloud to cause others around it to also blow up.

              • Anonymous

                I really dont like this place, but when you enter inside and you get "hit" by the name of the cave, for whoever in their life had an acquarium you can "kind of see" what you're going to find.

                • Is the sages set really in this cave? Cleaned the whole thing and didn't find it. Ran throu it multiple times. Where should this poison submerged corps be?

                  • Anonymous

                    In the farmable items it should also have Poisonblooms, there are around 10 or so along the bottom path and you can quickly grab them as you are running then warp back to the Site of grace once you are about half way through the boss room since the enemies you ran past should lose aggro quickly.
                    A much better early farm if you don't have the DPS to quickly kill the Waypoint Ruins Giant Poison Flower quickly.

                    • Anonymous

                      While exploring this cave, the message saying "the seal on the rise opened" something like that several times. What does this mean?

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