Gaol Cave

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Found at the west of Caelid 

Gaol Cave is a Location in Elden Ring. The Gaol Cave is found in Caelid. It can be found in the scarlet lake East of  Fort Gael. It can only be accessed using two Stonesword Keys to break an Imp Statue seal.


Gaol Cave Map

Find the Gaol Cave in our Elden Ring Map here.

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The cave has a second exit on the coast North-West of  Fort Gael, where the Regalia of Eochaid can be found. This is the location of the player indicator in the image above.


All Items in Elden Ring's Gaol Cave

Elden Ring Gaol Cave Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies

Field Bosses and Bosses


Gaol Cave Walkthrough

Quick walkthrough:

  1. Proceed through the cave until you come to a lever. Pulling the lever will unlock the cells throughout the cave.
  2. Proceed further in, and you will come to a hidden area (behind breakable wooden boards). The boss is at the bottom of a pit behind these boards.
  3. After defeating the boss, DO NOT take the shortcut right away; instead proceed through the tunnel opening on the South-West side of the boss arena to obtain the Regalia Of Eochaid sword.


Elden Ring Gaol Cave Gallery and Notes

gaol cave imp door gaol cave splash text gaol cave point of grace gaol cave rune arc  gaol cave first golden rune [2] gaol cave turtle neck meat  gaol cave golden rune [5] gaol cave somber smithing stone [5]  gaol cave old fang gaol cave pillory shield  gaol cave second golden rune [2] gaol cave third golden rune [2]  gaol cave wakizashi gaol cave stonesword keygaol cave first golden rune [4] gaol cave rainbow stonegaol cave second golden rune [4] gaol cave frenzied duelist boss  gaol cave putrid corpse ashes gaol cave boss arena exit to limgrave coast  gaol cave regalia of eochaid gaol cave glowstone



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    • Anonymous

      I wonder if this is a throwback to Bloodborne's Hypogean Gaol.

      "Hypogean Gaol" simply means 'underground jail'.

      • This was my favorite optional dungeon in the game. Good atmospheric and mechanical touches and very well designed, with pretty nice loot to boot.

        • For those who struggled finding the wooden boards to break through to get to the boss arena, see this image:

          (I wasn't able to upload it to the page)

          • Anonymous

            Is it safe to assume that Elemer was imprisoned here before he killed the executioner and escaped? Since we find a weapon from Eochaid

            • Anonymous

              To open the cells, and the wooden door, you have to get all the way down to where you’ll see a rat run from right to left, and you have to drop down. Fight the rats and their momma ROUS, then head right. Jump up a slope, watch out for the poison traps, and kill the Vulgar in this room. The switch is at the top of the stairs, the door below can be opened from this side. There’s also a chest in this room.

              • Anonymous

                Has anyone figured out how to open the wooden door below the lever? I can't find mention of it anywhere. And since it says "doesn't open from this side", it must open from the other...

                • Anonymous

                  Equip longsword or 2h big weapon with both hands. Slam fire guys near cell as you go by. They go boom seconds later. Half dungeon completed and you can loot easier later when those doors all open up.

                  • Anonymous

                    I was able to get the Regalia of Eochaid without defeating the boss with careful jumping on Torrent from the cliffs above.

                    • Anonymous

                      there is a cell with three corpses with items, one is a gold rune but the other two are a stonesword key and a Wakizashi bleed dagger that mentions Okina in the description.

                      • Anonymous

                        hard to find cave behind a big flower at the edge of the red swamp where it meets the cliff under fort Gaol

                        • Anonymous

                          To anyone looking for it: This is between Fort Gael North (Site of Grace) and Caelid Waypoint Ruins, closer to Fort Gael, directly NE of it.

                          Notable loot is: a Wakizashi and Regalia of Eochaid.

                          • Gaol Cave is Northwest of Caelid Point Ruins. The cave goes underneath Fort Gael. You fight a Frenzied Berserker boss who's name I can't remember right now. The boss is worth roughly 6,700 Runes with no drops. Behind the boss is an overlook that points away from Fort Gael and towards the beach. At that overlook to the left is a body with a glowstone on it and Regalia of Eochaid.
                            Regalia of Eochaid Stats
                            Ash of War: Eochaid's Dancing Blade
                            FP Cost: 15
                            Weight: 5.5
                            Attack Power: Physical 89 Magic 57
                            Critical 100
                            Attribute Scaling: Str: E | Dex: D | Arc: D
                            Attributes Required: Str 12 | Dex 18 | Arc 15

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