Chapel of Anticipation

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The area where the start of a great adventure takes place, but not before getting ambushed by a difficult enemy.

Chapel of Anticipation is a Location in Stormveil Castle, Limgrave in Elden Ring. The Chapel of Anticipation is the starting building players are placed in after the game introduction. Players find themselves in a destroyed chapel, and will soon find themselves attacked by a grotesque Scion.


Chapel of Anticipation Map for Elden Ring

Chapel of Anticipation can be located South of of Liurnia on an isolated plateau [Elden Ring Map here]

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Chapel of Anticipation

  • No NPCs or merchants in this location


All Items in Elden Ring's Chapel of Anticipation

Gather & Farm Items

  • There are no farm items in this locations


Upgrade Materials

  • There are no upgrade materials in this location


Unique, Ashes and Keys



Chapel of Anticipation Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

Regular Creatures and Enemies

  • There are no enemies in this location


Field Bosses and Bosses


Walkthrough for Chapel of Anticipation in Elden Ring

The Beginning

You'll begin with your newly-customized character inside a chapel, the Chapel of Anticipation. Right off the bat, you will be rewarded with the "The Ring" Gesture (if you pre-ordered the game). Gestures in Elden Ring, a common feature among the Souls games, are emotes performed by your character. Look to your right and you will see a body that is glowing. Loot it and you'll find x1 Tarnished's Wizened Finger. Head outside by opening the door, climb down the stairs of your left, and cross the wooden bridge where you'll notice a large statue ahead.

As you approach, the Grafted Scion will come in, leaping from the air to attack you. This boss is optional for you to defeat. Dying to the first boss will teleport you to the next section, Stranded Graveyard.

If you do defeat the Grafted Scion, you'll acquire Ornamental Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Shield that you can use later on once you have leveled up and reached the required stats. The path ahead features a harvestable Nascent Butterfly, and ends in a ledge with another (unobtainable) Nascent Butterfly that will collapse and kill you once you step on it, leading to the next tutorial section, Stranded Graveyard.

Please note that it's important you DO NOT jump or roll towards the collapsing ledge, nor should you exit and reload the game after defeating the Grafted Scion, as a bug may result in your hard-earned runes being lost when the ledge falls.

Chapel of Anticipation Revisited

Returning to this location later in the game is possible by way of a Waygate found at The Four Belfries. Returning to the Chapel allows you to challenge the Grafted Scion once more, with a much greater chance of defeating it after leveling up and collecting equipment on your journey thus far. It will drop Ornamental Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Shield upon death. You will also be able to explore more of the chapel after returning. Check the southern wing of the Chapel for The Stormhawk King key item. It is found on a corpse on the roof. Opposite this corpse, you can go inside the building onto a wooden platform above the main hall where you can find a chest containing the Stormhawk Deenh spirit ash. You can also obtain Lord of Blood's Favor from the body of the dead maiden inside the chapel.


Elden Ring Chapel of Anticipation Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Evolution, but backward. This is the worst way to introduce a new player to the Fromsoft game, a simple straight path to an unfair first-time boss, and even if you won, you still have to 100% die by a cheap trap and the smug message of "You died"

      God I miss the Undead Asylum, I was blown away by the giant raven that carry me to the Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls 1, or even the well-telegraphed and cinematically aesthetic boss Iudex Gundyr in Dark Souls 3.

      • Anonymous

        What's with all the bloodstains from players using a bleed AoW to suicide in front of the dead finger maiden? There are a load of them now but none when I came back here for the stormhawk king ashes in my first playthrough.

        • Anonymous

          if anybody is wondering what the correct waygate is in the 4 belfries its the easternmost one with the message 'precipice of anticipation' next to it.

          • Anonymous

            Lol it sucks I took my time with one character to actually beat the scion first time but the ledge made me lose my runes.
            It's not like it was a lot of runes or anything but still it's was a bit irritating as they were like the runes of a hard earned victory with minimal level and equipment at the time

            • Anonymous

              "Just like any other Souls game, this boss is optional for you to defeat."
              This doesn't make any sense - tutorial bosses are usually mandatory.

              • Anonymous

                You can also get the maiden’s blood from the dead maiden inside the chapel, if you are doing that quest.

                • Anonymous

                  I had a collapsing ledge after returning via the four belfries. I killed the scion, got both bird ashes, then explored and got two nascent butterflies for mats. The one that is directly behind you when you spawn in to the chapel, *that* had a collapsing ledge. I had to use the waygate at the belfries to come back and collect my runes.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey someone should add that a quest step for White Mask Varré is in this location as well with the Lord of Blood's favor step requiring maiden's blood and there being a dead maiden in the chapel.

                    • Anonymous

                      Has anyone else heard a woman randomly say something to you when coming back to this location? Someone referred to me as Ashen One... which I thought was a Dark Souls thing. She said "Ashen one can you still hear me?" Or something like that right after I killed the Grafted Scion and walked through the archway back up to the church.

                      It was either some weird easter egg, or this particular wiki site that played the sound, because I did have this site open in the background... That or I'm losing it...

                      • Anonymous

                        It's probably me being dumb again but I cannot for the life of me find out how get further into the chapel to collect the Stormhawk King ashes. People talking about "southern wing" or "nothern wing" of the chapel but the chapel is just one small room...? "just look on the roof" yeah am I missing a ladder or something? I tried jumping from the thorny fence but surely that's not the play. I came back through the bellfry portal and also the little door next to the chapel still says "blocked shut". Probably missing something completely obvious again but any help would be appreciated

                        • Anonymous

                          Hot take: trap ledges of instant death weren't charming in the first place. I know there's plenty to love in the(se) game(s), but they try to do everything they can to make you care about staying alive by making you lose resources like runes and arcs, and then they pull **** like this. I have to choose between not caring about the resources they give me, so I can laugh at this **** and not take it seriously, or I try to get invested in their reward/punishment structure, and then get frustrated by **** like this. Here's hoping I made the right choice in a 200 hour game. Maybe one day I'll reach buddhist monk levels of detachment and stop caring about the material things the game gives me, but I've got a feeling I won't be playing games at that point.

                          • Anonymous

                            During the return visit, if you turn around and walk toward the edge of the cliff, it breaks away and you die. For fun, I guess? Another rune arc bites the dust.

                            • Anonymous

                              From a lore perspective, how did your character get here at the beginning of the game? If they did travel through the waygate, why did they do it? It doesn't seem to be an important area from the lore perspective, yet your character goes there at the beginning of the game

                              • Anonymous

                                Any way to move past here to the start of the game without dying to the boss/falling to your death or has From made legit no death runs impossible?

                                • Anonymous

                                  I didn't get The Ring gesture until later from an Erdtree Avatar...
                                  But, others seemed to have gotten it, since they used it in messages in that area.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Need a Maiden Corpse for Varre's quest? Go to the Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes (North western part of map) and use an Imbued Sword Key. There's one freebie there. Use the maiden's blood past the boss where you first awoke.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Guys in your return to beat the boss, be careful to not walk backwards where it spawns you. There will be a rock that crumbles and makes you fall off the cliff (presumably for the people that didn't die to the boss in their first encounter). Albeit he barely gives any souls, but just thought you should know.

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