Highroad Cave

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A cave that houses a tomb, deep within. It is situated at the northmost part of Limgrave. It has been inhabited by a pack of Wolves, Land Octopuses, and Giant Bats.

Highroad Cave is a Location in Elden Ring. The Highroad Cave is found in StormhillLimgrave. You can find the cave at the far northside of Limgrave [Map Coordinates Here]. The nearest site of grace to reach the entrance of the cave is the Saintsbridge site. Make sure to bring a Torch before entering this cave.

To reach the cave from the Saintsbridge site of grace, ride onto the bridge and jump into the updraft off the south side of the bridge. Watch out for the giant land octopuses at the bottom. Head north along the river. The entrance to the cave is a dark, unmarked tunnel on the left (west) side of the cliff wall. 

Highroad Cave Map

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Highroad Cave Walkthrough

It is recommended to enter this cave with a Torch. Drop down into the lower platform and continue dropping to each lower platform. You'lll move through a short tunnel that will lead to another small area with a hole. There is a Golden Rune (1) in a side cave here. Drop down to the next platforms to get to the lower levels. 

Once you reach the bottom, take the lower route. The upper path will lead to a dead end. the lower will contain some wolves. Roll through the barrels to the left and continue to find a corpse with Arteria Leaves x3 .  If you loot them, there will be a wolf behind you. Drop down to find more wolves and Fire Grease.highroad cave elden ring wiki 600px min

You'll eventually reach an opening and a waterfall. Expect an encounter with Giant Bats. There is a Smithing Stone (1) behind you after you have dropped for the first time. there is a cave upstream from the waterfall too with more bats and Land Octopus. You will come across Smithing Stone (2) and Golden Rune (4).

Head back out towards and drop down along the waterfall, no jumping required. Hop onto the platform with the fallen pillar and take it across to the next platform. Take out the bats and on this platform you can loot a Shamshir. Continue to your left and you will face a Giant Land Octopus and there is a Furlcalling Finger Remedy on a ledge further down the tunnels. Hop off into the bigger waterfall and go through. You are now on the right side of the cave from the central platform with the Shamshir. Proceed to the boss encounter. Defeating the Guardian Golem will drop the Blue Dancer CharmMap Link.



Elden Ring Highroad Cave Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      858 hours played in game. Looking through talismans and i go “huh, whats the blue dancer?” Never would have found this place otherwise. Beautiful cave.

      • Anonymous

        I bet this was one of the first design caves for elden ring,perhaps all caves where supposed to have similar designs but failed due to limitations

        • Anonymous

          Found it thanks to a fire next to it. I've seen it from above, stormhill side. The talisman made me think about Malenia, but she's not blind. I think the cave is memorable because it's a big part of the lore

          • Anonymous

            After 400 plus hours I found this cave for the first time yesterday. I thought that I had seen everything this game had to offer and I nearly 500 hours of actual pve.

            • Anonymous

              Y'all made me lose 48 million runes looking for this cave. I mean, I wasn't using them anyways, but if it weren't for all y'all saying how beautiful this cave was, I wouldn't have looked.

              It really was a beautiful cave though.

              • Anonymous

                Leave it to FromSoft to design an amazing dungeon and then place it so far out of the way that nobody will actually come across it unless they are specifically looking for it.

                • Anonymous

                  Even tho this cave has great design and atmosphere, I have to wonder-why? All the other caves that are given a unique layout have some big payoff, like Ruin-Strewn Precipice being an alt path to the plateau.

                  But then there’s this cave. Hidden away in Limgrave, with two unique loots ( shamshir and the dancers charm) and an enemy turned mini boss at the end.

                  The dancers charm gives a lore explanation for the Lake of Roy’s existence, too, so it’s pretty important; but then why is it in a cave in Limgrave held by a random mini boss?

                  I’m really confused on the lore and reason of why this cave in particular got the unique treatment.

                  • Anonymous

                    Unlike some in the comments I did find this place early in my playthrough, but I can't be a smart arse about it because I thought it was the cave with patches in the boss room, I was trying to get Margit's shackle.

                    As I got deeper it was obvious I was in the wrong cave but I had taken the one way drop so it was too late. When I crossed the fog gate and saw the golem stand up I knew I was done for and it really did hammer me.

                    I never went back for the talisman until I was looking for places to farm cave moss and needed to be able to fast travel back to the grace after each run. I came here because of all the dead bodies of kaiden mercenaries littered all through the cave. I was wondering if anyone knew of something relating to in-game lore about why there are so many of their dead bodies in there?

                    • Anonymous

                      I cleared the entirety of Limgrave, Liurnia, Caelid, Volcano Manor, and didn't even know this cave exist...

                      • Anonymous

                        One of the most uniquely laid out caves in the entire game. Also seems to have different/seldom used music compared to other caves. Played 300 hours on my first character but only found this cave 10 hours into my second character.

                        • Can't believe I missed one of the best cave dungeons in the game until 300+ hours in rn and I only found it due to looking where the Blue Dancer Charm was.

                          • Anonymous

                            I feel like this is one of the most well done layout for a cave in the game that I wish there were more caves like this than the somewhat linear tombs and mining caves.

                            • Anonymous

                              The coolest cave/mini dungeon in the whole game by far, it even has unique corpses. and they hid it so well, even with the map marker I couldn't find it for a good 10 mins. can't imagine more than 5% of players found it during their playthrough, such a shame!

                              • Anonymous

                                Seems like a failed Kaiden (Norsemen of this world) expedition happened, lots of their corpses strewn about, their expedition also explains the wolves, they were probably their companions/pets - seems like they met their end fighting bats, judging by at least one bat corpse placed there.

                                • Anonymous

                                  The mark for the cave is a bit diferent from the actual position. you have to go more north to find the cave.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    On the top left of the cavern area with the bats above the tunnel that leads to the giant octopus there seems to be cave moss or something shiny high up but i can't find any way to get there. Anyone know how or if it's just a graphical bug?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      There's a jump off of the right side of the bridge that goes to an air lift. Take that jump and go North along the canyon until you find the cave.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Any hints on where the Smithing stone [1]s are? I went through the whole place twice to check and only found the [2].

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