Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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The crystal mining operation of Sellia is overseen by grotesque and aggressive Kindred of Rot.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel is a Location in Elden Ring. The Sellia Crystal Tunnel is found in Caelid. You can reach this location (and by extension Caelid) early by opening the chest [Elden Ring Map Link] in Dragon-Burnt Ruins. It will envelop you in smoke and transport you to the mine.


Sellia Crystal Tunnel Map

IF YOU ARE STUCK HERE: take a right from the shack you spawned at, and run down the stairs then take a left and drop down, hit the site of grace. Now walk out of the cave and teleport back. If you need to ride back, use the Interactive Map to guide you.

See Sellia Crystal Tunnel's location on the [Elden Ring Map]

sellia crystal tunnel map elden ring wiki guide 300px


All NPCs and Merchants in Sellia Crystal Tunnel

  • There are no NPCs here
  • There are no Merchants here.


All Items in Elden Ring's Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Sellia Crystal Tunnel Walkthrough

Alternate Entry

You can reach this location (and by extension Caelid) early by opening the chest in Dragon-Burnt Ruins. It will envelop you in smoke and transport you to the mine but be warned, the enemies within may be too difficult for you at this time.

If you enter via this method, you will appear in a small wooden shed with a chest. Be very careful stepping outside of the shed as you will be hit pursuing rains of hell above from three Lesser Kindred of Rot, one of which is sitting atop the shed you arrive in. To get to the Site of Grace safely, you will need to turn right as soon as you exit the shed, curve around and go down the hill. Follow this path heading west, and take the left cavern exit at the end to get to the Site of Grace.

Main Dungeon Walkthrough

This section assumes you reached the dungeon naturally by exploring Caelid. From the Site of Grace, head north and up the ladder to reach a large cavern with many Glintstone Miner enemies mining for crystals. These enemies are weak against magic and piercing attacks but resistant against other attack types. You can ascend by heading up the slope on the right but be careful of the Lesser Kindred of Rot (Pests) along the way. There is one standing atop the storage shed on the left. When you reach the top of the path, head for the end of the wooden walkway on the left and kill the Lesser Kindred on the way. At the end of the walkway is a corpse with a Rune Arc. Opposite the walkway, you can find a Smithing Stone (5) on the wall behind some crates. Head back to the storage shed with the Lesser Kindred that you passed on the way and jump up on its roof to reach the wooden platform in the east. To jump onto the shed roof, start your jump from the candle on the ground just outside the shed. Next, drop down the edge of this platform to proceed

In the tunnels ahead, beware of an ambush by a particularly strong Glintstone Miner to the right, and pick up the Smithing Stone (5) on the ground on the left. In the next section, climb up the ladder and go around the wooden walkway to find a corpse with a Somber Smithing Stone (4). Head north and take out the Lesser Kindred above the storage shed ahead. A Glintstone Miner will also come out the side towards you. Enter the shed for a chest containing the Rock Blaster spell. Go around the shed and take the ladder to the roof. There is a Golden Rune (4) on a corpse by the ladder. Kill the Glintstone Miners on the roof and head west to spot a tunnel. There is a Somber Smithing Stone (4) before the entrance to the right. Be sure to kick down the ladder on the left which leads downward for a nice shortcut in case you head through here again. The ladder will be located directly across from the shed

When you enter the next section, be careful of an ambush by a Lesser Kindred of Rot in the wooden structure to the left. There's a corpse with a Dragonwound Grease in front of the room and a Somber Smithing Stone (4) inside the room. There are two more Lesser Kindred on the elevated platform to the northeast. Take them out and collect the Faithful's Canvas Talisman on the corpse by the wall and the Smithing Stone (5) to the left. Head back down the raised platform and through the tunnel to the southwest and through the large wooden gate to engage this dungeon's boss.

Boss: Fallingstar Beast

The Fallingstar Beast is a massive quadruped made up of crystals or rock. It has a long spiky tail and a head reminiscent of a centipede's, with massive mandibles extending from its face. Because of the boss' size, you will have little room for maneuvering. The main attacks to watch out for are its head swipe combo, in which it bashes its head from side to side multiple times as well as its charge attack, in which it dashes towards you three times, quickly changing directions after each charge. The beast can also cause the ground to erupt in a rock burst. This is telegraphed by lightning forming on its mandibles, as well as on the ground, indicating where the ground will burst. The key to defeating this boss is to constantly be on the move and attack during its long recovery animations.

Defeating the Fallingstar Beast awards the Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing (1), 4 x Gravity Stone Chunk, a Somber Smithing Stone (6) and 5 x Smithing Stone (7), as well as 7,600 Runes.

Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      This boss is in your face practically all the time, killed me several times just because he's too big for the room. Pulled up a tanky summons then night maidens mist while they were fighting, worked like a charm.

      • Anonymous

        RL 1 Fallingstar Beast strat: Venomous Fang and poison knives to proc status, glinstone pebble for ranged damage.

        • Anonymous

          It's a really tough run into the boss. Kick down a ladder in one area for future run-throughs. No Marika statue inside. Summoned Glintstone Sorcerer and got the dub.

          • Anonymous

            Black Flame Tornado AoW (Godskin Peeler default ability) absolutely shreds the boss, and it makes the small room actually work in your favour for once - there aren't many places it can be and not get hit by it. As the boss is fairly big, it takes lots of hits from the attack. 1 use took off around 45% of its HP. Use a summon to hold aggro long enough to cast.

            • Anonymous

              The miners here have a chance to drop a somber 3. If that happens and you’re here early because of the trap, you’re also able to grab somber 4’s, and then you’re laughing. And then screaming because of the pests. But mostly laughing.

              • Anonymous

                *Connection error occurred, returning you to your world*
                Every time i get summoned here. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

                • Anonymous

                  Such great design to have a batshit insane boss with horrible hitboxes in a small arena and then they don't put a stake of marika outside of the boss room, thanks fromsoft

                  • Anonymous

                    Gotta say that after eight months of Elden Ring I'm pretty tired of the "giant spastic boss tiny room" design philosophy.

                    • Paladin style Confessor build. Use a good tanking spirit summon - I use Banished knight Engvall. Bring plenty of HP flasks. Whittle it down and dodge a lot. Cast Black Flame and used Sword of Night & Flame +7. Shield to block some hits. Got it on second try.

                      • Anonymous

                        I took the chest transporter trap to get here, activated and rested at the site of grace, still unable to fast travel.

                        I’ve now cleared half of Caelid, returned multiple times to the tunnel to rest, traveled on horseback all the way back to Limgrave, reset and reloaded the game multiple times, even reset my network connection.

                        Fast travel is still disabled. Is that it? The game just arbitrarily decided to break and no recovering it?

                        • Anonymous

                          Who wrote this walkthrough? "Digger enemies mining for crystals. These enemies are weak against magic and piercing attacks but resistant against other attack types." Um, they're actually weak to strike, and are
                          RESISTANT to magic. Also, "Prawn Miners." Surriously?

                          • Anonymous

                            The full grown falling star beast at Mt. Gelmir isn't anywhere near as bad as the comments on its wiki page make it out to be. It does hit hard but the crater where the fight happens has plenty of room to use torrent's I-frames to avoid getting hit, it never felt unfair to me. I'm not so sure about fighting one in an enclosed boss room though.

                            • my wife and I used this area as a very good early game ramp up. Biggest trick was learning to use a shield to absorb he attacks, then afterwards we used glintstone pebble.
                              spent a couple fun hours here actually!

                              • I think there may be some kind of gesture puzzle in this dungeon that i couldnt find mentioned anywhere. in the room with the faithful canvas talisman, if you notice the kindred of rot before they attack, they seem to be worshipping the empty alter in front of them. I though this was strange so after killing them i jumped up onto the alter using the barrel and mimicked them using the erudition gesture. there was a strange humming noise that started but nothing happened. perhaps you need to wear a specific armor piece or something like the tower puzzle for the same gesture? or does this strange hum happen everywhere you use the gesture?

                                • Anonymous

                                  -easy rot doggo spirit ash, trivializes early game
                                  -immediate ticket to roundtable
                                  -can get a sacred tear from the church Millicent is at
                                  -cheesing O'niel gives access to night maiden's mist/prosthesis heirloom
                                  -nearby shopkeeper sells poison stone clumps, great to stack with rot doggo
                                  -relatively early access to Dragonbarrow(Gurranq entrance is better for this tho)
                                  -good ashes of war such as lifesteal fist/double slash
                                  -can get Crystillian ashes from the nearby cave(costs high fp but is a gigatank, arguably more than Finlay or Lhutel)

                                  Prolly missed plenty of stuff, but despite the madness and quick deaths of arriving here on a blind run, if you know what you're doing, the Dragonburnt Ruin's jackpot isn't actually the twinblade.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    yeah these guys are weak to "strike" damage, not "pierce" damage. also can confirm both somber stone 3 and 4 are a rare drop from the diggers

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I tried pierce on the diggers and my guy almost broke his arm from the recoil they are absolute not weak to pierce that’s false

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Extremely useful location for getting items in the early game. I warped there intentionally using the trap chest when I was starting the game, and I was able to just grab a lot of upgrade materials without fighting enemies, just ran past the enemies. The site of grace is nearby if you get attacked by enemies, you can just run. Also a very useful shortcut to Caelid in the early game - you can get super useful Rock Sling sorcery and meteoric staff nearby, once you leave the cave, and they will make fighting bosses in the early game much easier. I even used the Kindred of Rot inside for rune farming. People are saying they are OP, but if you manage to attack one without aggroing the others, you can stunlock them by quickly hitting them with a fast weapon like Uchigatana or Longword without stopping. Just keep attacking them without interrupting the attack sequence, they usually get stunlocked and can't fire their magic attacks

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I found a somber smithing stone (3) dropped from a Digger. Exactly what i needed to upgrade moonveil to +3

                                          • 1.03 nerfed several things in this tunnel. The boss is weaker and doesn't have a second phase. It also always wakes up when you go through the gate instead of only the first time. Also the Kindred of Rot (prawn guys) have slightly less aggro range, so you can get up the shortcut ladder without taking a hit.

                                            • Honestly I'm glad that they nerfed the boss at the end, but not because i thought it was too hard. It's meant to be a juvenile Fallingstar beast, yet it looked IDENTICAL to the full-grown one at Mt. Gelmir? Now it's the same type as the one in Altus Plateau, a weaker version with no second phase and minor physical differences.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Warped into this cave by accident with my level 12 vagabond. Didn't take long to figure out I'd made a mistake

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Because I am a ****ing genius, I went here with my 70k runes in tow after I just defeated Starscourge Radahn. Guess what the **** happened to my runes

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Because I am a ****ing genius, I went here with my 70k runes in tow after I just defeated Starscourge Radahn. Guess what the **** happened to my runes

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      There is no Stake of Marika and you don’t need one. Once you’ve activated the short cut ladder you can crouch walk directly to it, climb up, crouch walk out, optionally run past ambush prawn in the shack or just kill it and you’re good. The prawns praising the wall will not move. It’s very quick and easy to go get killed by the boss :) I recommend summoning help or upgrade a spirit that has some longevity like the tips say. Any pressure off of you goes a long way with Gravity Beetle. I mean Fallingstar.

                                                      • I had this one guy on PS4 panicking that he was gonna lose around 12k runes. He was stuck in the shack and didn't want to get out cause he was afraid of the Silverfish. Those guys are monsters and their homing spines are too damn Soulsborne spell or faith will ever Home in onto a player like this...
                                                        Wtf... These spines literally can do a 90 degree turn and snipe you below the patio and balcony.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Found a Cuckoo Glintstone on a body hanging over a wooden beam along the path to head up top before you kick the ladder down.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            It is also possible to kill the boss before even opening the door, for me, I used a Halo scythe and just kept shooting at it through the door (the projectiles go through the door).

                                                            Other ranged tactics should work as well.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              The guide above fails to mention that there is a shortcut ladder you can activate. After you get the Rock Blaster spell and climb on top of that shed the ladder is located to your left when looking at the tunnel ahead. This will let you get back to that point from now on. Granted you still have to deal with pretty much all of the Prawns in the dungeon even with the shortcut.

                                                              If you want help with the boss I suggest clearing most of the prawns first or else bring a friend bc people seem to like ditching here for some reason...

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                When you get summon as a Hunter on this dungeon, you get stuck between some rocks. You can't backstep, roll, nor jump out of it. This can really fck up someone's vibe when you finally get that blue ring to work...

                                                                • When you get summon as a Hunter on this dungeon, you get stuck between some rocks. You can't backstep, roll, nor jump out of it. This can really fck up someone's vibe when you finally get that blue ring to work...

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Come out of the cave as instructed above....go straight through the swap until you hit the next site of grace..... and rest.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      What the hell was From smoking when putting not a single Stake of Marika or bonfire anywhere throughout the cave except the beginning?

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        First run: please I just want to go home, I'm sorry, I'll never diss limgrave again

                                                                        Second run: ah sweet it's my free ticket to Sellia

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          This cave is so cheap. The homing missiles are ridiculous. And when fighting the boss he immediately lunges on me, making me stuck by the entrance and insta death. Just garbage.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Here's some tips for the boss, equip your best poise shield with 100 physical dmg reduc, then get hugged by the lady for the extra poise, then shield up and pray.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Beating the boss of this area, the Fallingstar Beast, will give you Bell Bearing to buy Somber Smithstone (1) and (2)s.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I went back to the starting area after finding the path a bit too challenging and now I’m here. I know this game is meant to be a challenge but… **** off.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Seems a bit cheap that you are unable to summon in here yet you can in some of the other Lim caves. This one is far worse in comparison with how many enemies are littered everywhere. Good for smithing stones though, if you can gruel through all the prawn ****ers and their ranged missile spam.

                                                                                  • IF YOU ARE STUCK HERE = YOU CAN JUST RUN OUTSIDE. Go right and down the stairs then take a left and drop down the next ladder. Hit the Site of Grace and head outside. You're now FREE

                                                                                    • You can reach this location (and by extension Caelid) early by opening the chest in Dragon-Burnt Ruins. It will envelop you in smoke and transport you to the mine.

                                                                                      Inside I found Smithing Stone [5], at least 3.

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