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Gatefront Ruins is what remains of the now destroyed barracks near the fortification. Despite its poor state, it is a heavily guarded location by those loyal to Stormveil.

Gatefront Ruins is a Location in Elden Ring. The Gatefront Ruins is found in Limgrave. Players can reach this location by heading north from the Church of Elleh. This location is on the path towards Stormveil Castle.



Gatefront Ruins Map for Elden Ring

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Walkthrough for Gatefront Ruins in Elden Ring

As you roam around Limgrave, one of the earliest locations you will probably encounter is the Gatefront Ruins, which is at the north side of the Church of Elleh. Click  for the map's coordinates. There is a Site of Grace, nearby, the Gatefront site, so make sure to discover and use it first as a checkpoint (you can hug the cliff face going to the west as you move to avoid the enemies at the campsite). At this point, a cutscene will trigger upon resting at the site of grace and you'll meet Melina. Melina introduces herself when you've discovered three sites of grace within the overland. As you speak to her, you'll be able to unlock the feature of leveling up at Sites of Grace by using runes and you'll obtain the Spectral Steed Whistle that allows you to summon your mount, Torrent. Moving forward, you can now use the Spectral Steed Whistle to traverse the overland.

At the Gatefront site of Gatefront Ruins and you'll see a Hearse on the left, there is a chest on the right end of the Hearse where you'll see a Godrick Soldier guarding it. You can sneak behind the enemy and backstab it and follow up with an attack in case the backstab doesn't instantly kill the soldier. Open the chest to find the Lordsworn's Greatsword. There's another Hearse nearby that also has a chest containing the Flail. You can sneak in the camp, just as long as you are cautious of your surroundings, and grab the Map: Limgrave, West map fragment which can be looted by a pillar that's at the center of the campsite.

Now the area has a lot of Godrick Soldiers here and Wolves, so the best way is to them out one by one while they are unaware of your presence. If you are spotted, one of the soldiers will sound the alarm, alerting all soldiers in the campsite to fight you. Take note as well of the elite soldier here, the Godrick Knight, you'll easily see this enemy patrolling the center area of the campsite, it holds a large shield, a spear, and a distinct helmet. Defeat it to gain a chance to obtain 260 Runes and drops x1 Partisan and x1 Godrick Knight Greaves.

You're not done here, also around the center part of this location, there is an underground chamber where you can find a chest that contains x1 Whetstone Knife and x1 Ash of War: Storm Stomp [Map Coordinates Here]. By using a Whetstone Knife, (although there may be some restrictions) you can use any Ashes of War to replace the Skill, as well as Scaling Affinities on your armaments. Return and take out the remaining enemies to farm Runes - you can also find the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace nearby [Map Coordinates Here] - with enough Runes, we suggest you fast travel back to Church of Elleh and buy the necessary items from Merchant Kale such as the TelescopeCookbooks, a TorchCracked Pot, and information items that can provide you with more gameplay mechanics.


Elden Ring Gatefront Ruins Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Tree Sentinel is listed in the Boss section.
      I don't think Tree Sentinel spawn here, but is there a case where Tree Sentinel spawn?

      • Anonymous

        The bit about what the Godrick Knight drops is worded strangely. He ALWAYS gives runes when defeated (just like any other enemy) but he is NOT guaranteed to give you those items. He can drop any piece of his armor, as well as his weapon and shield.

        • Anonymous

          Farming the entire Knight set+partisan+greatshield took me roughly 4 hours. The brass shield took an additional 2 hours.

          While the time spent for the gear may seem excessive for a new player like myself, I can attest that the practice and familiarization with non-stop combat for such a duration has greatly increased my abilities.

          A very good place to train. Highly recommend.

          • Anonymous

            This is such a fun early location in the game. You can basically practice dodging, parrying, blocking, using different weapons and tactics against these low level enemies. There's one enemy that's stronger than most that keeps pacing back and forth i wish i knew what his name was. He's really fun to fight although challenging on certain builds and early level.

            • Anonymous

              The Partisan seems to be a very rare drop. I had gotten the entire armor set from the Godrick Knight with multiple repeats and had yet to get the Partisan. Other Spear wearing Soldiers haven't provided much luck neither

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