Godrick Soldiers are Humanoid Enemies in Elden Ring. Godrick Soldiers comprise the majority of Godrick the Grafted's army. These warriors are hostile towards the player, and can be found wielding various different weapons.

Two (2) Godrick Soldiers can be summoned for aid as spirits by using the Godrick Soldier Ashes.


The soldiers who serve Godrick the Grafted are what remains of the army that fled the royal capital of the Erdtree.


Godrick Soldier Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Godrick Soldiers:



Godrick Soldier Drops in Elden Ring

Sword and Shield

Warpick and Shield

Sword Only



Elden Ring Godrick Soldier Notes & Tips

  • These enemies come in several shapes and may have different weapons, but are generally weak to all damage types.
  • Like all other Soldiers sworn to serving their Lord, some of them wield a Lordsworn's Greatsword, but do not drop it.
  • It is impossible to obtain the Spears used by the Godrick soldiers and soldiers from other regions as well.


Godrick Soldier Image Gallery

 godrick noble 1 elden ring wiki guide godrick noble 2 elden ring wiki guide godrick noble 3 elden ring wiki guide 
godrick soldier 10 elden ring wiki guide godrick soldier 9elden ring wiki guide godrick soldier 8 elden ring wiki guide 
godrick soldier 7 elden ring wiki guide godrick soldier 6 elden ring wiki guide godrick soldier 5 elden ring wiki guide 
godrick noble 4 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      Goes to show just how much of a manlet you are in this game when even these guys, one of the most basic mobs in the whole game still tower over you

      • Anonymous

        Kinda sad i cant get The Lordsworn spear. I like its design and length. It feels like it would be perfect for my build

        • Anonymous

          Want to join Godrick’s army? Put on correct armor, equip their weapons and shields and torch, get rid of everything else and you’re hired!

          • Anonymous

            Wish that Godrick’s Lordsworn goons had extra limbs grafted onto them. If not the lordsworn, then maybe his knights? Grafting was super underused.

            • Anonymous

              Is this a translation error? I believe the name should be Child of the Soldier of Godrick. That would make more sense given the lore behind the Soldier of Godrick.

              • Anonymous

                Soldiers also have a chance to drop a Crossbow as well. I found this out at South Agheel Lake in Limgrave. There were 3 Soldiers battling a group of Mid-Humans. One of the Soldiers that died dropped a Heavy Crossbow.

                • Anonymous

                  The only thing these mfs know to drop is bolts, I literally spent two hours trying to farm only the gauntlets and I now have 400 bolts. This game has worse drops rates than the dark souls series combined

                  • Anonymous

                    I farmed them for hours, must have killed over 500, got all their armour and weapons, including the full set for the Knight armour, but the Warpick never dropped for me. Also Partisan dropped 4-5 times, but only from the Knight, never from the Soldiers. Smithing stones drop is pretty low as well, as I got around 12 smithing stones from over 500 kills on these guys, which was just enough to level one weapon to +3 (which is fine).

                    • Anonymous

                      Where you found Iji there are sorcerer noble that can teleport is the real pain in the @ss and they caught lag and may destroy your cheap Graphic card too.

                      • Anonymous

                        Interrupting one with a horn does not cancel the trigger of the horn being played. Even if it never reaches the enemy's mouth and no sound is played, every other enemy in the area will react as though you let them finish their alert.

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