Blackflame Monk is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. Blackflame Monks are hooded figures that wield swords resembling a roaring fire. Due to their betrayal, they use god-slaying Black Flame spells instead of the usual fire spells.

The spirit of a particular Blackflame Monk, Amon, can be summoned for aid in battle by using Blackflame Monk Amon Ashes.


 The Blackflame Monks, enthralled by the god-slaying black flame, became traitors, abandoning their posts as guardians.

The seduction of a taboo is never easily spurned.


Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Locations

Where to Find Blackflame Monk:


Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 830 - 1764
Blackflame Monk Hood 3.00% N/A
Blackflame Monk Armor 3.00% N/A
Blackflame Monk Gauntlets 3.00% N/A
Blackflame Monk Greaves 3.00% N/A
Smoldering Butterfly 15.00% N/A
Fire Blossom 5.00% N/A


Blackflame Monk Notes & Tips


Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Image Gallery

 blackflame monk 1 elden ring wiki guide blackflame monk 3 elden ring wiki guide blackflame monk 2 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      What are these guys even weak to? Severely underleveled Trying to get to Caelid Tower Basement Grace so I don’t have to later and that one monk is unkillable.

      • Anonymous

        Really wish there was a black flame version of o flame the player could use. My go to method of dealing with heavy shields lol

        • Anonymous

          at 274 discovery took me 11 kills to get full armor set (4 pieces). Pretty easy with proper setup as compared to some other drops.
          Good luck!

          • Anonymous

            Why are enemies always so cooler than you? We get access to like 1/3 of the magic and moves these guys can pull off

            • Anonymous

              Please update this for more awesome loot drops, such as that badass looking sword the Black Flame Monk is using there!???

              • Anonymous

                there's also one outside the temple of eiglay. which i assume also drops the set since it dropped the torso and hood. it seems to be a relatively quick farm from here

                • Anonymous

                  So I hear a lot of people complaining about terrible drop rates. Personally, I got a full set in probably 12-13 kills, with duplicates of everything but the chest.

                  Only like 12 arcane and a silver fowled pickle foot, so really pretty low discovery.

                  I have NO idea if this is true, but I was wearing a Godslayer's Seal and Godslayer's Greatsword when I did my farming, and was getting a drop literally every single kill. Similarly, I have gotten Flame Monk armor EVERY KILL all game while using godslayer's seal. HOWEVER, I have gotten VERY few drops from almost any other enemy; compared to the ## of each enemy I have killed I probably have like, 15x more flame monk / black flame monk stuff to any knight. For example took me probably 120+ kills to get my first brass shield, also while playing with super pyro gear.

                  I do NOT want this to be interpreted as "scientific evidence", but it may be possible that your stats / armor / build affect your drop rates, to make it more likely you get gear that "associates" with your build. If you have been bashing your face against the basement monk looking for that chest piece for 30 minutes maybe try just... equipping some fire spells and the godslayers seal and see if it helps. Again, no scientific evidence, but my FEELS compared to the FEELS reported in here are VERY different.

                  • Anonymous

                    If your discovery is NOT above 250 then stop crying about drops. All 5 pieces only have a 3% chance of dropping. Use the silver scarab talisman, eat the silver chicken foot, and put your best arcane helmet on. Like the Silver Tear Mask and then, and maybe you're not aware of what real farming is because your used to just buying items, but GET TO F'N FARMING. Work for the set instead of killing 50 and expecting to have the whole set. 3% means 1 out of every 33 (if you round down) times you kill that ONE guy, it should drop you 1 pieces of the set. AND guess what?! You may get the same piece.

                    • Anonymous

                      With the 1.04 patch, farming the monk at the Caelid Tower Boss door is almost risk-free with a Colossal Sword. Just spam attack while 2-handing an he'll never get a blow in . That said, there is *one* attack you need to watch out for, when he pulls back and swings downward from his right shoulder; That one is fast enough to land a hit, and has a quick follow-up that will punish guard countering, so you need to either dodge or have the health&poise to keep swing through that hit.

                      • Anonymous

                        There's also a lower level blackflame monk on the steps leading up to Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor. Resting at the grace after defeating the Godskin Apostle there is an only slightly longer dash than the one in Caelid Tower Basement.

                        • Anonymous

                          Bloodhound finesse turns these guys into chumps, the strong follow up staggers them for a critical, the next finesse staggers with blood-loss and the follow up finishes them.

                          • Anonymous

                            Add to DROPS: After about 50 kills, trying to get set, I received approximately 5 Fire Blossom, 2 Smoldering Butterfly, and 1 Blackflame Monk Greaves.

                            • Anonymous

                              For anyone wondering how to get the sword. The blackflame monks don't drop it. But the Flame monks on mountaintops of giants DO

                              • Anonymous

                                Can confirm he does not drop a weapon. Tested using a trainer set with 100% drop rate. He dropped his full armor set, a fire blossom, and a smouldering butterfly. No weapon though.

                                • Anonymous

                                  cheeseing them out to get the set, he just won't drop the armor! I got so many gloves boots and hoods I could start an Emporium and still no chest piece!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Someone below mentioned using frost stomp, and i tried it out, and it turns these beasts into into almost laughable enemies so thank you person on the internet

                                    • Probably futile, but I'm gonna farm them just a bit more for that nonexistent sword. Also, when they have the golden glowing eyes they drop 8820 runes.

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