Smoldering Butterfly

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Material used for crafting items
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Found near wildfires and elsewhere.

Smoldering Butterfly is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout The Lands Between and used to create a wide variety of items. 


An eternally burning butterfly found near wildfires and elsewhere.
Material used for crafting items.
Serves as the kindling for a number of items.


Smoldering Butterfly Location in Elden Ring

Smoldering Butterfly found in the overworld respawns after resting at a Site of Grace

Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Flame Chariot 100.00% 5 at a time, first kill only
Raya Lucaria Soldier 40.00% Only those with Foot Soldier Helmet and Torchpole
Radahn Soldier 40.00% Only those with Foot Soldier Helm and Torchpole
Radahn Soldier 15.00% Only those with Foot Soldier Helm that throw Fire Pots
Thorn Sorcerer 25.00% -
Burning Slug 10.00% - 25.00% -
Godrick Soldier 20.00% Only those with Foot Soldier Cap that throw Fire Pots
Leyndell Soldier 20.00% Only those with Gilded Foot Soldier Cap and Torchpole
Haligtree Soldier 20.00% Only those with Sacred Crown Helm that either wield Torchpole or throw Fire Pots
Highwayman 20.00% Only those that throw Fire Pots
Fire Monk 15.00% -
Blackflame Monk 15.00% -
Fanged Imp 10.00% Only those that throw Fire Pots
Skeletal Militiaman 8.00% Only those that throw Fire Pots


  • Warmaster's Shack: Eight north-northeast on a fire patch with two Burning Slugs.
  • Eastern Tableland: Three patches of three each, arrayed around the Fire Monk camp. First go south to one with two Burning Slugs, then west around the rocks to one with two Burning Slugs and a Thorn Sorcerer, then north to one with five Burning Slugs. Finally, go east to the Site of Grace and repeat.


Smoldering Butterfly Elden Ring Guide

Smoldering Butterfly can be used to craft the following items:


Elden Ring Smoldering Butterfly Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Smoldering Butterfly.
  • You can store up to 999 Smoldering Butterfly.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 10 
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    • Anonymous

      A good place to farm early game is near the minor Erdtree at the Weeping Peninsula. First find and activate the Tombsward Catacombs Dungeon Grace, leave the dungeon, head to the minor Erdtree. Sneak past or beat the Erdtree Gurdian boss, then head south to the right of the Erdtree. There you can find a burning field with some Demi-humans and five or six clusters of smoldering butterflies. Run away and teleport back to the dungeon grace. Rinse and reapeat.

      It's super easy, especially on Torent you can get 6 or 7 of them every 30 seconds easy. The hardest part is just finding it the rest is easy as long as you run past or beat the boss.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting how the 3 butterfly types seem to all correspond to a Marika/Radagon child (I assume Melina is their child due to the naming convention and her "cursed" nature of being burned and bodiless)

        Miquella > Nascent Butterfly

        Malenia > Aionia butterfly

        Melina > Smoldering butterfly

        It's a cool little detail and I wonder if it'll be expanded upon in the future.

        • Anonymous

          If you have access to the capital outskirts there's a decent concentration of the butterflies, I think it's the same avenue the valiant gargoyle spawns. The butterflies are on your right as you ride north. If you get to the finger reader you've gone too far.

          • Anonymous

            Dark Souls 2 Flame Butterfly, but not as on fire, just a little singed, and not used for torches but instead firebombs. And also, you know, alive, at least to some extent.

            • Anonymous

              Found a place that got me ~12 butterflies per minute:
              You can easily farm them at the Ravine-Veiled Village grace (at the bottom of the long climb for the optional path to Atlus Plateau). There is a campfire with a smoldering butterfly beside the grace, you can collect them without moving at all. All you have to do is literally press Y to Acquire Materials, press Y again to Rest at site of grace, press B to Close and repeat the process.
              You can even go to the next level of laziness and use a script to input those commands lol (Autohotkey etc).

              • Anonymous

                Dead straight north east from warmaster's shackyou come to an encampment with foot soldiers three dogs and two soldiers throwing fire pots from a ledge to the south of the camp. There is a smouldering butterfly to collect at the campfire at each entrance to the camp, obviously get both on torrent with double jumps to avoid the dogs I get both without taking a hit from the dogs or soldiers.

                • Anonymous

                  These butterflies being an ingredient in so many things of varying importance and usefulness has been a pain in my arse. At some point everyone will need to craft fire proof dried liver and immunising cured meat but its a pain if you have to farm the butterflies first, the soft cotton is situational so I only ever crafted three or four at a time when they were needed, I've found all the roped pots completely useless and as soon as I got access to a decent rune farm I never crafted another fire arrow I bought the superior fire arrows sold by the merchant east of 'astray from caelid highway north' grace checkpoint. I was able to use the butterflies only for the liver, cured meat and fire pots until volcano pots made them obsolete, so now as long as I collect the butterflies near some of the merchants campfires and if I see them around I don't need to farm for them anymore.

                  • Anonymous

                    ok but what are these things? we can see how the butterflies connect to Miquella and Malenia, despite not really understanding why, but these seem to be significantly similar. Are these Melina?

                    • Anonymous

                      Found an even easier place to farm them, albeit a bit boring. Right next to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice is a brazier with a smoldering butterfly. Stand between the Brazier and Grace and you can just spam the acquire key to quickly pick them up, then immediately rest at the grace to stand back up and repeat it.

                      • Anonymous

                        Best early area for you jar boys is North of Warmaster's Shack as it says in the article.
                        Fastest way to farm in my opinion is at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Grace in the Leyndell City Outskirts. Head North-East from the grace up the stairs (watch the gargoyle) and jump the railing to find a fire patch area. Cuts down the travel back and forth from Warmaster's quite a bit!

                        • Anonymous

                          Head South-West from the Eastern Tablehand grace (Eastern Liurnia). You'll find 2 spots with smoldering butterflies & fire snails. There's also a Fire Monk camp and one of those Fire Giant Chariots, all of whom can drop Smoldering Butterflies as well.

                          • The easiest place to farm these is the fire slug spot in West Limgrave. It's just west of where you can kill a mounted knight for the Golden Vow ash, and just south of where you get the PvP sign placement tools. Ride Torrent from Warmaster's shack to that spot, and loot the 7-ish butterfly source spots, and kill the two fire slugs who will also likely drop butterflies, then warp back to the grace and repeat. Gets somewhere around 15-20 butterflies per run. Along the way you can also pick up Gold-Tinged Excrement and Root Resin in the woods, making this farming route the easiest way to get materials for Fire Grease.

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