Land Octopus Ovary

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Material used for crafting items
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Found by hunting octopuses.

Land Octopus Ovary is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout The Lands Between and used to create a wide variety of items. 


Puffy, milky white ovary of a land octopus.
Material used for crafting items.
Land octopuses eat humans in order to bear young, and theirs is the blood that runs through these ovaries.


Land Octopus Ovary Location in Elden Ring

Land Octopus Ovary found in the overworld do not respawn after resting at a Site of Grace.

Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Giant Land Octopus 100.00% -
Land Octopus 5.00% -



Land Octopus Ovary Guide for Elden Ring

Land Octopus Ovary can be used to craft the following items:


Elden Ring Land Octopus Ovary Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Land Octopus Ovary.
  • You can store up to 999 Land Octopus Ovary.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 10


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    • Anonymous

      just go to siofra river, there's area near a waterfall with at least 20 of the small ones and 3 of the big ones. The small ones can also drop these so you can get about 10+ each run with good item discovery.

      • Anonymous

        3 Just outside Cave of Forlorn in Snowfield. Death Poker burns them alive. Otherwise get in their beaks and heavy stagger attack.

        • Sneak behind them, stagger them with charged R2s then go for a riposte and just charge R2 their head for instant stagger again, you can turn it into a stagger loop if you just charged R2 and riposte

          • Anonymous

            "Temple Quarter: Six Giant Land Octopi are just southwest of the Site of Grace."

            Plural of Octopus is "Octopuses", not Octopi.

            • Anonymous

              Maybe needs a Bell? Something like the "Seafood Bell" so that you can buy Crab Eggs and Octopus Ovaries. I don't mind hunting Giant Land Octopus because they're easy, but hunting Giant Crabs early in the game is kinda tough. And Lobsters are just *******s!

              • Anonymous

                The most vulnerable/weak part of the Giant Land Octopus is it's head. You can easily kill these things by repeatedly R2 charge attacking it's head which causes it to stagger then riposte. The Octopus' recovery time is so long that you can easily complete another fully charged R2 by the time it's head pops back out and it'll get immediately staggered for another riposte. Rinse and repeat. Jump attacks work too, but I found charged R2s work the best. If the Octopus starts flailing it's tentacles (if you haven't already cut them off), then simply fall back until it's done with it's tantrum then go all in.

                • Anonymous

                  Honestly, I'm surprised these creatures haven't been hunted to extinction as humans are either it's only/biggest food source when needing to produce young. Must be a food delicacy thing.

                  • Anonymous

                    Head southwest of the Temple Quarter grace in Liunara to farm these. There are several giant octopus mobs conveniently next to the grace.

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