Miranda Powder

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Material used for crafting items
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Found by killing Miranda Sprouts

Miranda Powder is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout The Lands Between and used to create a wide variety of items. 


Pollen from a man-eating miranda flower.
Material used for crafting items.

Throughout history, perfumers have prized this extremely fragrant form of miranda pollen, not yet scattered into the air.


Where to find Miranda Powder in Elden Ring

  • 10 in Leyndell Royal Capital: From the East Capital Rampart grace, follow the path southeast to the lift. After taking the lift down, go through the room with a ladder, then down the stairs in the second room. There will be a door ahead, blocked by wooden boxes. Break the boxes and go though the door; the powder is on the left. [Map Link]
  • 6 in Perfumers' Grotto, on a corpse in front of the boss fog.
Dropped by
Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Giant Miranda Sprout 100.00% -
Miranda Sprout 5.00% -
Depraved Perfumer 15.00% 3 at a time
Perfumer 8.00% 3 at a time


Farming locations

Miranda Powder Guide for Elden Ring

Miranda Powder can be used to craft the following items:


Elden Ring Miranda Powder Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Miranda Powder.
  • You can store up to 999 Miranda Powder.
  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 10


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    • Anonymous

      Personally my favorite place to farm these is at the giant blue miranda flower just a few steps southeast of the temple quarter grace because they also drop poison bloom and cracked crystal so I can make poison spray mist, sparking aromatic and cuckoo glintstone from this thing and they're vulnerable to fire damage so volcano pots rip through their hp

      • Anonymous

        With how ****ing liberal those goddamn perfurmers seem to spam their Spark Aromatics, I'd expect NOT to have to spend a million years farming Miranda Powder :v

        • Anonymous

          Best place to farm for these in my opinion are the three depraved perfumers along the poison castle (briar Knight boss area place idk) wall. Really close to a Grace and they dropped them in stacks of 3. Plus they also drop Alteus Blooms in stacks of 5 and cave moss stuff in the same amount. Perfect place for most Perfumer needs.

          • Anonymous

            I've found that farming the depraved perfumer at the Village of the Albinaurics to be the most efficient. With silver tear mask, silver scarab talisman, marika's scarseal or soreseal, godrick's great rune, and silver-pickled fowl foot you should get drops every few kills. Unlike the other farming spots, the site of grace is relatively close to the perfumer meaning you can simply ride back to it on horseback and rest at it to reset the perfumer all while keeping your silver fowl foot active. The other farming spots don't allow you to keep your silver fowl foot active since the run up is long and running back to the sites of grace in these farming spots would result in much lower drops per minute since you would be spending more time running around than killing.

            • Anonymous

              If you are farming off of the giant flowers, try using volcano pots. They're cheap and easy to make and melt them. A lot faster than meleeing, but this was w/ a low level character.

              • There's two pretty good places I've found to farm these. One is in Perfumer's Grotto in Altus Plateau, where you can kill all 4 Perfumers in the first room for a chance at a bundle of 3 of these and/or some other perfumer materials and equipment for each perfumer killed, along with a giant Miranda flower. This would probably be the best option for Arcane-heavy builds since the drop rate is on the lower end, but guaranteed. The second is the valley just north of Morne Tunnel in The Weeping Coast, which has a bunch of smaller Miranda flowers and 4 large ones, but with relatively low HP. The large ones guarantee a drop of 1 Miranda Powder and 5 poisonbloom, as with all large variants. This one is probably better with lower Arcane builds, or builds that emphasize fire damage. Notably, the Sword of Night and Flame's fire sweep ability is wide enough to at least 2 of the large flowers at a time due to how close they sit to each other, so it's easy enough to take them out in two pairs using it.

                • Anonymous

                  Stillwater Cave is probably the most consistent. Four relatively low level Miranda flowers back to back. Just run in and nuke them for guaranteed drops.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you ever seek the dire need of a Perfumers cosplay, the best way to farm these is in the Perfumers Grotto, grab yourself the Frost Stomp and kill the three perfumers in the cave, they drop, with decent recovery 3 - 5 miranda powders + Altus Bloom, needed for most perfumes crafted.

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